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The inside scoop—from the people who know us best.

We're more than happy to tell you what makes Excede DMS different. But we thought you might also want to hear from our customers. After all, they face some of the same challenges as you, and share many of the same goals. We're honored they took the time to describe how our software is helping to move their businesses forward.

Dealer Principals

Freightliner of Grand Rapids
“We really felt that we were not getting good value with our former software provider. We had very one-sided lease agreements on equipment plus heavy maintenance charges. When we saw the possible savings, it wiped out the thought of how much effort it takes to make the move to a new software package.

The staff at Procede worked day and night to make the switch-over as smooth as possible.

The thing that really stands out is how versatile the software is. We have much more liberty to set up various reports or how we want transactions to be accounted for. We also have great liberty to set up various pricing for our wide array of customers. We really can easily set up any scenario that could be imagined very easily.

As a CFO, one of the better things that we can do is deal with a year-end review. We can easily bring forward our balance sheet no matter how long it takes to get the review completed. It makes it much easier to have corrected balance sheets as we compare the progress we are making from year to year.

Before we would only be able to post our corrections of our balance sheet to the oldest month end that had not been closed yet. If the review went longer than we desired (which often happens), it created a lot of confusion when looking back at the balance sheets in the early part of the year.

We feel we made a great move for our operation. The system is economical, versatile, and easy to work with. We also have great liberty to create reports very easily that are accustomed to our liking. We can change logos and the looks of statements that we send to our customers which we take advantage of almost every month.

Thanks Procede!”

G. Scott Rawlings, Dealer Principal and President
Freightliner of Grand Rapids
Freightliner of Kalamazoo

Peterbilt of Sioux City
“We were looking for the best DMS to replace our outdated DMS of 13 years. After 4 years of researching the available DMSs we decided on Procede. Their 16 week conversion plan seemed extreme but proved to be thorough and well thought out. The conversion was more like having a consultant team assigned to us rather than a conversion team. We virtually redesigned the way our dealership operates. The go live weekend in September 2005 went extremely well and after the first week we knew we had made the right decision. Coming from a 1980s vintage text based DMS, it took us a year to fully grasp all the abilities of the Excede DMS software and SQL Server.

Excede DMS allows the user so much more direct access to the data than we had before. It allows us to easily find problems and correct them without using traditional reports that rarely show you the information you are looking for. In our five years with Procede we have seen a positive evolution of their product and support system. The staff has been excellent to work with and their user conferences have been key to their product improvement.

I feel our switch to Procede has been an important factor to our ability to survive these tough economic times. Without the process improvement we have been able to achieve through the use of Excede DMS it would be a very difficult task to stay profitable today.”

Brad Wilson, President
Peterbilt of Sioux City

CFOs/ Controllers

Lonestar Truck Group
"A couple of years ago, we brought all our dealerships under one corporate structure in Excede. I was the last one to believe that we could use the software to manage the accounting more efficiently, but I am a believer now. Across 11 dealerships, we have backup support for every administrative position. One person in a dealership does all of the CBS exports and Pinnacle downloads. Three employees across 11 dealerships record all of the truck sales. Two employees across 11 dealerships manage all of the cash on a daily basis, the bank accounts are reconciled everyday--and the list goes on.

In addition, I control seven dealerships, and I could not manage those efficiently without the Dextor tool in Excede. Dextor makes it easy for me to create large journal entries, and I use it for payroll accruals, to bring the bi-weekly payrolls in, and for monthly charges that require detailed entry for management review. With Dextor and the ability to copy and paste screen information from Excede into Excel, I can record payroll accruals for all seven dealerships in less than 15 minutes.

Truly, I don’t believe that we could do this without Procede Software."

Gail Shea, Regional Controller
Lonestar Truck Group

Parts and Service Management

Performance Truck
“I was instrumental in making the decision to switch to Procede Software in 2003. Our number one criterion for a new dealer management system was stability in the database. Excede DMS relies on a SQL Server database, and it is extremely well-structured and reliable. A benefit of the database is easier access to data and more flexibility in reporting. With parts, there is so much opportunity for data analysis—parts turns, stocking requirements, outside sales, back counter sales, commissions. We’ve literally built hundreds of different types of custom reports.

If there is one thing I would like other Parts Operations Directors who are considering Excede DMS to know, it’s that Excede DMS opens up a whole new world of data availability. It provides the flexibility to manage both inventory and personnel, and empowers managers to make good business decisions.”

Ken Ables, Director of Parts Operations
Performance Truck

Freightliner of Arizona
"Since Excede DMS uses a relational database, it gives us the ability to pull information and generate reports. We can also access vehicle and service history from all our locations, not just the local branch. Excede even gives us the ability to save documents related to the repair order like emails, PDFs and pictures."

Mike Payne, Service Manager
Freightliner of Arizona

"Excede DMS integrates seamlessly with our primary manufacturer-based software programs and makes is easy to create the reports needed to run our department effectively. In addition, since Excede DMS is Windows-based and so many people have experience with this type of software platform, it allows for faster, more efficient training of new employees."

Nick Trinder, Parts Manager
Freightliner of Arizona

Peterbilt of Sioux City
“In the five years since we began with Procede, we have grown our parts & service business beyond our goals, and the Excede Software has been a core part of how we made it happen. Not only has our business grown, our processes, like parts inventory control, have become more efficient and accurate. Excede makes it much easier to control the complex parts pricing structures required to compete in today’s market.”

Brad Wilson, President
Peterbilt of Sioux City

CIOs / IT Management

Truck Centers
"Given the short timeline we had to move from our old DMS, the Procede staff were very helpful in restructuring some of our existing processes and proposing creative solutions for using Excede to accommodate some of our extraordinary business processes. The implementation team was very helpful in keeping us focused and moving forward throughout the entire conversion process.

Excede has made it so much easier to retrieve the information that we need from our DMS. The reporting capabilities associated with the Excede database and the ease of access through advanced filters allows us to get to the information we need quickly and efficiently. By allowing customers access to the database to write their own reports we can virtually access any information captured by the system. It has also allowed us to automate much of our Centralized Billing and Accounts Receivable processes that were taking several hours per week prior to Excede.

The investment and effort put forth into migrating to Excede has made us a better company by forcing us to look closer at how we do business and allowing us to build the reporting tools needed to track inefficiencies. If you want a DMS that will allow you to know what is really happening in your company, Excede is the right choice."

Brian Nicoloff, Software/Systems Engineer
Truck Centers, Inc.

  • "Our long history with Procede Software has been very beneficial and my belief is that it is still the best dealer management system on the market."

    Gerald Chunn
    Chairman Emeritus, Freightliner National Dealer Council
    Dealer Principal, Retired, Lonestar Truck Group

  • "With Procede, our information flows seamlessly from one area to the next, and whether we’re drilling down or looking for a wide view, the search function makes it so easy to get whatever data we need."

    Greg Jack
    Operations Coordinator
    Flag City Truck & Equipment

  • "A couple of years ago, we brought all our dealerships under one corporate structure in Excede. I was the last one to believe that we could use the software to manage the accounting more efficiently, but I am a believer now."

    Gail Shea
    Regional Controller
    Lonestar Truck Group

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