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Certified Partners

Building a Healthy Partner Ecosystem

Through the Certified Partner Program, Procede Software works with third-party service providers whose products and services significantly impact the dealership business environment.

Approved partners gain access to a certified API, product management, and development resources. These tools allow them to leverage the power of Excede DMS’s Microsoft SQL Server database engine for the development of certified integrations. To ensure third-party integrations work seamlessly with Excede DMS, each integration will undergo rigorous QA testing before becoming Procede-certified and released to the market. A designation of Procede-certified also ensures that Procede Software is engaged in ongoing interaction with the partner and provides ongoing support to the integration through future releases of Excede DMS.

Additional benefits of the Certified Partner Program include access to Procede Software co-marketing opportunities, an announcement of partnership in the Procede Post Newsletter, and potential participation in trade shows and conferences.

Service providers interested in becoming a partner should submit a Partner Request Form.

Alemite - An SKF Brand

Alemite has been supplying quality lubrication systems and fluid management equipment to the vehicle services industry since 1919 and has achieved an international reputation as a leader in designing and manufacturing cost-effective lubrication and fluid handling systems. Alemite’s relationship with Lincoln Lubrication has provided the opportunity to offer customers a top-of-the-line fluid management system to dispense oil and other fluids. Now this system can be implemented with Excede DMS to provide a fluid management validation process, eliminating the need for technicians to duplicate the information entered and providing a more efficient workplace and increased accuracy.

To learn more about Alemite Fluid Management Systems and the upcoming Excede DMS integration, contact Rene Boucher -

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Arcadium Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of CRM, vehicle inventory and vehicle sales management tools to heavy duty truck, trailer and equipment dealers. Arcadium’s industry-specific tools boost productivity, sales and customer satisfaction in all departments by automating the customer contact process and accurately detecting customer trends based on past purchases and current interests. Arcadium’s complete and seamless integration with Procede’s Excede DMS allows authorized dealership personnel to have a real-time 360⁰ view of vehicle sales, parts, service and accounts receivable activities at their fingertips. Let Arcadium show you how we can assist you in achieving the productivity and sales goals in your operation.

For more information about Arcadium Technologies and the Excede DMS integration, contact Tim Cline -

Arcadium Ecrmsolutions


The CyntrX Fleet Management solution allows you to customize your dashboard based on your needs.  Whether that is a simple GPS system used for truck location, or an integrated solution that helps with compliance (ELD) and/or tax issues (IFTA). When CyntrX telematics is enabled with Excede Lease-Rental, telematics information including odometer and engine hour readings can be updated in Excede in real-time—which substantially decreases meter entry time, cost and errors.

For more information about CyntrX, please contact Greg Taisto- For more information about the integration with Excede Lease-Rental, please contact Procede Support Services.

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Decisiv provides a unique cloud-based Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform that revolutionizes how the service supply chain for commercial assets communicates and collaborates. As an industry leader in SRM technology, Decisiv is driving unrivaled improvement in asset performance and utilization for manufacturers, service providers and asset owners in the commercial vehicle, heavy equipment, and industrial markets. Its ability to harness, share and analyze connected asset data, and to intelligently enable service management, is the key to driving asset uptime and availability across the entire service ecosystem. Decisiv is already the partner of choice for major commercial vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, Mack, Hino, Peterbilt and Kenworth, as well as their dealers and call centers, service networks and asset owners.

For more information about Decisiv, Inc. and the Excede DMS integration, contact Michael Riemer -


Dynamic Excellence in Information

Dynamic Excellence in Information (DEI) provides enterprise document & content management solutions. We incorporate top industry-leading products in the “Paperless Office” marketplace to provide a robust product suite enabling the Excede DMS to drive business faster, more efficiently, and to significantly reduce administrative costs. From cutting-edge document imaging, document control, enterprise search-ability and automated business process workflows, DEI ties the Excede DMS into all of your other external, incoming information sources

For more information about DEI and the Excede DMS integration, contact Jeff Morton –



Elite EXTRA provides mobile solutions for optimizing parts delivery routes, tracking drivers, and capturing signatures at the point of delivery. Elite EXTRA extracts order information from the system, helps you optimize delivery routes, track drivers who are out on deliveries, and capture electronic signatures for proof of delivery reference.

To learn more about Elite EXTRA and the Excede DMS integration, contact Ross Kleiner -



Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids in both industrial and commercial applications. Their fluid management systems deliver automated tracking and monitoring plus state-of-the-art dispensing for complete control of your fluid inventory. System components include management software, Transceiver, Matrix Meter, Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM). Save time, gain billable hours and maximize your fixed operation's profitability with Matrix.

Together with Excede DMS, this integration increases Service shop efficiencies by reducing dispense time and paperwork. All transactions are captured in Excede, eliminating duplicate data entry and providing accurate accounting for all fluids dispensed.

To learn more about the Graco and Excede DMS integration, contact Paul Treml -

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Hänel Storage Systems

Hänel manufactures automated vertical storage systems that are used by automotive and heavy truck dealerships and repair facilities across the US and Canada. By storing vertically, Hänel systems free up existing floor space, allowing users to dedicate more of their existing space to profit centers such as additional service bays or expanded inventory selection. Hänel systems seamlessly integrate directly with the Procede DMS, and together they offer one of the most robust and capable inventory management integrations available from Hänel.

For more information about Hänel Storage Systems and the Excede DMS integration, contact Craig Sinclair –

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Lincoln - An SKF Brand

Lincoln’s fluid inventory management system controls the dispensing of oil and other fluids, and when implemented with Excede DMS, adds validation function to the process. Validation ensures that no fluid is dispensed without referencing an open repair order job within Excede, and it ensures that the technician requesting the fluid is the same technician punched onto the referenced job. The systems complete this validation in real-time, so service and inventory records are always up-to-date and billed accurately.

To learn more about the Lincoln Fluid Management Systems and the Excede DMS integration, contact Aric Durr -

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OpenEdge (Previously PayPros)

PayPros and Accelerated Payment Technologies are pleased to announce that they will now operate under a single division of Global Payments to be known as “OpenEdge”. For PayPros customers, no immediate platform changes are expected and you will be notified of any future changes or advancements. Your current contacts and support will also remain the same. 

OpenEdge provides a secure point-of-sale and mobile credit card payment processing solution. When integrated with Excede, credit card processing through OpenEdge will be part of the posting routine and will be fully integrated with Procede's new Excede Signature Capture functionality to electronically capture signatures. Additionally, through this integration,  your dealership will receive credit card reconciliation information directly into the Excede DMS, virtually eliminating the process of manually reconciling credit card statements. This integration is designed to improve your staff's productivity AND to provide your dealership with the most secure method in the industry to process your electronic payments.

To learn more about OpenEdge and the Excede DMS integration, contact Arcie Maldonado -

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Record360 enables dealerships that rent, lease or move their assets to collect best-in-class asset condition records to decrease damage disputes and costs. The Excede Record360 integration provides inventory management, imaging and video solutions, in conjunction with vehicle information pulled directly from Excede DMS, to create these asset condition records. This information is stored on the Record360 cloud, and can be configured so it is accessible by direct login or via links within the Excede Lease-Rental Web App.

For more information about Record360 and the Excede DMS integration, contact Record360 sales –


sales-i offers sales performance software for SMEs and enterprises of all sizes. Our cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tool is trusted to deliver outstanding sales performance to any Excede DMS dealership.

For more information about sales-i and the Excede DMS integration, contact Matt Mindrum -



SOARR is an established web services company, operating primarily in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle space.

Syndicating Truck Inventory from Excede via SOARR
Using Procede’s baseline integration with SOARR, dealerships can display truck inventory information on their websites and syndicate this data and pictures via the SOARR Alliance Partner Network.

SOARR and Procede Web Connect
Excede Web Connect is a separate and more powerful SOARR integration for customers who want to display additional real-time information on their websites. Through Excede Web Connect, an Application Programming Interface (API), SOARR can build your dealership a fully interactive web presence including parts and vehicle inventory, customer account information and service history. The API will pull and display information across all branches through an authenticated interface that protects your company data.

Additionally, you can quote and sell parts with customer-specific pricing and give customers the opportunity to view their purchase history and AR statements. SOARR will also customize your site to match the styles, logos and design of your dealership brand guidelines.

With this powerful integration, dealership customers can have real-time visibility to their information wherever and whenever they need it. 

Contacting SOARR
To learn more about SOARR integrations with Excede, including SOARR web services powered by Web Connect, contact Ethan Nadolson -



Telenotes is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system utilized by sales teams to simplify customer communication, reclaim time spent on data entry, and boost sales revenues. With over 16 years of experience in the industrial equipment and commercial tire sales industries, Telenotes strives to provide the world’s most effective and easy-to-use CRM solution for commercial trucking dealers.

To learn more about Telenotes, please contact


Vertex helps companies realize the full financial and strategic potential of corporate tax, offering a variety of solutions that streamline, integrate and automate corporate tax processes. Vertex solutions serves multinational corporations in every major line of business tax including; income, sales, consumer use, value added, communications and payroll.

O Series tax calculation engine will seamlessly integrate with Excede DMS by XML messages. With the engine in place, Vertex supplies ongoing tax rate and rule updates to help ensure accurate, compliant sales tax calculation and collection.

To learn more about Vertex Inc. and the upcoming Excede DMS integration, contact Doug Cohen -


Vertex Inc.

  • Our mission is to provide dealership management software built on feature-rich, innovative technology, to be the first and best in compliance with industry standards, and to offer services that deliver our customers incredible value and a competitive advantage.

  • "Excede DMS integrates seamlessly with our primary manufacturer-based software programs and makes is easy to create the reports needed to run our department effectively."

    Nick Trinder
    Parts Manager
    Freightliner of Arizona

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