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2013 PSC presentations are now available online!

If you missed the Procede Software Conference, or if you attended and now you want to share what you learned – we’re here to help. The PSC presentations have been posted to the Procede Software online User Forum. Within the Resources section of the forum, visit this topic- “Procede Software Conference 2013 & Exhibits.” Use these tools to keep the momentum going all year long. 

An efficient upgrade? Cumberland makes it happen.

We’d like to send a shout out to all our friends at Cumberland and to CFO, Lynn Putnam, and Director of IT, Michael Yeargin, in particular. Cumberland was one of the first dealers to complete the upgrade from Excede DMS version 9.15 to version 9.17, and they totally rocked it.

Yeargin was admittedly anxious about the process, but thanks to his careful preparation and good communication with the Procede team, the upgrade was seamless. “In about three hours, we removed the old Excede versions and files from all PCs, installed 9.17 according to instructions, and completed the upgrade on the database for all three locations. That Monday, we had some remote training sessions so Procede could show us some of the advancements, and then business was done as usual, with no impact.”

How are things going now that the upgrade is complete? Cumberland CFO Lynn Putnam puts it this way, “We’re having a blast! We don’t have any problems. We’re looking for problems.” The Cumberland team is seeing operational efficiencies thanks to functionality and some hands-on training. “Our users weren’t accustomed to hovering over something and having a window pop up. Eric’s webinar training helped them understand it, and once they realized what it was, it’s provided a boost in the efficiency of the application," said Putnam.

Cumberland continues to be a technology leader in the industry—they’re currently implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so stay tuned for more on that.

A special Excede DMS v9.17 to v9.18 offer and other upgrade solutions.

We’re pleased that so many of you participated in our Upgrade Program last year and are now running Excede DMS v9.17. Now that you’re current, we want to make it simple for you to stay current, so our Professional Services team has put together an Upgrade Package especially for those dealers making the move from v9.17 to v9.18.

The Professional Services v9.17 to v9.18 Upgrade Package includes:

  • Recorded instructional videos per department demonstrating the new 9.18 features

  • Procede-managed database and software upgrade

  • One full day of dedicated remote support with an expert Upgrade Consultant
    (Note: This will allow you to bypass Support Services and contact your dedicated Upgrade Consultant directly by phone.)

The cost of the Professional Services v9.17 to v9.18 Upgrade Package is $990.00, and the offer expires June 30, 2013. To take advantage of this special pricing and schedule your upgrade, contact Support Services. (Login required.)

Upgrade solutions for dealers running earlier versions.
We’re committed to making sure all of our customers are able to benefit from the functionality enhancements and operational efficiencies that come with upgrading, especially those customers who are running earlier versions of Excede. Whether you work with our Professional Services team to upgrade or manage it in-house, new tools like our pre-installer streamline the process for dealers coming from earlier versions of the application. With a dedicated project manager, our Professional Services team stands ready to support your upgrade, including updating forms and reports, with either remote or on-site assistance.

Is it time to transition to Hosted Services?
If limited IT resources have prevented you from upgrading in the past, it may be time to consider transitioning to Procede Hosted Services, our solution for putting the Excede remote application, database and related hardware in the cloud.

To take advantage of our v9.17 to v9.18 Upgrade Package, to upgrade from an earlier version, or to learn more about Hosted Services, contact Support Services, (login required,) and get the conversation started today!

Best Practices—Secure remote data access

Providing remote access to your network can be a useful tool in streamlining operations and accessing support. Chances are you grant these privileges to a number of vendors. The following best practices are intended to help you safeguard your network when providing remote access to any vendor, not just Procede Software.

1. Only allow remote access from known IP addresses.
Make a list of all external vendors who require remote access to your network and their related IP addresses. Provide this list to your firewall provider who can set up system parameters so that only known IP addresses with express consent can access your network.

2. Limit access to only those areas necessary to complete the required action.
For each IP address allowed remote access, create separate user accounts for each functional area within your network—a separate login for VPN, SQL, Windows, etc. Only provide access to the functional area needed to complete a task and stagger password expiration dates, where necessary. Then, inactivate individual logins when they are no longer needed.

3. Use encrypted passwords, where available.
Excede DMS version 9.12 and above features a built-in security feature that allows desktop shortcuts to the Excede application to use encrypted passwords, helping to strengthen security.For more information on this security feature, see Release Note 8069 in the Customer Resources section of our website.

Best Practices—Upgrading

At Procede, we’re always working to improve our processes. We learn from each upgrade and pass that experience on to you. Here are a few suggestions to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

• Plan ahead
Each upgrade differs depending on what version you are upgrading from, how your network is configured, and many other variables. By working closely with the Procede Professional Services team, we can develop a plan and provide instructions and support tailored to your dealership’s and IT staff’s needs.

• Use the Procede Software Pre-installer
This new tool bundles and installs all the third-party software required to run Excede and can save time.

• Train your staff in advance
If your team knows what functionality changes to expect from an upgrade, they’ll be prepared to hit the ground running.

Congratulations to Peterbilt of Sioux City!

Procede Software would like to extend a hearty congratulations and a round of electronic applause to Brad Wilson of Peterbilt of Sioux City for earning the title of 2011 Peterbilt Parts and Service Dealer of the Year. Peterbilt of Sioux City was recognized for "excellence in parts and service performance while enhancing business operations with the integration of new Peterbilt technology and product offerings."

As a Procede Software customer since 2005, Peterbilt of Sioux City has demonstrated leadership in the adoption of new software products and technology that help advance data processing, management analysis and overall operations in their dealership. Wilson credits technology for improving efficiencies at Peterbilt of Sioux City, saying, “In the five years since we began with Procede, we have grown our parts and service business beyond our goals, and the Excede software has been a core part of how we made it happen. Not only has our business grown, our processes, like parts inventory control, have become more efficient and accurate. Excede makes it much easier to control the complex parts pricing structures required to compete in today’s market. Down time is virtually non-existent with the SQL database, and easy access to our data allows us to quickly solve operational problems. The people at Procede are dedicated to a quick response on the rare occasion we need support.”

We’re fortunate to have had Brad and team’s participation in the Procede Software conference, forums and roundtables throughout the years--their input and insights have been a valuable resource to product development.

Data Insight. Real-time business intelligence and analytics.

You asked for simpler, real-time reporting solutions, and we heard you. Our product development team has been hard at work for months on Data Insight, a real-time business intelligence and analytics tool that lets you quickly and easily create and modify reports and dashboards. With initial trials coming to an end, we’re pleased to provide you this sneak peek into Data Insight.

While Data Insight comes with a comprehensive package of pre-built reports, it is designed so you can:

  • Create and modify real-time reports by selecting data sources and fields from drop-down menus and applying a broad range of filters
  • Create and modify real-time dashboards by pulling critical information from multiple reports and multiple data sources into one screen

You can also drill down on report details, schedule reports, send alerts and notifications, and export to common file types. Since Data Insight is a fully integrated Excede Plug-in, permissions are managed in Excede, where you can determine by individual or group, who can view, create and modify each report.

Data Insight is coming to a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone near you—with the right permissions, it’s accessible from any web-enabled device. It will be available for general release to all Excede DMS customers on version 9.17 or higher at the end of Q3.

Learn more about Data Insight.
Contact sales to schedule a demo.

Enhancement rankings. Keeping it real.

One of the things we like best about the Procede Software Conference is hearing from you about what’s working well and…well…what needs some enhancement. Either way, we know we can count on you to keep it real.

At the 2011 conference, you asked for a way to prioritize enhancements submitted through our Support site, and a couple of months later, we launched Enhancement Rankings. Many of you have been using the site—the feedback’s been great—but as we head into the 2012 Conference, we want to remind you to keep the rankings coming.

Here’s how it works. Each customer starts with 15 points. You can allocate any number of points to any number of listed enhancements up to a total of 15. That means you can assign 15 points to one enhancement, one point to 15 enhancements, or any other combination. You don’t have to use all your points at once, either. The system automatically adds up the points assigned to each enhancement and ranks them. We prioritize enhancements based on your rankings, and when an enhancement is completed, “return” those points to you so you can reassign them.

So keep on keepin’ it real, people—rank your favorite enhancements.

Excede Data Insight Overview—free online instructional video.

DATA INSIGHT 014 WebProcede is pleased to announce the first in a series of free online eLearning instructional videos, the Data Insight Overview, is now available to all Data Insight users. The Data Insight Overview covers the basics of Data Insight, including navigating, using toolbars, and viewing reports.

To access the Data Insight Overview video, the Procede eLearning administrator for your organization should first add you as an eLearning user and assign the course to you. Once the course has been assigned, you can access it at the Procede eLearning site. If you do not know your password, simply click on the Forgot Password link once you’ve arrived at the site.

Look for additional free Data Insight instructional videos in the coming weeks that provide instruction for report writers of all levels, as well administrators. We’ll announce them in the newsletter and on Facebook.

Join us for the 2013 Procede Software Conference.

We have a lot in store for the 2013 Procede Software Conference. From informational general sessions, round table discussions, department and manufacturer-specific break outs, and our new series of hands-on workshops, there’s something for every Excede DMS user at your dealership.

Pull into the Pit Stop to tune up your Excede skills.
The Procede Pit Stop is back and it’s better than ever! With Procede staff on hand to demo Excede DMS v9.18, and certified partners Arcadium Technologies and Lincoln Fluid Management Systems showcasing integrations, it’s a great place to learn ways to maximize Excede’s functionality so you can streamline processes in your dealership. The Pit Stop will also be open longer hours—you can choose to schedule time to spend there as an alternative to attending a breakout session.

Connecting return attendees with new faces.
Last year’s record-setting attendance meant strong participation by both familiar and new faces. If you’re a return attendee and are interested in being a resource for first-timers, let us know. If you’re new to the conference, and would like to meet other users within your area of focus, we’d like to hear from you. Either way, we’ll do our best to make introductions in advance, so you can hit the ground running. Email us and we'll help you connect.

Come for the information. Stay for the fun!
As always, there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun and get to know your fellow Excede users. You and your guests are invited to join the Procede team at both Wednesday’s opening night beachside reception and Thursday’s closing evening reception. Golfers are invited to play Friday morning at River Walk Golf Club, before heading home.

From the history of Old Town to the shores of La Jolla, San Diego boasts world-class shopping, dining and attractions. The Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa is just down the road from Sea World, and of course the World Famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are not to be missed.

Contact us now to register for the 2013 Procede Software Conference!

Procede Software appoints Annette Kress as Integration Manager.

Procede Software is pleased to announce that Annette Kress has been appointed to the position of Integration Manager. In her new role, Kress will be the primary point of contact for all OEMs and other partners on integration initiatives and will be responsible for managing the development process and timelines.

“Enhancing the 3rd party ecosystem around Excede DMS is important to providing ongoing value to our customers, so we’re very pleased to have Annette lead this initiative for us. Her experience, both as a software engineer and as a database administrator in a commercial truck dealership environment make her uniquely qualified to facilitate bringing new integrations to market successfully,” said Procede Software CEO Larry Kettler.

Kress joined Procede Software in 2011 as a software engineer. Prior to joining Procede, she was a database administrator and network analyst at a truck dealership in Iowa.

OEMs and other 3rd party manufacturers interested in developing integrations or applications with Procede Software can contact Annette Kress at

Procede Software® Releases Excede® DMS Version 9.17.

Latest version of industry-leading software offers new features, enhancements and manufacturer integration.

San Diego, CA – January 18, 2012. Procede Software®, a leading developer of enterprise-level Dealer Management System (DMS) software and services for the Heavy Duty Truck and Automotive industries, announced the general release of Excede® DMS version 9.17, the latest upgrade to their Windows®-based solutions suite. The new version is built on the most current Microsoft® software technology platform, offers new features and enhancements, and incorporates manufacturer-based initiatives.

Procede Software has upgraded the Excede DMS software solution based on the latest Microsoft Foundation Class C++ 10.0 library. “As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with Silver Certification, we are committed to integrating the most recent Microsoft advancements in our effort to provide our customers with feature-rich, innovative technology for managing their dealerships,” said Procede Software CEO, Larry Kettler. The upgraded technology platform allows for enhancements to the user interface, providing users more control over the screen layout.

Version 9.17 includes new features such as Vendor Parts Rebates that provide systematic calculation and tracking of vendor-eligible rebates, as well as enhancements to the Crystal Reports Document Output, greater flexibility over workspace permissions, and improved system notifications. Excede DMS version 9.17 also integrates numerous manufacturer-specific initiatives.

“With these new features, enhancements and manufacturer-based initiatives, we are pleased to offer ongoing value and a competitive advantage to customers who have invested in our Excede DMS product,” Kettler said.

Professional Services adds a new team member.

In his new role as Professional Services Coordinator, Dave Moreno’s job is to project manage your Professional Services requests so the rest of the team can focus on delivering—meeting your data services, reporting and upgrade needs—as quickly and efficiently as possible. Working with the Procede Professional Services team means you’ll have a single point of contact, a dedicated project manager and guaranteed results—no one is more qualified or better-trained to help you with Excede than our experienced staff!

Whether you want to upgrade, conduct a physical inventory, or are looking for help with custom reports, we can help you get things running smoothly before year-end so you can start 2013 on the right foot.

To find out how Professional Services can help your dealership, submit a request through Support Services (login required), and Dave will follow up with you directly.

More great reasons to upgrade.

We’ve had a record number of dealerships upgrade to Excede DMS version 9.17 since we launched it in January, and we won’t rest until all of our customers are running it. It’s loaded with new features, like Vendor Parts Rebates that provide systematic calculation and tracking of vendor-eligible rebates, as well as enhancements to the Crystal Reports Document Output, greater flexibility over workspace permissions, and improved system notifications. And we’ve even put some new tools in place like our pre-installer to help expedite the process.

In case you need even more incentive to upgrade, here are some other great reasons:

Last month, we released more than ten new enhancements to Service Board, and this month we’ve added even more to the list. Service Board is our fully integrated suite of five applications for managing repair orders and technicians. With Service Board, service department staff can schedule work, manage work in progress, and update customers with the status of work on their vehicle--and technicians can use it to view real-time information about their productivity. Service Board is compatible with Excede versions 9.15 and higher.

Data Insight, our easy-to-use, real-time business intelligence and analytics tool is on its way! Data Insight lets you create customized, real-time, ad-hoc reports in minutes—with little or no programming or IT experience required. Data Insight is compatible with Excede DMS version 9.17.

If you need assistance with upgrading, our Professional Services team is here to help. We’re currently scheduling appointments for September and October.

To get the process started and confirm a time for your dealership to upgrade, please fill out our Upgrade Readiness Survey.

The 2013 PSC—what would you like to see, do and learn?

Planning is under way for the 2013 Procede Software Conference (PSC) at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, April 24 & 25, 2013, and we want your input! What type of session content are you most interested in? What challenges would you like to be addressed? What would like to see, do and learn at the 2013 PSC? Let us know!

There is still time to take advantage of the mid-year upgrade promotion!

The Procede Professional Services team has put together an upgrade package especially for dealers currently running v9.17 who are ready to make the move to v9.18. The package includes v9.18 instructional videos, database and software upgrade, and a full day of dedicated remote support.

This offer expires June 30, 2013. To take advantage of this special pricing and schedule your upgrade, contact Professional Services.

Top five ways to finish 2012 strong.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we’re working hard to provide you with tools to make year-end tasks like inventory go as smoothly as possible, but we also want to make sure that you’re set up for success in the new year. Here are five things you can do before year-end to wrap up 2012 and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2013.

  • Data Insight: If you’re already running the current version of Excede DMS, or are planning an upgrade before year-end, you’ll want to consider adding Data Insight to the mix. By implementing now, you can start next year off right. We’re offering incentives for customers who purchase Data Insight before year-end. Contact sales for more information.

  • eLearning: Whether you’re adding new employees or want to make sure your team is taking advantage of all the functionality Excede DMS has to offer, our new eLearning site makes it easier than ever for Excede users to hone their skills and for new users to get up to speed quickly. To request eLearning seats, submit a request through Support Services.

  • Physical Inventory: Planning a year-end physical inventory? Whether you’ll be managing the process yourself or working with the Procede Professional Services team, you’ll want to check out both our Best Practices on the topic as well as our comprehensive Physical Inventory Cheat Sheet. (Login required.)

  • Upgrade to v.9.17: If you’re not running the current version of Excede, now is the time to upgrade. Our Professional Services team can help with upgrade instructions, release notes, and on-site support. While the upgrade schedule is busy through year-end, we have availability and can work with you to find a time. Contact Support Services (login required) and our Professional Services coordinator will follow up.

  • Fiscal year-end close: When closing out the year in Excede, there are a few key things to keep in mind that will help the process go smoothly. Before you get started, be sure to read our Best Practices on the topic and review the topic in the Excede Help Files.
  • Our mission is to provide dealership management software built on feature-rich, innovative technology, to be the first and best in compliance with industry standards, and to offer services that deliver our customers incredible value and a competitive advantage.

  • "Since Excede DMS is Windows-based and so many people have experience with this type of software platform, it allows for faster, more efficient training of new employees."

    Nick Trinder
    Parts Manager
    Freightliner of Arizona

  • "Excede DMS integrates seamlessly with our primary manufacturer-based software programs and makes is easy to create the reports needed to run our department effectively."

    Nick Trinder
    Parts Manager
    Freightliner of Arizona

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