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Members of the Procede Team Come Together to Support Autism

Procede Software recently supported the 14th annual San Diego Race for Autism on Saturday, March 24, 2018. A group of Procede employees, spearheaded by Support Services Manager Sadaly Zendejas, donated money and participated in a 5K run/walk at Balboa Park in San Diego to benefit local autism support efforts.

100% of the funds raised at the Race for Autism go to local autism programs, services, outreach efforts, parents support, and education initiatives. The event is organized by NFAR, an organization that helps in the development, expansion and support of autism programs and services that improve the quality of life for children and young adults with autism.

Thanks to support efforts such as the Race for Autism, NFAR has awarded over 1.5 million dollars to Autism Community programs and to 600 classrooms across San Diego County.

The 2018 San Diego Race for Autism marks the fourth year Procede employees have come together to support autism research. Sadaly’s team, EJ’s World, was one of the top three largest teams of supporters, which included Procede Software team members both at the event and participating from afar. Procede employees who couldn’t attend the event due to their attendance at the ATD Show contributed by walking for Team EJ’s World in Las Vegas, the show’s location.

Procede Software and Record360 Host Webinar

Procede Software and Certified Partner Record360 recently hosted an informational webinar on the Record360 Integration v1.0 on March 8, 2018 at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST). The webinar provided a demo of the Record360 asset management tool that has been integrated with the Excede Lease-Rental Web App.

In this webinar, we discussed how the Record360 integration can help your dealership collect best-in-class asset condition records on your commercial trucking vehicles. 

If you missed the webinar and would like to receive a personal demo of the Record360 integration with Excede DMS, or have further questions about this integration, please contact

The Procede Team is Set to Head Back to Vegas for ATD 2018

Procede Software has been hard at work preparing for what is sure to be another memorable ATD Show. We are excited to both attend and exhibit at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Thursday, March 22, through Saturday, March 24, 2018.

Each year, the Procede team looks forward to interacting with the many industry professionals from dealerships across the country that attend this long-standing event. It’s here we are able to strengthen our existing relationships and have the opportunity to forge new ones.

In addition to exhibiting, Procede Software will once again team up with the American Truck Dealers and Heavy Duty Trucking magazine to announce the nominees for the 2018 Truck Dealer of the Year, a prestigious award that recognizes commercial-truck dealers for business performance, community service, and industry leadership. This will be our fourth year in a row co-sponsoring the award, and we can’t wait to share the stage with all the incredible nominees.

If you will also be in attendance at ATD, we invite you to drop by and say hello to the Procede team or see a preview of our new departmental KPIs & Metrics. Our team will be located at Booth #314 in the ATD zone at the Westgate Hotel. Our partners Arcadium Technologies LLC, Elite EXTRA, Graco, and Telenotes will also be in attendance, so be sure to stop by their booths as well.

Procede Software and sales-i Host Informational Webinar

Thank you to all our dealership customers who participated in our informational webinar with sales-i, a Certified Partner of Procede Software. The webinar provided a demo of the sales-i business intelligence solution that has been integrated with Excede DMS.

In this webinar, we discussed how the sales-i integration v1.0 can help your dealership achieve outstanding parts sales performance using sales analytics data pulled directly from Excede DMS. Additionally, sales-i allows your dealership’s sales team to manage customer accounts, track typical customer behavior and identify cross-selling opportunities. The integration can also measure the revenues generated from each sales representative, product line, customer and dealership branch, as well as create detailed sales reports.

If you missed the webinar and would like to receive a personal demo of the sales-i integration with Excede DMS, or have further questions about this integration, please contact Matthew Ockrim, Sales Manager at sales-i, by emailing:

Introducing Signature Capture v2.1

In an age where paper documentation has become nearly obsolete, many dealerships are searching for ways to transition to entirely paperless processes. This holds true when collecting signatures on important dealership documents. Procede’s Signature Capture application eliminates the need for signatures on paper by providing dealerships with an electronic signature capture solution for in-person transactions, such as confirmation of charges, service estimates and approvals for large orders.

Recently, Procede Software released Signature Capture v2.1, an ample upgrade from an already robust suite of capabilities. A few of the many notable features and enhancements in the latest update include:

  • Signature Preview Enabled: You may now accept or reject user signatures after viewing them in the Excede Wizard. This helps your dealership disapprove inadequate or inappropriate signatures.
  • Custom Branding Option: You can add a level of personalization by customizing your branding in Signature Capture v2.1 to show your own dealership or branch-level name and tagline.

These features and more are now available with Signature Capture v2.1. To upgrade or implement Signature Capture, please contact our support team by submitting a support ticket via our Customer & Resources Portal.



Near or afar, the Procede Team is here to serve you.

Procede Software is currently adding on to our headquarters as our company continues to grow, but our office space isn’t the only thing expanding. We’ve also been growing our employee presence across the country. To better serve you and your dealership’s needs, we have a number of remote employees, from Arizona all the way up to Canada. The employees highlighted below may work remotely, but their diverse skillsets make them an integral part of our company, near or far.

Brady Molter, Sales Executive

Brady may be relatively new to the Procede Software team, but his experience in the automotive industry spans nearly a decade. For over seven years, Brady has focused the majority of his time improving dealership performance by helping dealers find the appropriate tools for their business. At Procede, Brady has helped dealerships recognize the benefits of Excede® DMS compared to their current DMS providers. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in Political Science.

With a recent relocation to Charlotte, NC, Brady continues to serve as a Sales Executive for Procede. His new time zone transition has worked favorably with calls to our eastern and central time-zone clients. He says his favorite part of working for Procede is “working with highly intelligent people who go out of their way to deliver for our customers.”

Trisha Brewer, Professional Services Consultant

Trisha has been in the software industry for over 15 years. On top of her vast expanse of software knowledge, she also has firsthand experience working for a truck dealership. She’s been working with Procede Software for a decade, and her unique background has proven to be a huge value to our team. She holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Royal Roads University.

Trisha serves as a Professional Services Consultant and is our only team member to reside in Canada. When asked what her favorite part about working for Procede is, Trisha said she “enjoys working with many talented individuals, the diversity of work, and that Procede helps her constantly grow and evolve her skillset.”

Annette Kress, Senior Sales Executive

Over the past three decades, Annette has spent her career focused on information technology. Before joining the Procede team 6 years ago, Annette worked in both the commercial vehicle and healthcare industry. Annette’s experience in sales, integration, and database and network administration have made her a valuable addition to the Procede team. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Accounting from Clarke University.

Annette is our first remote Sales Executive in Iowa, working out of her home office in Dubuque. She says her favorite part of her job is “working with our customers and prospects and having the opportunity to meet new people.”

Casey Harris, Professional Services Consultant

Casey was born into the automotive industry. His father owned a dealership and from a young age he developed a passion for computers and technology. His extensive background in the trucking industry makes him the perfect fit for his role.

As a Professional Services Consultant, Casey travels 50% of the time to dealerships across the U.S. and Canada helping them streamline processes and efficiencies and solve problems. Over his 14-year tenure at Procede Software, Casey has worked on-site for initial implementation or major upgrades for 54 of our customers and improved processes for 69 dealerships.

Casey isn’t too far from our San Diego headquarters and is just a quick flight away in Phoenix, AZ. Casey says his favorite part of his job is “being part of the ‘aha moment’ when a complete business process comes into place and the dealership begins to work as a cohesive unit.”

From representing Procede Software at tradeshow events to traveling to dealerships for on-site implementations, our remote employees may not work in a typical office environment but are always busy assisting our current and prospective customers. While we may not get the opportunity to see their smiling faces every single day at our San Diego headquarters, their contributions are still felt, even from afar. 

End of support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Procede Software is committed to staying in sync with Microsoft technology. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Consequently, Procede applications and solutions are no longer being supported on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 effective immediately. This means that the pending Excede v9.22 release will require Windows 7 to Windows 10 / Windows 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 / SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2014 (SQL Server 2005 support was discontinued in 2016). There will be no further support of any kind available from Procede or Microsoft for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 (or any applications running on these systems).

We can provide more information upon request and make ourselves available to help discuss your transition. To schedule time to speak with Customer Support, please contact us through the Procede Customer & Resources Portal: (login required).

The Procede team races to support Autism.

A team of Procede Software employees, led by Support Services Manager Sadaly Zendejas, walked 3.1 miles through Balboa Park for the 13th annual San Diego Race for Autism on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

The San Diego Race for Autism is an annual 5k run or 1-mile family walk to support local autism programs and services. NFAR, the organization hosting the race, has awarded 1.4 million dollars to community programs and classrooms thanks to support efforts such as this race.

In San Diego alone, over 19,000 individuals and their families are affected by autism, and this number keeps growing. 100% of the funds raised by this event help with treatment, vocational training, special education, and programs for parents with autistic children. By participating in the walk, Procede employees were able to show their support for thousands of affected children and their families in San Diego county.

For the third year in a row, employees of Procede Software joined a team formed by Sadaly to walk together in support of her son and others with autism. In addition to donating their time, employees also donated money to the cause, joining efforts to reach the team goal of $1,000.

Procede Software Race For Autism

Get to Know the Procede Team + our Technology at ATD.

One of the industry’s biggest events of the year is right around the corner, and the Procede team is looking forward to attending and exhibiting at NADA’s 100th anniversary in New Orleans. In just a few days, we will be networking with our industry peers, exhibiting in the ATD zone, and hopefully connecting with many of you.

In addition to exhibiting, we are also looking forward to co-sponsoring and presenting the ATD Dealer of the Year Award for the third year in a row. Last year we had the pleasure of presenting Tom Bertolino, vice president of NorCal Kenworth, with this prestigious award. We are eager to help announce and award this year’s successor.

If you or your dealership will be in attendance, we encourage you to come say hello to the Procede team at Booth #3309 and check out our newest release of Excede DMS and the Lease-Rental Web App. Our certified partners Arcadium Technologies, Elite EXTRA, Graco, and Lincoln Lube will also be in attendance so be certain to stop by and say hi to them as well!

Visit the Customer & Resources Portal for important updates.

If you aren’t following topics in the portal, you are missing out on important updates! The Customer & Resources Portal is the place to go to access OEM integration notifications, training tools, applicable downloads, and learn about known issues. Recent additions have been posted to several topics and this information is available exclusively in the portal.

To make sure you stay up-to-date on all the latest resources, tools, and downloads available, we recommend you “follow” the topics that apply to your dealership.

To follow a topic, simply:

  • Log in to the Customer & Resources Portal.
  • Navigate to the appropriate topic (Example: Training Resources & Tools, Integration Notifications & Downloads, Webinars & Workshops, and many more!).
  • Follow either a section (black, bold text) or an article (blue, bulleted text).
    • If you’d like to follow a section: 
      • Locate the “Follow” drop-down list on the right side of the page, click “Follow”, and then select “New articles” or “New articles and comments”.
    • If you’d like to follow an article: 
      • Locate the “Follow” button on the right side of the page and click “Follow”.

That’s all there is to it! You will now get email notifications when new topics or updates are posted. While you are logged in to the portal, you can also ask questions related to OEM updates and download executables and documents.

If you do not have an account, go to and sign up. Make sure to follow all of the portal topics that interest you and spread the word throughout your organization.

Explore the new customer & resources portal.

The new Customer & Resources Portal is a combination of our Support Portal and User Forum.

While you are still able to submit support requests (if you are an authorized user), you now have the ability to search through multiple resources at once by using our universal search bar, which filters through our Knowledge Base, Resource Documents and User Community.

Also, with a streamlined user experience and better navigation, you can now enjoy embedded videos of webinar recordings and improved functionality when attaching screenshots or files to your work orders.

With so many new features and available options, we encourage everyone on your team to sign up!

End of Support for SQL Server 2005.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Procede Software is committed to staying in lockstep with Microsoft technology. This means that Microsoft will conclude its SQL Server 2005 support lifecycle on April 12, 2016 and Procede will end support for SQL Server 2005 on the same date. There will be no updates, non-security hotfixes, support options, technical content updates or security patches available from Procede or Microsoft once support ends. Excede DMS v9.21, for instance, is due out in late 2016 and will not be supported on any version of SQL Server prior to SQL Server 2008 R2.
We can provide more information upon request, and make ourselves available to help discuss and plan your transition. To schedule time to speak with Customer Support, please review the End of Support Summary and then contact us through the Procede Customer Portal:

From the desk of Elite EXTRA.

Elite EXTRA is the premier dispatch management solution for heavy truck parts distributors. From route sequence optimization and real-time GPS tracking, to capturing signatures at the point of delivery and comprehensive reporting, EXTRA uses cloud and mobile technology to cut costs and drive ROI. Seamless integration between Excede DMS and EXTRA ensures that your orders are ready to get dispatched and delivered as soon as you receive them.

Also a few new enhancements to EXTRA this year include the Returns Portal and Warehouse Tracking and Payment Validation functionality. The Returns Portal is an easy-to-use feature that tracks your returns in real-time. Whether the return is created as a pickup, called in out of the blue or encountered at delivery, your driver can either scan or punch in the part numbers needing to be returned. Once your driver arrives back with the returned goods, he or she can get them verified as returned, along with confirming that the credit has been issued in your DMS.

To learn more about Elite EXTRA and the Excede DMS integration, visit us in the Pit Stop at the Procede Software Conference, or contact Ross Kleiner -

From the desk of Graco.

Graco Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of lubrication equipment for machinery and vehicles, announced that it has relaunched the website for its Matrix® Total Fluid Management System™, which controls expenses and manages fluid inventory for a range of vehicle service applications. The updated website features an interactive Return on Investment (ROI) calculator and shop diagram to help customers discover the benefits of fluid management and the “X Factor” that makes Matrix right for them.

The new, interactive ROI calculator gives customers instant insight into how valuable Matrix can be based on their own fluid use and typical inventory loss, while the interactive shop diagram provides insight into how each system component works together for maximum efficiency and minimal waste. Stop by and see us at the upcoming Procede Software Conference. Visit to learn more!

From the desk of OpenEdge.

The world of payment processing can be confusing, especially when you’re trying to run a business. That’s why Procede Software selected OpenEdge as a Certified Partner to create a fast, efficient and affordable payment processing solution for your Excede DMS.

Come see OpenEdge in action at the upcoming Procede Software Conference! Serving more than 2,000 technology partners throughout the United States and Canada, OpenEdge provides secure and personalized advanced payment technology services to businesses and software developers. When integrated with Excede DMS, credit card processing through OpenEdge will be part of the posting routine and can be fully integrated with Excede’s Signature Capture functionality, virtually eliminating the process of manually reconciling credit card statements. These payment solutions are adaptable for today’s dynamic security environment, streamlining how payments are processed across all platforms of interaction.

From the desk of SKF.

SKF will be displaying its Lincoln LFC 5000 fluid management system and Procede interface in the Pit Stop at the Procede Software Conference in May. The new Lincoln LFC Enterprise software, which is used to track, monitor and dispense fluids using the Enterprise dealer management system, will be also be showcased at the conference.

Utilizing a standard Internet browser to access the software, this system provides significant savings by operating up to 50 sites with one server installation. There is no need to install software at multiple PCs, as all software comes from one source for simple IT support, backup and reporting. Lincoln’s top-of-the-line fluid management system controls the dispensing of oil and other fluids and adds validation function to the process when implemented with Excede DMS.

Validation ensures that no fluid is dispensed without referencing an open repair order job, and it confirms that the technician requesting the fluid is the same technician punched onto the referenced job. This interface ensures 100 percent accuracy – no more lost transactions or mismanaged fluids!

From heavy-duty pumps to fluid management systems, SKF and Lincoln have joined forces in providing world-class manufacturing and quality leadership for more than a century.

Graco integration v1.1 brings new functionality.

We are pleased to announce the release of Graco v1.1, an updated integration between Excede DMS and the Graco Matrix lubrication system.

This release adds one major new feature, Verification Strength (VS), which offers additional control over fluid dispense authorization. In v1.0, there is no ability to pre-authorize pump amounts. In v1.1, you can set three different Verification Strength levels corresponding to varying pumping requirements. If Verification Strength level three (VS3) is set, for instance, Matrix will not pump any amount more than is pre-authorized in the DMS. Excede will then report back to Matrix any amount under-pumped or over-pumped for auditing purposes.

The Verification Strength will also work seamlessly with Matrix’ Top Off Percent functionality. For example, if four units are authorized under VS3, and the Top Off is set at 10%, Matrix will allow dispensing of up to 4.4 units.

To upgrade to Graco v1.1, contact Support Services. (Login required.)   

Web Connect available through SOARR.

We are happy to announce the release of Web Connect, an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables our Procede Certified Partner, SOARR, to build websites or web applications using selected information in Excede DMS. With Web Connect, SOARR will be able to build a dealer’s website to include real-time access to parts and vehicle inventory, customer account information, service history, invoice archives and other information. The API displays that information across all branches through an authenticated interface that protects your company data.

As with all modern APIs, Web Connect allows real-time data to be integrated into almost any website or application without dictating how the data is displayed. This means that a Certified Partner such as SOARR can build a dynamic website including Excede DMS data while maintaining a fully customized look-and-feel that matches dealership branding guidelines.

To learn more about additional functionalities available in Web Connect, contact

Increase security and reduce credit card processing fraud with EMV.

As you may know, the instatement of EMV cards is imminent in the US. Credit cards are now appearing with embedded chips that communicate directly with the card issuer, collectively known as EMV systems, named after its original developers (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®).

Until September 30th of this year, liability for most card transaction fraud was owned by the bank or financial institution issuing the credit card. But as of October 1, 2015, the liability for card-present fraud has shifted to whichever party is the least EMV-compliant in a fraudulent transaction, which may include your dealership.

In adherence to security best practices, Procede is actively working with OpenEdge to provide an integrated Credit Card processing solution that will give you all the security and protection of EMV, ultimately helping safeguard your business against card data theft. 

Unlike a traditional magnetic strip, payment data is more secure on a chip-enabled payment card because it produces a one-time encrypted code for every purchase. The way the data is transferred varies with each transaction, making it extremely difficult to duplicate or steal credit card information at the point of sale.

Instead of just swiping a card at the point of sale, the user has to place the card and its embedded chip near or inside an EMV-enabled reader and then type in a PIN or provide a signature. That’s why EMV is sometimes referred to as “Chip and PIN” technology.
Key benefits of this new protocol include:

  • More thorough authentication process 
  • Safer transactions both online and in person
  • Minimizes fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards

As the integration gets closer to production, we will continue to develop and deliver communication materials you need to stay informed of those pending changes.

If you are a current Credit Card Processing customer, or if you would like to learn more about Procede’s support for EMV, please contact Support Services (Login required.)

SQL Server 2005 end of support deadline approaching.

Is your dealership still running SQL Server 2005? If so, you risk being exposed to security vulnerabilities and increased maintenance costs that could be harmful to your business. On April 12, 2016, Microsoft will stop providing updates and any form of support for SQL Server 2005.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Procede Software is committed to staying up-to-date with Microsoft technology, development tools, and supported software. In accordance with this, Excede v9.19 marks the end of SQL Server 2005 compatibility. The soon to be released Excede v9.20 will require that your dealership is running SQL Server 2008 or 2012.

In order to ensure you are able to upgrade to new versions of Excede as they become available and enjoy all the latest features and enhancements, we advise that you begin planning your migration away from SQL Server 2005.

Full details about the changes can be found on the Microsoft website here.

If you have any concerns or questions about the SQL Server 2005 support, please contact Support Services. (Login required.)

New sections added to the User Forum!

The Procede User Forum has facilitated effective, ongoing communication between staff and customers alike. And with the continued growth of our service offerings, we’ve added two new sections–one for customers, and one dedicated solely to partners.

Through the new Certified Partner section, customers can download all partner-focused content under the All Certified Partners (Data Sheets) tab. Each Certified Partner will also have their own tabs which are accessible only to customers who are contracted for those particular integrations. Within each partner tab, customers can engage in general discussions/troubleshooting with other users who are currently utilizing that same integration and stay up to date with the latest partner integration news.

In the new Partner-Only Forum, partners can update their profiles and contact key Procede staff members for specific inquiries. We’ve also created a notification system that alerts partners of any major releases and other exciting Procede news.

If you haven’t already, sign in to the User Forum and join the conversation!

New functionality in Document Delivery.

New features have been added to Excede Document Delivery, an integrated solution that allows dealerships to reduce the time spent on individual email invoice requests and increase customer satisfaction through increased communication. From the option to choose your own default settings, to the ability to send AR statements and the addition of the Admin management tool, the latest version of Document Delivery is full of new time-saving enhancements.

To learn more about Document Delivery, read our article:
Streamline electronic invoicing with Excede Document Delivery.

For pricing details and additional system requirements, or to upgrade to the latest version, submit a work order request through Support Services.

Check out the new shortcut and toolbar cheat sheets!

We have added additional department-specific shortcut sheets to the User Forum. These downloadable guides are designed to help users become more acquainted with common keyboard shortcuts and Excede toolbar navigation. By becoming more familiar with these tools, you can increase your efficiency by reducing keystrokes and mouse work.

Get them here:
Procede User Forum » Resources » Tools, Resources and Downloads » Resources: Training » Shortcut & Toolbar Cheat Sheets

PayPros is now OpenEdge!

PayPros and Accelerated Payment Technologies are pleased to announce that they will now operate under a single division of Global Payments to be known as “OpenEdge.” For PayPros customers, no immediate platform changes are expected and you will be notified of any future changes or advancements. Your current contacts and support will also remain the same.

If you would like more information, contact your PayPros account manager or customer service at 800-774-6462.

Read the official announcement here:

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If you are reading this, you are already a Procede newsletter subscriber (or website visitor) and enjoy getting all the latest news and updates—but did you know, there are many additional ways to stay connected beyond the newsletter? Make sure to participate in all the Procede communication channels and be in the know at all times!

Training Emails 
Sign up to receive our monthly training emails and be the first to know about upcoming Procede Best Practices webinars and special training offerings.  If you would like to be added to our list, email us at

Procede Events Page
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Social Media
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We want everyone at your dealership to be in the know. Please help us get the word out by forwarding this newsletter to other members of your staff. They can subscribe through the link in the sidebar, or directly through the link below:

Green kicks sightings!

The PSC may be over, but the green shoes are still going strong. All summer long, Procede staff will be snapping photos of their green kicks out and about. Look for them onsite working with customers, at tradeshows, or just kicking back across the US and beyond! Follow us on Twitter to see where they’re spotted next.

Get the new Budget Import Tool!

Procede recently introduced a new, streamlined tool that simplifies the process for importing budget numbers into Excede DMS. The new budget import tool has a simple, common, and familiar Excel interface and familiarity with Excede is not required! The process is easy with only three quick steps to select the right General Ledger accounts and import the budget numbers into Excede. The same tool can be used to modify previously entered budgets, and it can also be reused year after year. There is a one-time set-up fee for the tool, and once configured you will have complete control of the import process. To learn more, get pricing, or to schedule a short demonstration contact Support Services.

It’s inventory time—tools to help you prepare.

With inventory season quickly approaching, we are sharing links to all of our previously published inventory related articles. We want to help your inventory go smoothly, so click through to learn the best ways to prepare!

Preparing for parts physical inventory.

Taking parts physical inventory.

Proactively monitoring and maintaining your inventory.

Year-round inventory management.

Minimizing parts variance.

Our Professional Services team offers many additional tools and services that can help support inventory management. For example, we offer a parts inventory checklist that gives you key performance indicators to help you manage your parts inventory every day.

Many customers also schedule Procede staff for onsite physical inventory help year after year. Contact Support Services (login required) to learn more.

Procede Insiders test-drive new products!

Since launching the Insider Program following the 2013 Procede Software Conference (PSC), we have had dealerships representing all major OEMS join and directly contribute to shaping the future of Excede DMS. These Insiders have been invited to participate in exclusive discussions ranging from the conceptual design of new products to the review of pre-development wireframes. They can also engage directly with the Procede Product Management team, register early for the PSC, and receive other special “Insider” perks.

Several Insiders were involved in the development of the Mobile Quick Add application from beta testing through general release. They were the first to use the application live in their dealerships, and we looked to them to provide real-world feedback while moving through the development process. With the help of the Insider Program, we were able to quickly deliver a quality product that meets the needs of dealerships.

Upcoming projects open to Insiders include involvement in part two of our Service Anywhere initiative—the Time Clock application, and participation in beta testing of Excede DMS v9.18.003.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Insider Program, please visit the link below to submit your application. Your dealership will need to appoint a subject matter expert from any job function or department—examples include dealer principal, controller, parts, service or lease/rental—to serve as the primary point of contact.

The Procede Knowledge Base – 125+ entries and growing!

In April, we introduced the Procede Knowledge Base, a searchable database of resolved support tickets that provides users with a troubleshooting resource and allows them to self-diagnose and resolve issues quickly. Since its launch, the Knowledge Base has continued to grow and now includes over 125 entries. Getting the answers you need is now easier and quicker than ever!

To use the Knowledge Base, simply log in to Support. The search field is on the landing page.

Thomas Built Buses names top dealer.

Tim Bearchell, of The Bus Centre in Alberta, Canada, received the 2012 Dealer of Year award from Thomas Built Buses. The award recognizes outstanding performance in customer satisfaction, customer service and support, financial performance, and overall relationship with Thomas Built Buses. The Bus Centre is a full service dealer offering sales, parts, and vehicle service, and has been a Procede customer since 2010.

“Everyone at The Bus Centre is committed to customer satisfaction and goes to great lengths to do the right thing for their customers,” said Kelley Platt, president and CEO of Thomas Built Buses. “We are proud of their successes in 2012 and we are so pleased they are part of the Thomas Built family.”

There were five winning regional dealerships that made up the pool of top contenders. The Southwest regional winner was Carolina Thomas, LLC of Greensboro, North Carolina, who has been a Procede customer since 2004.

Gold, silver, and bronze awards were also handed out to recognize excellence and outstanding sales performance. Congratulations to all of the dealerships recognized!

You spoke and the Product Management team listened.

We’re excited about the amount of quality ideas and feedback we received at the 2013 PSC. We are beginning to work on enhancements for the next version of Excede, but we would like to clarify a few ideas. Please take some time to visit the “Talk to the Procede Product Team” section of the User Forum and give us your feedback on posted topics. Your feedback is critical to help us build the best solution possible.

With the Procede Knowledge Base, help is just a search away.

The Procede Software Support Services team is always looking for new ways to streamline the support experience and improve customer satisfaction. As Director of Operations and Support, Deanna Cocco, observed, “We’ve had a significant increase in the number of Excede users in the past two years, but the average number of support tickets opened and time to resolution has decreased by almost half.”

“We realized that if we had a way of sharing information from closed support tickets, it could be extremely helpful to other Excede users. We worked with our internal programming team to build the Procede Knowledge Base, a searchable database populated with information from resolved support tickets,” said Cocco. “Now, when you go to the Support site, the first thing you see is a search field. All you have to do is enter a key word or phrase, and you’ll get a list of related results.”

With the Knowledge Base, Excede users now have a troubleshooting resource that they can use before entering a support ticket that will allow them to access information so they can self-diagnose and resolve issues quickly. Plus, since we're always adding to the Knowledge Base, the content will grow in both quantitiy and value over time.

To use the Knowledge Base, simply log in to Support as usual. The search field is on the landing page. “If you can’t find the information you need to resolve the problem,” Cocco advises, “don’t hesitate to open a support ticket. Our team is here to help.”

Excede made even easier with eLearning.

Last fall, we updated the Excede eLearning Web-based Introduction (WBI) course with three new modules—Getting to Know Excede, Parts and Service. Now, with the recent completion of the Accounting, Lease/Rental and Vehicles modules, the Excede Web-based Introduction (WBI) features completely updated content.

Not only does the WBI feature all new content, it’s also much easier to use. Administrators can buy credits in advance and assign users themselves as needed. The WBI also includes improved functionality that allows your dealership’s administrator to track what modules a user has completed and how he or she has scored on the quizzes. An administrator can even send an email with a link and credentials to users that they've registered.

When a new customer implements Excede, the WBI is an important tool in training the staff, but many of our existing customers also find it useful for getting new staff up to speed. The WBI is a great way to hone skills, especially if you’ve recently upgraded.

To request eLearning credits, contact Support Services.

Lincoln Fluid Management Systems integration streamlines processes.

Freightliner of San Antonio uses Lincoln’s fluid inventory management system to control how oil is dispensed — when, where, how much and by whom. According to Lincoln Product Manager Eric Krassinger, “it’s not unusual for 15 to 20 percent of oil changes to fall through the cracks in shops without this type of system. And if they don’t get recorded, they don’t get billed.” However, with Lincoln, the system requires that a tech use a unique PIN to select a hose reel and activate a pump to dispense a specific amount of fluid. The system then automatically records the data.

Last year, Procede worked with Lincoln to build an integration between the two systems that adds a validation function to the process. The validation function ensures fluid requests match an open labor item for that employee and that there’s also a corresponding open service order. The systems complete this reconciliation in real-time, so service records and inventory records are up-to-date and accurate. Since record keeping is now automated rather than manual, labor is reduced.

Freightliner of San Antonio recently tested the integration in their dealership, and they’re already seeing the benefits. According to their IT Support Manager, Isaac Mattson, “this integration helps close the loop. It helps management better monitor our fluids, it helps our techs handle their service responsibilities more independently, and it lets our parts guys at the counter stay focused on selling parts.”

Mattson says they’re getting ready to roll the updated system out to the guys in the shop. “We’ve tested it thoroughly and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. We’re confident it’s going to be an efficient, simple-to-use solution for making sure everything is accounted for. Our technicians won’t have to rely on the parts guys to activate the pumps, management won’t have to worry about inconsistent billing, and we can trust the system to manage the correct parts and quantity.”

Lincoln Fluid Management Systems are offered by the SKF Lubrication Business Unit. If you’re interested in implementing the Excede DMS/ Lincoln Fluid Management Systems integration in your dealership, contact

Polk VIN decoding tape saves time and reduces errors.

Whether you’re buying, selling or servicing a vehicle, each time you create a vehicle record in Excede DMS, the system prompts you to enter basic information, like VIN number, make, model and year. By downloading the Polk VIN decoding tape and importing the data into Excede, this information will automatically populate, saving time and reducing data entry errors.

Here’s how it works: at the beginning of each month, Procede Software uploads the latest Polk VIN decoding tape to the Resources (login required) section of Your IT staff can then download the zip file and import it to Excede with an easy-to-use wizard. Once the tape is imported, the data becomes available in the system—when you’re creating a new record, simply enter the VIN number and basic manufacturer specs for that vehicle will automatically populate.

The Polk VIN decoding tape significantly reduces the number of fields that need to be manually populated when creating a vehicle record, saving you time, cutting back on keystrokes and minimizing the opportunity for error.

Looking for additional resources? Check out the Resources section of (login required) for Help Files, Release Notes, Cheat Sheets, and more.

Procede is a preferred DMS provider to Mack dealers.

Procede Software is one of only three preferred providers of DMS services for the Mack dealer network in the United States and Canada. Excede DMS features a comprehensive selection of integration points specifically for Mack dealers. To learn more about these and other manufacturer-specific integrations, contact us.

Service Board training videos—free to all current Service Board users.

In the previous two newsletters, we’ve introduced you to more than a dozen new enhancements to Service Board, our real-time, integrated solution for managing service technicians and repair orders. This month, we’re pleased to announce that online training is now available for Service Board—and it’s free to all current Service Board customers.

The series of brief, instructional videos explains the functionality available for each of the five applications in the Service Board suite. The videos are available through the Procede eLearning site. To access the videos, your dealership’s Excede administrator just has to add you to the system as an eLearning user.

Don’t know who your administrator is? Submit a request through Support Services (login required) and we’ll let you know.

Learn more about Service Board.
Contact sales to schedule a demo.

  • "Our number one criterion for a new dealer management system was stability in the database. Excede DMS relies on a SQL Server database, and it is extremely well-structured and reliable."

    Ken Ables
    Director, Parts Operation
    Performance Truck

  • "A couple of years ago, we brought all our dealerships under one corporate structure in Excede. I was the last one to believe that we could use the software to manage the accounting more efficiently, but I am a believer now."

    Gail Shea
    Regional Controller
    Lonestar Truck Group

  • “Having had experience with several other dealer management systems, I found Excede DMS to be much more user friendly and its interface truly intuitive. I can trust that all the information is accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible.”

    Ricky Gibson
    West Carolina Freightliner

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