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Announcing the General Release of Excede DMS v9.22.

After intently listening to the features and enhancements you wanted most, Procede Software is proud to announce the general release of Excede DMS v9.22. This new version of Excede includes 50 integration updates, 108 enhancements, 26 fixes, and 64 new features.

This latest version release of Excede DMS comprises a vast set of functional and user experience (UX) improvements designed to deliver an increase in overall dealership productivity and drive performance. With over 150 new features and functional enhancements, this release optimizes workflows, increases the speed of key processes, decreases keystrokes, and minimizes steps—while simultaneously maintaining system reliability and overall behavioral consistency.

“As dealerships continue to evolve faster than ever, we remain intensely focused on proactively engaging and listening to our customers so we can deliver more,” said Larry Kettler, CEO.  “And we continue to leverage the decision we made over fifteen years ago to build an innovative dealer management system for the heavy-duty truck industry using Microsoft technology and specifically SQL Server.” 

Beltway Companies, the largest international truck dealer in the state of Maryland, was one of five dealership groups that were directly involved in both Beta and Pilot testing of the Excede DMS v9.22 release.

“We are so excited that we got involved early with Excede version 9.22 because of all the new features it has,” said Monica Gramlich, Chief Financial Officer of Beltway Companies. “These improvements have allowed our dealership to gain more efficiencies than ever before.”

Functional enhancements and operational workflow improvements in Excede DMS v9.22 also result in a product that is easier for your dealership to maintain and support, while improving employee efficiency and effectiveness with the system.

Ready to Get Started?
If your dealership is ready to start taking advantage of these improvements, please contact us or learn more in one of the following ways:

  • For customers running previous versions of Excede, we are committed to helping you upgrade and take full advantage of the enhancements now available in v9.22. To upgrade, please contact Support Services.
  • For a complete list of the changes made in Excede DMS v9.22, please review the Release Notes on the Customer & Resources Portal under: Procede Customer & Resources Portal » Excede Resources & Downloads: Excede Release Notes
  • Visit the Procede eLearning site to view the Excede DMS New Version Features course that provides an overview of key product changes from v9.21 to v9.22.
  • If your dealership is interested in learning more about Procede Software and Excede DMS, contact

Procede Software Expands Our Office Space

Just 18 short months ago, the Procede team moved into our new corporate headquarters office suite in Sorrento Valley, San Diego. At the time, there was no shortage of desks or places to sit around our conference table during all-employee meetings. However, as time and demand for our products progressed, so did our need for office space. Fast forward a year and a half later—our team began arriving 10 minutes early to meetings to grab a coveted seat, and desks were in higher demand than fidget spinners.

We quickly realized we were outgrowing our office space and needed to take action. To meet this demand, we selected a handful of Procede employees we were confident could carry out the task at hand: expand our office space. And so, they did just this, one swing at a time, until we tore down the green wall that separated our office suite from the one adjacent. The demolition resulted in more office space than ever to help accommodate employee and company growth.

“We continue to reinvest every dollar back into Procede Software” said Larry Kettler, CEO Procede Software. “This additional office space will provide the room, resources and cultural environment needed to support our accelerated growth.”

As we celebrate over 16 years in the business, Procede Software looks forward to continuing to grow and fill out our new office suite with even more talented individuals. This new space will allow our team to grow in a comfortable, accommodating space as we continue to expand.

“Procede has followed an organic growth path so we can ensure a sustainable growth rate while meeting the increasing demands of a growing customer base,” says Deanna Cocco, Director of Operations and Support Services and a Procede employee of over a decade. “We’re growing and promoting great people from within, and expanding our office to make space for the next generation of managers and leaders to come.”

We invite you to come stop by for a personal tour of our new office space the next time you’re in town. We’d love the opportunity to show you and your colleagues how much Procede has truly grown.

Procede Concludes the 2017 PSC

Procede Software concluded its 2017 annual PSC asking attendees to “Expect More” out of their partnership with their software provider.

The sold-out conference grew by over 35%, with a record number of dealerships, Certified Partners, special guests, and truck OEM’s in attendance. Hosted at the Westin Hotel in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego, this year’s event marked the 12th Procede Software Conference.

The PSC is specifically designed to bring together customers, partners, and original equipment manufacturers with the Procede Software team. At the event, attendees have the opportunity to attend department-specific breakout sessions, network with other heavy-duty industry professionals, and gain a deeper understanding of our current and future product offerings.

“I have attended similar conferences and this one continues to stand out,” said Corey Daigle, Parts & Service Director of Daigle & Houghton, Inc. “Sessions were informative and tailored to specific departments to ensure relevancy. The combination of applicable learning and information exchange, all while maintaining an intimate environment, is impressive.”

In addition to informative sessions and networking opportunities, we also made several important announcements at the event. The most notable, addressed during CEO Larry Kettler’s keynote, was the general release of Excede DMS v9.22. This major product release includes over 150 new features and functional enhancements that optimize dealership performance.

“Year after year, our customers, partners and industry guests attend the PSC in record numbers,” said Alina Caceres, Director of Sales & Marketing. “We continue to focus on customer engagement, sharing information, and gathering feedback. Attendees look forward to interacting with our team in-person and forging even stronger working partnerships."

The PSC keynote and subsequent sessions demonstrated how customers should expect more from their Dealer Management System provider. Procede continues to raise the bar by focusing on rapid and ongoing development of Excede DMS and its market-leading technology platform, along with the expansion of more Certified Partner and OEM integrations.

“This industry, and our dealers specifically, continue to experience an accelerated transformation with technology in all areas of their businesses, so it’s logical and anticipated to expect more from their business system provider,” said Larry Kettler, CEO of Procede Software. “And we continue to take proactive steps to encourage and engage at all levels of the dealership in order to deliver and drive tangible performance.”

We look forward to hosting attendees next year at what is sure to be another successful PSC.

We’re proud to unveil our new suite of videos.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video says it all. That’s why we are happy to announce the launch of our new suite of company videos, available for your viewing pleasure. These videos not only tell the story of how Procede grew to become a leading business system provider, but also the defining factors that set us apart from the rest. So, press play, learn about our products, meet our people and get a first-hand look at how our team works together.

Announcing the general release of Excede DMS v9.20.

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance our core product and deliver real-time functionality to your dealership, Procede Software is pleased to announce the release of Excede DMS v9.20.

Key updates and improvements in this release include:

General & Company Features

  • Customer View - Now you can view real-time customer account status and access Month-to-Date (MTD), Year-to-Date (YTD) and Lifetime sales totals by department. Lifetime document history of the customer is displayed in one place and is accessible from anywhere within Excede DMS. The buttons offer several new dialogs including Customer History, Contacts and Customer Vehicle(s).
  • Multiple customer contacts and phone extensions - Each contact can now include Type, Department, Name, Address, Phone and Email. Phone and Email can be classified as Home, Work or Other. And phone numbers can now include extensions.
  • SNotes - The Delete All option was removed from the Notes menu by customer request.

Accounting Features

  • GL Accounting categories - An account's profit category and linked accounts can now be categorized for improved financial and reporting capabilities. This categorization functionality will drive substantial improvements in Data Insight report and key performance indicator (KPI) reports in the very near future.
  • Exclude document types - Ability to hide specific accounting types from document type drop downs to avoid confusion. This option exists for Debit Credit Memo, Deposit, Disbursement and Receipt Types.

Services Features

  • Reason for time punch move or split - When moving or splitting technician time punches, both the time and reason for the move can now be recorded at the same time.
  • Quick Add Wizard - You can now sort by Customer and Vehicle columns within the wizard.

Vehicles Features

  • Receive All functionality - You can now Receive All items for a Vehicle Purchase Order at the same time from one context menu option without having to drill in and receive each unit individually.
  • Show Days in Stock - The Days in Stock field is now displayed in the Vehicles View.

Parts Features

  • Price Tape Import option of Including Descriptions - A check box is now available for Including Descriptions on the Price Tape Import Wizard. When checked, the parts description will be overwritten and updated. When unchecked, the parts description is untouched.

For a complete list of the changes made in v9.20, including all new features and fixes, please review the Release Notes on the User Forum under Tools, Resources and Downloads >> Release Notes.

For customers running previous versions of Excede, we are committed to helping you upgrade and take full advantage of the enhancements now available in v9.20. To upgrade, please contact Support Services.

Get to know the Implementation team.

At Procede, we recognize that dealerships invest plenty of time and resources in ensuring that their new software investment will maximize ROI and drive business results. That's why we have a highly skilled Implementation team dedicated solely to your business’ success, working in unison with customers to ensure smooth and seamless conversions. We follow a structured, in-depth approach that makes the implementation process easier for you, ultimately helping you solve your most pressing business challenges.

In order for you to get a better sense of what Procede Implementation Services offer, we thought it would be a good idea to get you acquainted with a few of the seasoned professionals that make up our Implementation team.


Sharon Covitt
Director of Implementation & Training


Q: How has the Implementation process improved since you joined Procede in 2004?

A: Today, we have a stronger and more knowledgeable team with years of experience. Not only have we adapted our implementation process to fit the changing demands of the industry, but we’re constantly adjusting our process using new technology. This makes it easier to communicate and provide visibility to new customers going through the process. Over the past few years, we have put a much stronger emphasis on training and testing so that dealerships are fully prepared the day they go live. Each year, we continue to come up with additional best practices and streamline our processes.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

A: I love helping new customers realize efficiencies, create effective procedures, and gain visibility. Because we offer a consultative approach to implementation, we are always doing something unique or creative to refine the process and empower key dealerships decision-makers. The problem-solving aspect of implementation is definitely the most rewarding part of my job.


Dave Wallace
Implementation Manager


Q: How do you cultivate and maintain a relationship with customers?

A: A good relationship is based on trust and a mutual understanding. To earn that trust, I must be knowledgeable of the product and I must be able to identify what it is the customer is experiencing. During the implementation process, I spend a lot of time communicating with the key users from the dealership. Over the course of time we exchange stories, both work related and personal, and that also helps solidify a long term relationship.

Q: What’s the key to a successful implementation?

A: Many dealerships moving to Excede DMS tend to focus on the data conversion aspect of the implementation and perceive this as being the most important part of the process. While data conversion is important, establishing communication channels, streamlining processes and educating users are equally, if not more, important. In my opinion, the data, once converted, is complete as far as the implementation is concerned. The evolution of the dealerships’ internal communication and training should never be complete. It can always be improved upon. 


Lindsay Martin
Training Manager


Q: To get employees up to speed on our software, training is an absolute must. How do you ensure we provide effective training, materials, and plans, particularly when users have a variety of different learning styles?

A: While conducting onsite training, I often have a classroom full of individuals who absorb training material differently. As a trainer, I’ve learned to assess both the individual and group needs and adjust the pace as needed. We also offer a variety of materials and mediums designed to cater to users of all levels and learning styles, including video (eLearning), in person (on-site classroom), remote (webinars), written (help files) and visual aids (shortcut cheat sheets). 

Q: What’s your favorite part of training new users?

A: The more time I spend onsite with customers, the more exposure I get to their work environment. That familiarity helps me get a better grasp on the ways in which they are using or planning on using the software. It’s also rewarding to witness them go through the “aha” moment, that instant of sudden comprehension where everything finally makes sense. Meeting new people is also a great perk when training new customers, especially when many of them are more than willing to cater to my love for sightseeing adventures!

For more information on Procede Implementation and Training Services, contact us!

Procede appoints Director of Product Marketing and Strategy.

ShawnProcede Software is proud to introduce Shawn Butler as the new Director of Product Marketing and Strategy. Shawn brings more than 25 years of executive management and technology solutions experience spanning both the public and private sector, from small start-ups to medium-sized organizations and beyond. Prior to Procede, Shawn most recently served as the Founder and CEO of a next generation social responsibility platform designed to market the positive achievements and commitments of specific individuals and their employers.

With Procede experiencing unprecedented growth, both Shawn and CEO Larry Kettler have joined forces to develop the new Product Marketing and Strategy department. Both Shawn and Larry saw this as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of product development and the branding aspects of marketing.

In his new role, Shawn will be collaborating with Product Management, Sales, and Marketing to optimize product portfolio decisions and delivery. He will also be overseeing the QA team, identifying quality assurance issues, ensuring timely investigations and resolutions and implementing corrective/preventive measures. In addition, Shawn will be managing the Partner and Insider programs, helping to build and support Procede’s growing internal and third-party ecosystems in his Strategy role.

Shawn’s extensive background in Business Development, Product Management, Product Marketing and Operations provides a strategic vision and a results-based approach to Product Marketing that will ultimately drive business results. With a proven track record of success in a variety of sectors, we’re excited to welcome Shawn to the team and we look forward to what he has in store for the Product Marketing and Strategy department.

Announcing the general release of Data Insight v2.0!

You can’t run your business if you don’t know how your business is running. Sounds obvious, right? But, even the most efficiently run businesses can be caught off guard if they don’t have real-time business intelligence to help them stay on top of changing operational conditions. 

In our continued effort to streamline the way in which dealerships view and share information, Procede Software is proud to announce the general release of Data Insight v2.0, an advanced business intelligence tool that converts raw data into actionable, visually rich reports and dashboards. Integrated seamlessly with our industry-leading Excede DMS, the 2.0 experience provides customers with vastly enhanced reporting capabilities within an even easier-to-use interface. Data Insight v2.0 allows users of all technical levels to customize, visualize and analyze data in a variety of formats.

Key new upgrades include:

New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • New dashboard view and functionality
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Access to all administrative functions is built into the GUI, with icons replacing legacy context menus, making it easier to access files and features

New Report List

  • Home page for accessing reports and dashboards
  • Quickly find reports and dashboards with powerful new Search feature

Flexible and Customizable Report Viewing

  • Toolbar buttons are clearly displayed below the menu bar
  • Filters, Fields and Pivots tabs are displayed clearly for adding and changing filters and manipulating the data

Simple “Rapid Report” Design and Visualization

  • Allows for even faster report creation
  • Makes creating reports easier than ever before

Data Source Department Categorization

  • New Views and Stored Procedure data source categories
  • From a single convenient page, Report Writers can quickly select data sources and fields and customize how the data should be manipulated to generate the desired output

User-friendly Administrative Tool Menu and Pages

  • Updated Scheduler, allowing for the automated delivery of report or alert data
  • New Settings menu provides access to administration features
  • Easier to manage workspace permissions for access to specific data sources

For a complete list of the changes made in v2.0, please review the Release Notes on the User Forum under: 

Procede User Forum  »  Resources  »  Tools, Resources and Downloads  »  Resources: Data Insight 

For customers running the earlier version of Data Insight, we are committed to streamlining the transition process, so you can take full advantage of the significant functionality enhancements in v2.0 as soon as possible. Support representatives will be reaching out directly to coordinate your update.

If your dealership is not a current user and you would like to purchase Data Insight, please contact Support Services (Login required).

Speed up your payment routine with Credit Card Processing.

Looking to streamline your transaction posting and credit card processing routine? We have the solution for you! Speed up payment transactions and reduce costly user errors with Excede Credit Card Processing.

Security is a top concern in today’s economy, particularly when consumer information is compromised. In accordance with this ‘new normal,’ Procede Software has joined forces with OpenEdge to provide users with a fully integrated, safe and secure payment processing experience.

A Procede Certified Partner since 2013, Open Edge serves more than 2,000 technology partners throughout the United States and Canada, offering reliable and personalized advanced payment technology services to businesses and software developers. The Procede-OpenEdge integration results in a one-step payment process, which ultimately prevents costly user errors associated with hand-keying credit card information into a standalone processing machine.

Features and benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Built-in PCI compliance, helping safeguard dealerships against card data theft, but still safely allowing you to store credit card info for later use.
  • Acceptance of credit cards, debit cards and ACH check payments as part of the posting routine in Excede.
  • Users are able to process any combination of split payments between credit cards, debit cards, check, ACH and cash.
  • Reduce fraud by requiring a match of the transaction invoice amount to the amount charged to a credit card (whether full balance due or split payments are made).
  • When combined with Procede Software’s Electronic Signature Capture, users experience a seamless credit card process that produces an electronically signed archive document. 

This integrated payment solution is not only adaptable for today’s dynamic security environment, but is able to streamline how payments are processed. Excede Credit Card Processing is compatible with Excede DMS v9.19 or higher. For pricing details and additional system requirements submit a work order request through Support Services.

Announcing Excede Signature Capture v2.0.

Across the board, from consumers to businesses, green initiatives have grown in popularity, to the point where paper is slowly being replaced by electronic systems as society makes greater use of new and emerging technologies. Even the process of getting signatures and accepting payments has changed. At Procede, we pride ourselves on keeping up with those new technology trends and developments. With that being said, we are excited to announce the release of Signature Capture v2.0.

Utilizing the touchscreen capabilities of Android 4.0 and higher devices, Procede’s Signature Capture application allows end-users to easily accept electronic signatures on documents, allowing you to go paper-free. This Excede DMS application provides dealerships an elegant electronic signature capture solution for in-person transactions, including confirmation of charges, service estimates and approvals for large orders. This ultimately saves you time, cuts administrative costs and streamlines processes in your dealership, especially when combined with Excede’s built-in document archiving ability. Signature Capture v2.0 can be used with wireless networks, allowing signatures to be obtained anywhere a dealership’s wireless network can reach.

While Signature Capture v1.0 already boasts a robust suite of electronic signature capabilities, Signature Capture v2.0 takes it to the next level. Campbell Freightliner LLC System Administrator, Spencer Campbell, says “Signature Capture v2.0 has taken a great concept and turned it into a highly reliable and user friendly product that has greatly assisted our dealership with the transition towards being fully paperless.” From workflow enhancements to a complete GUI (graphical user interface) overhaul, Signature Capture v2.0 offers a variety of new and improved features. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Revamped Interface- Easier to navigate and compliant with Procede’s next generation solutions
  • Customizable Default Landing Page- Overhauls the default display of the summary bill page, including two branding options
  • Billing Summary Page- Lists your summary of charges and is intended to expedite signature acceptance
  • Confirmation Landing Page- Multi-function page that provides user with a confirmation regarding successful submission of a signature or cancellation
  • About Page- Provides Procede customer service the minimal information needed for trouble shooting, such as the version number and release date  

And there’s more to come! So stay tuned to hear about the new Excede Credit Card Processing application. Developed through our partnership with OpenEdge, this application can be combined with Excede Signature Capture to provide users with a seamless, full-service payment processing experience.

Windows Server 2003 end of support approaching.

It’s been over a decade since Windows Server 2003, Microsoft’s first ultra-successful server operating system, hit the market. Technology has come a long way in the last 12 years. Today’s servers store more data, run more sophisticated applications and server processing speed far outperforms what was available in 2003.

But, we know that all software products have a finite lifecycle. Much like Windows XP reaching its end of support last April, Windows Server 2003 will conclude its support lifecycle on July 14, 2015. “End of support” refers to the date when Microsoft will no longer provide assisted technical support, software and content updates or security patches that help protect from viruses and other malicious software.

Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows Server 2003? Per Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle policy, Microsoft Business and Developer products receive a minimum of 10 years of support – five years of Mainstream Support and five years of Extended Support.

The reality is that many businesses will remain reliant on this soon-to-be unsupported operating system originally released over a decade ago. If you are operating one of the estimated 12 to 20 million servers that are still running Windows Server 2003 after the end of support date, this may breach your organization’s compliance responsibilities and expose your network to potential cybersecurity risks, such as viruses or electronic data loss. Users may also encounter issues with software and hardware compatibility since new software applications and hardware devices may not be designed for Windows Server 2003.

With the end of support date drawing near, now is the perfect time to evaluate your business needs and make the move to a modern server that offers the latest tools built to effectively support a variety of modern workloads. This will enable your organization to take advantage of the latest technology trends and operating systems, leading to better security, higher scalability and improved performance. Considering an alternative to Windows Server 2003 isn’t just necessary from a security perspective, it may be beneficial for your business.

Where do you go from here? Using out-of-date software will inevitably cause plenty of unwanted stress. That’s why we strongly advise you plan your migration away from Windows Server 2003 sooner than later. To get started, review the Procede Software hardware recommendations, as well as the Microsoft upgrade options available.

Contact Support Services or follow this link to learn more from Microsoft:

Procede announces partnership with Graco.

As we continue to expand our Certified Partner Program, Procede Software is excited to announce its new partnership with Graco Inc. Since its inception in 1926, Graco has become a leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment that move, deliver and dispense fluids in commercial and industrial settings. Graco’s client base spans industries far and wide, from manufacturing and processing, to construction and maintenance.

As Graco moves through the 21st century, the company maintains an aggressive strategy to design and develop new systems, with a focus on expanding into new markets through product development and acquisitions. Graco’s products help customers resolve difficult manufacturing problems, boost productivity, improve quality, save energy, regulate environmental emissions and reduce labor costs.

Graco has a broad range of products that are engineered and tested to perform in the harshest environments, ensuring the equipment is secured and working at peak performance. Among Graco’s extensive product line is the Matrix Total Fluid Management System, which provides automated tracking and state-of-the-art dispensing, allowing service technicians to monitor and control bulk fluid inventory. Features include management software, Transceiver, Matrix Meter, Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM). These components wirelessly communicate with one another to collect data from fluid dispenses and levels in bulk oil and waste tanks.

Now, Procede Software and Graco have joined forces to create an initial integration that allows for Excede DMS customers to use Matrix Total Fluid Management System without duplicate entry of billing and dispensation data. This data can be leveraged to ensure every pint, quart and gallon is entered automatically and billed accurately. With this integration complete, Graco Matrix becomes a powerful add-on option for all Procede customers on Excede v9.18 or higher. This integration with Graco demonstrates Procede’s commitment to continually offer new dealership solutions built on the highly extensible Excede DMS.

To learn more about the Graco and Excede DMS integration, contact Matt Bowers -

Come see us in action at ATD!

In a few short days, Procede Software will be making its 11th debut at the ATD Convention and Expo, and we’re bringing our ‘A’ game yet again this year!

Since its inception in 1970, the ATD Convention and Expo has become one of the commercial trucking circuit’s most premier business venues. In this four-day event, industry experts are given an exclusive first look at the latest trends, tools and technologies they need to expand their company’s success.

Last year, Procede was honored to receive the prestigious “Best in Show” award, a prize that recognizes companies for excellence in exhibit design, construction and branding.

Not only are we planning to excel at the “Best in Show” competition for a second year in a row, we have been invited to co-sponsor ATD’s 2015 Truck Dealer of the Year Awards. The top six nominees for this national award have been evaluated by a committee of professors from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business on dealership performance, community engagement and industry leadership. The lucky winner and runner-up will be announced during the expo. 

Our favorite part of attending this event each year is getting the chance to show and tell, to demonstrate the new capabilities of our products in person. A few of our valued partners will even be exhibiting at the show. Arcadium, Elite EXTRA, Graco Inc., Hanel Storage Systems, and SOARR, just to name a few. 

Stop by booth 4080N to get a sneak peek at some exciting new features and functionalities— Excede DMS v9.19, Excede Time Clock, Data Insight v2.0 and our Mobile Solutions. You’ll even be entered for a chance to win one of the hottest tech gadgets on the market—a new Kindle Fire HDX, which is also compatible with our latest Signature Capture solution!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Partner Spotlight: Arcadium Technologies.

When you think about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you may see it simply as a resource for your Sales team. In reality, a well implemented CRM strategy can be useful and beneficial to every department in your dealership and directly affect your bottom line. We all know it costs far more to gain a new customer than to keep a current one, and the more efficiently you can manage your customer relationships, the more successful you will become.

Procede Certified Partner Arcadium Technologies can help you manage your customer relationships efficiently and effectively with their industry leading CRM product and expert consulting services. Arcadium provides complete two-way communication with Excede DMS, empowering you with robust, integrated quoting tools that help you drive sales.

Department/Functional Specific Features:

Vehicle Sales

  • Arcadium’s DealManager features advanced quoting and trade-in appraisal systems to track all truck sales elements. 
  • Generate quotes for vehicles that will be ordered if the customer accepts the quotation. 
  • Learn the true closing ratio of truck sales proposals by standardizing the quoting process. 
  • Evaluate sales and service files to determine when customers are likely to enter their next buying cycle.

Customers and Contacts

  • Arcadium keeps track of Excede customers and prospects and allows an unlimited number of contacts per customer. 
  • Automated call cycles make certain the dealership stays in touch with all customers and prospects.


  • Arcadium’s DealManager accounting interface brings relevant deal data to the posting point in Excede without a need to re-key information.
  • Share accounting data, A/R data and notes with authorized individuals in the enterprise. 

Vehicle Inventory Management

  • True two-way integration of vehicle inventory exists between Excede and Arcadium. 
  • Print on demand vehicle flyers with pictures to distribute to prospects. 


  • Track the term of finance and lease contracts for sales follow-up as the contract term expires. 
  • Use Arcadium to review Preventive Maintenance status of lease units to get units into the shop and to remind customers of past due PM’s.


  • Customers can be automatically contacted by email, electronic fax, or mail to communicate special events or promotions. 
  • Generate automated follow-up reminders for sales personnel to maximize your market campaign investments. 
  • Develop mini campaigns on the fly to get targeted messages to the correct customer types.

Parts and Service

  • View real-time details on open and closed parts and service invoices from Arcadium without logging into Excede or needing to be within the dealership’s firewall (depending on dealership setup). 
  • Set regular contact frequencies for the dealership sales personnel and their customers based on dealer defined matrixes.

With over two decades of experience developing and implementing technology solutions in dealerships, Arcadium understands how dealers operate and how to apply their unique program to boost profitability, productivity, and management control in every area of your dealership.

If you are interested in learning more about the Arcadium Technologies and the Excede DMS integration, contact Tim Cline at

Streamline electronic invoicing with Excede Document Delivery.

Procede is pleased to announce the general release of Excede Document Delivery. Excede Document Delivery provides a way for your dealership to reduce the time spent on individual email invoice requests and increase customer satisfaction through increased communication. This feature allows you to manage invoice copy distribution in real-time, assign invoice or statement recipients, and even set an automatic delivery of the statement on a monthly basis!

How it Works
Excede Document Delivery is a web-based application, and like the new Time Clock, runs completely within any modern web browser, eliminating the need for installation on multiple computers. Once installed, when a document such as a service order or parts invoice is posted, a scheduled task will run and send an HTML email to the customer with the invoice attached as a PDF. If you are also using Excede Signature Capture, the signed copy of the invoice will be sent!

Since every dealership has different communication needs, the scheduled task can be set to run on a frequency you set—every 5 minutes, at the close of the business day—whatever works for you. The HTML emails are also customizable, allowing you to set the subject line, body content, and add your company logo. Further customization is available per document type. For example, Parts, Service, or Lease/Rental invoices can each be populated with contact information for disputing invoice charges, or even mention of monthly specials.

Utilizing Excede Document Delivery will save you time and money by automating the email distribution of your monthly statements and eliminating the need for manual emailing of PDF invoice copies. Other benefits include savings on postage and the opportunity to receive payments faster because statements are delivered quickly via email instead of through standard mail.  

As the first adopter of Excede Document Delivery, Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is already reporting benefits. Their IT manager, Paul Adams, implemented the tool in his dealership as part of their recent DMS conversion. “We send invoices to a large number of our customers on a daily basis. Document Delivery has saved us a substantial amount of time and money.  Individually printing invoices, processing them for mailing, or attaching them to an email to send to a customer is time consuming. This tool also allows us to create an HTML file before the email is sent, so we can include images and our logo. The emails look professional and are easily recognized by our customers.”

Getting Started
Excede Document Delivery is compatible with Excede DMS version 9.18 or higher. A nominal implementation fee covers installation, workflow training, and customization of HTML emails. For pricing details and additional system requirements submit a work order request through Support Services.

Get to know the Procede Professional Services team.

If you’ve been a Procede Software customer for any length of time, chances are you’ve had a chance to work with and get to know at least one member of our Professional Services team: Deanna Cocco, Eric Fortin and Casey Harris. These highly skilled IT professionals and process consultants have over 30 years of combined experience in dealerships and with Procede products. As a result, they are able to offer you the specialized expertise you need to develop custom applications, analyze and improve your workflow, create custom reports – whatever it takes to take your business to the next level.

To help you get a handle on what Procede Professional Services offers, we decided to interview our team members about the most challenging, and the most rewarding, parts of their job.

Deanna Cocco
Director of Operations & Support Services

Q: Dealerships are unique and face different challenges - what common struggles do you see and how can Procede Professional Services help?

A: We understand that no two dealerships are exactly alike in terms of internal processes, workflow, communications, and reporting requirements. One thing they do have in common is that most dealers would prefer to spend their time focusing on their business and their customer needs. That’s where we come in. Our team will help evaluate and streamline processes, so that dealerships can focus on growth.

Q: After eleven years with Procede Software, what would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: The best part of the job is being able to find a creative solution that’s unique to a dealership. It’s rewarding because we’re learning new things and tackling new challenges that are outside our comfort zone—and that can be very satisfying. At the same time, we never cease to be amazed by the unique and interesting requests that our customers come up with, things we hadn’t considered before. So it’s a two-way street—we’re offering creative solutions and discovering new things every day.

Eric Fortin
Manager of Professional Services

Q: What particular qualities do you bring to the table as far as helping Procede customers get the most out of Excede DMS?

A: I’m a creative guy with an analytical mind. I enjoy the technical part of my job– troubleshooting, problem solving and really digging into things. But I’m somewhat unique in that I don’t fit the typical stereotype–I can take a complex concept, break it down into simple pieces to identify the problem that needs solving, and then I can work with the customer to design the solution. What I really like is working with our customers and building relationships, friendships and trust over time. It all boils down to listening to what the customer wants and needs. Because if you’re not listening, there’s no relationship and you can’t deliver. It’s as simple as that.

Q: What do you consider the most rewarding part of your job?

A: I’ve been with Procede Software since 2004 and have developed a lot of camaraderie over the years. That’s why it’s always so enjoyable touching base with customers, associates and friends, whether we’re supporting them remotely from our offices or on-site at their dealerships, but especially at the annual Procede Software Conference.

Casey Harris
Professional Services Consultant

Q: How did you happen to become a DMS technology expert?

A: My combined experience and interest make me an expert. I grew up in this industry, my dad owned a dealership, and I’ve always been interested in computers and technology. I get to use this expertise and knowledge when working face-to-face with our customers. I spend about 50% of my time traveling to dealerships throughout the US and Canada and helping them streamline processes and efficiencies and solve problems. My goal is to keep the process fresh for the customer and to help break old legacy habits.

Q: And how do you accomplish that?

A: I gather input from dealerships and then I share their feedback with Procede. Often, we end up implementing these new ideas in a way that benefits all of our customers. For example, a number of customers have told me how great it would be to meet and brainstorm with the Professional Services team on a regular basis. So we’ve implemented subscription-based consulting services, a dedicated number of consulting hours per quarter. It usually includes an on-site info-gathering visit, after which we go back and put together a subscription consulting package for the customer’s approval tailored to their needs.

For more information on Procede Professional Services or our new subscription-based consulting, submit a request through Support Services (login required).

Announcing Excede® DMS v9.19 general release!

The general release of Excede® DMS version v9.19 was announced at the 2014 Procede Software Conference. The new version includes certification for Windows 8/8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. It also includes support for credit card processing and signature capture (including mobile usability), enhanced notes password protection, the ability to edit multiple tech time punches, and real-time integration with OEM payment systems. With these features and enhancements, Excede DMS continues to pave the way with seamless integrations that improve your dealership workflow.

Excede Credit Card Processing
Excede Credit Card Processing is fully integrated into the transaction posting routine within Excede DMS and allows for point of sale and mobile call out credit/debit card acceptance. Through the credit/debit card authorization process, transaction data is automatically transmitted—which means processes are streamlined, double-entry is eliminated, and errors are minimized. Additionally, payments are automatically reconciled with exception reports, saving dealerships time and money. This new feature is available through our integration and certified partnership with PayPros.

Excede Signature Capture
Excede Signature Capture allows dealerships to capture signatures on estimates and invoices with any Android device, and is fully integrated into the transaction posting routine within Excede DMS. Because of the built-in 2-way visual confirmations, this enhanced feature provides dealerships with legally defensible e-signatures. Excede Signature Capture also allows for full customization of your dealership’s legal disclaimers, transaction terms, and conditions. Dealerships can realize efficiency gains by coupling Signature Capture with Credit Card Processing, and truly going paperless.

In addition to the above enhancements and features, dealerships upgrading to Excede v9.19 are taking this opportunity to implement other recently released Procede applications; including Excede Rapid RO (the mobile service writer application), the newly enhanced Excede Time Clock (attendance and shop clock combined into one application), and Excede Document Delivery (web-based document management -- look for more details coming soon!).

Matt Kriegsfeld, Procede Software Product Manager, presented the new version features to conference attendees and was pleased by the overwhelmingly positive response. “Our customers are innovative, and operate in a highly competitive environment. They are excited about technological enhancements that give them a strategic advantage. We’re very proud of the products delivered by our team.”

For a complete list of enhancements and changes in v9.19, review the Release Notes on the User Forum under Tools, Resources and Downloads  >>  Release Notes. (Login required.)

To upgrade to Excede DMS v9.19, contact Support Services. (Login required.)

Introducing the new Excede Time Clock!

Procede Software is pleased to announce the general release of the Excede Time Clock, our new web-based application combining the functionality of the attendance clock and the shop clock. The new Excede Time Clock signifies the beginning of a major shift in delivery method of Excede DMS, as the Time Clock runs completely within any modern web browser and does not require an installation on each computer. Because it is web based, it can be run on as many computers as a dealership would like, and can even be used for call-out repairs with a mobile data connection.

Excede Time Clock beta tester Jen Frankman, Project Manager at Interstate Companies, Inc, has found that the Excede Time Clock is extremely helpful in her company’s shops. She says, “Procede’s new web-based Time Clock has been a fantastic upgrade to the current Attendance Clock/Shop Clock. The interface change has made it significantly easier for our technicians to use. We’ve also seen a reduction in the administrative time to correct punches since there are fewer technician errors clocking on/off separate time clocks.”

The new Excede Time Clock is offered to existing customers for a nominal implementation fee, but with no upfront or monthly fees. To learn more about the new Time Clock, watch the webinar on the User Forum here (login required):

The new Excede Time Clock is compatible with Excede DMS version 9.18. If you are not on the current version, contact Support Services to schedule your upgrade now and take advantage of the improved functionality in the latest version of Excede, including the new Time Clock. The Professional Services team is also offering a discounted package to install both the Time Clock and Excede Rapid RO (formerly Mobile Quick Add).

Procede is here for you as your business grows.

It’s been a tough year for commercial vehicle OEMs, with profit margins strained due to increased competition from emerging markets, tightening environmental regulations, and continued fuel price volatility. These challenges are trickling down to dealerships, so it’s no wonder that many groups are seeking to consolidate their operations and rein in costs through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

The good news is, within this complex, ever-changing environment, there are significant opportunities for growth and profitability for those willing to implement necessary strategies to ensure a seamless transition.

That’s where we come in. Just as our Procede Software team was there to help you every step of the way when you first decided to make the switch to Excede DMS, we will be there for you if and when the time comes to implement a successful merger with, or acquisition of another dealership.

If you’re adding new locations/branches:
Our developer agility, direct access to data, and the fact that “we listen” are clear advantages for Procede customers in a merger or acquisition situation. From the onset, our leadership team will assist you with the database setup and conversion processes. Further on, we will work with you in order to ensure continued streamlining of operations and processes.

If you’re adding new employees:
We can provide onsite or web-based training for Excede DMS. Thanks to our familiar Windows® platform, SQL Server database, and industry standard utilities and processes, new staff can be up to speed in no time.

Best of all, our approach is a collaborative one. We will work with you to optimize Excede DMS in order to align with your newly merged business processes and make it easier to gain consistency across all your dealership operations.

Bottom line: It makes good business sense to have the Procede team work with you to ensure the success of your business growth. 

If you’d like more information on how we can help, contact us via Support Services.

Support for Windows® XP is ending—are you ready?

Microsoft® support for Windows XP, Office 2003, and Exchange 2003 ends April 8, 2014. Not only will this impact your IT infrastructure, but it could also impact the way you use Excede DMS. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Procede Software is committed to staying in lockstep with Microsoft technology, development tools, and supported software. With the inevitable end of life for Windows XP, future releases of Excede will no longer be compatible with the popular operating system. We’ve broken down what this means, what could and will happen, and what you should do now to prepare.

What does the end of Microsoft support for XP mean? There will be no updates (drivers or otherwise), non-security hotfixes, support options, technical content updates, or security patches available. Additionally, existing software tools and peripheral devices will no longer be compatible with Windows XP. Did you know… Microsoft products are typically only supported for 10 yearsthis means that at 13 years old, Windows XP has already outlived its estimated life!

What will happen if you do/don’t migrate from Windows XP? By getting current with Windows and Office, you will experience improved PC management and security, which could result in increased employee productivity and efficiency. And, if you’ve dreamt of implementing the latest technology trendslike virtualization and cloud based services—you’ll be one step closer because your infrastructure is already upgraded. If you choose not to upgrade, there will be functionality loss, and you could face major data security issuesantivirus software alone will not be able to protect your data.

What should you do now? If you are still running Windows XP machines, you should prepare and plan for your upgrade now. Planning and preparation will prevent headache and stress later. Review the Procede Software hardware recommendations, as well as the Microsoft upgrade options available, and decide which version of Windows is best for you.

Where can I go for help? Contact Support Services or follow this link to learn more from Microsoft:

Spotlight on Support Part 2: Self Service Support

Last month, we highlighted the Procede guided support services led by our professional and knowledgeable Support staff. In this issue, we will share the many self-service tools that give users direct access to information and enable them to self-diagnose and resolve issues quickly. All of these valuable tools are included in your monthly maintenance costs.

  • eLearning – From recorded demonstrations of the New Features available in the latest version of Excede, to the in-depth instructional videos for Data Insight and Service Board, eLearning is an educational tool designed for interactive tutorials of Procede’s products. It’s also where you access the Excede Web Based Introduction* (WBI) which guides new users through the fundamentals of Excede DMS - including over four hours of content and quizzes for each subject. Each dealership has a designated eLearning administrator who can add new users and assign relevant courses to users based on job role.
    *Additional WBI licenses can be purchased as needed through Support Services.
  • Help Files – Answers at your fingertips. Excede includes comprehensive Help Files that provide everything from high-level overviews by topic, to step-by-step instructions for accomplishing tasks. By familiarizing yourself with the Help Files, you’ll have a better understanding of Excede’s capabilities and be able to access the information you need more efficiently. Any time you are in Excede, you can launch the Help Files by pressing F1. When you click any Help button from within Excede, you are taken directly to the most relevant topic.
  • Knowledge Base – Have a question? There’s a good chance someone else has previously reached out to support for an answer—search the Knowledge Base to find out!  Entries are 100% based off of actual customer support requests, and information is specifically focused on real-world scenarios and troubleshooting.  To search the Knowledge Base, log in to Support Services as usual and use the search field on the landing page. If you don’t find the answer you need, you are already logged in and can quickly enter a support ticket.
  • Training Workshops & Webinars – Procede hosts a series of monthly Best Practices webinars and interactive Data Insight workshops. Open to all Excede users*, these online training sessions are intended to help you polish your skills and provide valuable tips and tricks you can use right away. For details and registration information on upcoming events, visit the Events page on our website. Downloads of past presentations are available in the User Forum. (Login required.)
    *Data Insight workshops are open to current Data Insight users. If you are not currently contracted for Data Insight, contact sales to learn more.
  • User Forum – An online community where Procede staff, Excede users, and OEM representatives can exchange ideas, information, and tips to help each other work more efficiently and effectively. You can also access downloads, resources, and tools made available by Procede, and share your own helpful solutions and processes with others. Registration is open to all Excede DMS users. To get started, go to the User Forum landing page and register.

So what’s next? Enhancements to the customer portal that will improve automation and accessibility are in the works, as well as Excede Key Concepts videos that can be referenced regularly for guided instruction on some of Excede’s more advanced features and fundamental concepts. We will also continue to reach out to customers for input on the tools, processes and staff we have in place. Please help us by completing the support survey you receive upon resolution of a support request. With your feedback, we can continue to grow and provide you with the best support possible.

Spotlight on Support Part 1: Top Tier Support.

This year, the Procede Support Team has been focused on improving processes and proactively reaching out to customers to ensure both awareness of the tools available to them, and their ability to access any support they need. As a continuation of this outreach and education, this month’s Top Story features part one of a two-part Spotlight on Support, where we will touch on the many free and valuable support channels available to you as part of your monthly maintenance and support agreement. Beginning with Procede guided support offerings that give you access to our professional and knowledgeable Support Team who are happy to help you through any issue large or small.

  • Support Services – Staffed by our in-house team of experienced Application Systems Consultants whose primary role is to help ensure you’re getting the full benefit of Excede DMS. Support is available from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm PST, and you are guaranteed a response within 2 hours or less. A clearly defined escalation process is in place to ensure you get the expert response you need quickly. 
  • Customer Portal – Online help is available through our password-protected Support Services page. The site is also used to facilitate enhancement requests, manage bug notifications, and handle inquiries about Professional Services. All self-service support tools can be accessed through the Customer Portal as well. 
  • Price Tapes – Price Tape updates can be downloaded for each contracted manufacturer interface as they become available. For each contracted vendor who supplies price files, Procede will strive to obtain updates directly and distribute the formatted file for import into Excede DMS to each authorized dealer.
  • Software Updates – Procede works to continually provide you with the latest feature set as part of your continued maintenance. You have immediate access to software updates as they become available. This includes the core Excede DMS software, contracted add-ons, and contracted manufacturer integration solutions. Self-led upgrades to the current version of Excede are free, and Professional Services consultants are available if you need extra guidance.
  • After Hours Support – Sometimes your issue just can’t wait until tomorrow. For these situations, after hours support is available at the current billable rate. To access after hours support, call 858-450-4820.
  • Professional Services – If your issue falls outside the realm of standard support, the Professional Services team is available to help. With Professional Services, you have access to expertise that goes far beyond “how to” product support. Our team of highly skilled engineers, IT professionals, and process consultants is available to develop custom applications, convert and import data, configure your SQL Server, analyze and improve your workflow, manage upgrades, and create custom reports—whatever it takes to help you take your business further. To learn more about consultant availability contact us via Support Services.

The Procede Support staff is dedicated to providing you with professional and friendly help and guidance, and we hope you will make use of the beneficial services included in your monthly support agreement. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Spotlight on Support, where we will cover the many easy-to-use self-service support options available to all Excede users, and highlight some of the new tools available to help you find the answers you need quickly.

Procede announces partnership with Decisiv.

Procede Software is pleased to announce Decisiv, Inc. as the newest member of our Certified Partner Program. Decisiv provides cloud-based service relationship management (SRM) software for fleets. The new integration will help service providers effectively manage and measure internal and external service and repair events, drive uptime, and track asset availability.

The Procede-Decisiv certified integration enables service providers to update Excede DMS with a single click—eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Real-time processing means users can retrieve customer specific contracted rates for labor and parts, and check parts pricing and availability. Service workflows are improved because technicians have all the service related information they need to get their jobs done.

The integration strengthens the communication between the service provider and the customer. If a customer needs to review and approve a work order, or if a user needs to change the work order, both systems (Excede & Decisiv) are updated simultaneously, and the entire process is documented and linked to the work order. Dealership customers are happier because there are no surprises when they receive their invoice.

One of the goals of the Certified Partner Program is to leverage the flexibility and power of Excede DMS’ Microsoft SQL database architecture, and to help you drive real efficiencies in your dealership. This certified, seamless integration achieves that goal by allowing service providers to improve revenue and margins, reduce days out of service (DOS), drive customer retention, improve communication, and achieve faster issue resolution.

To learn more about Decisiv, Inc. and the Excede DMS integration, contact Michael Riemer -

Become a Procede Insider and make your voice heard!

If there is one thing we are reminded of each year at the Procede Software Conference, it’s just how valuable customer input is in the product development process. We rely on your feedback to make sure our products will not only meet the demands of a busy dealership, but also give you a competitive advantage. With that in mind, we are pleased to bring you the Procede Insider Program.

The Procede Insider Program is your opportunity for direct, collaborative engagement with the Procede Product Development team. By participating, you can be involved in conceptual discussions about new products, access pre-release wireframes and conceptual designs, and beta test new software as soon as it becomes available. Insiders will receive other benefits as well—like moderator access on the Procede User Forum.

We’re looking for a broad cross section of Procede customers to participate—dealerships of all sizes, representing all manufacturers, with subject matter experts from all job functions. To participate in the Insider Program, your dealership must be running a recent version of Excede DMS. If you would also like to be a software beta tester, you will need to have a test server that Procede can access. We encourage Insiders to have an open-door policy for prospective customer visits and provide testimonials as requested. All individual participants will be required to actively participate in the User Forum.

To participate in the Insider Program, your dealership will need to appoint a subject matter expert from any job function or department—examples include dealer principal, controller, parts, service or lease/rental—to serve as the primary point of contact. Next, fill out the Procede Insider Program application, and we’ll take it from there. A Procede staff member will reach out to you as opportunities to participate become available.

Already a Beta Program participant? The Beta Program will be folded into the Insider program. If you’ve previously participated in beta testing Procede products, we encourage you to fill out the Insider Program application so we can continue to include you in the beta process.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Insider Program, email

The Excede DMS ecosystem expands with new Certified Partners.

Through the Certified Partner Program, Procede will identify the companies whose products and services can make a significant impact on your dealership’s business, and then proactively integrate with them. We were thrilled to have so many of our partners at the 2013 PSC—both those with existing integrations that are up-and-running in dealerships today, as well as some new ones, whose integrations are still in development. Here’s who participated in the conference, how their integrations can streamline your dealership’s processes, and how to follow up.

Procede licensing, implementation and monthly maintenance fees may apply to Certified Partner integrations. Contact for more information.

Arcadium Technologies (Available now. New features in development.)
Arcadium Technologies' CRM system for heavy duty truck dealers helps sales teams manage and track customer interactions. When integrated, Arcadium provides complete 2-way communication with Excede DMS, providing you with robust quoting tools to create documents that will be available in Excede to help you drive sales. 

For more information about Arcadium Technologies and the Excede DMS integration, contact Tim Cline -

Elite EXTRA (Coming soon.)
Elite EXTRA provides mobile solutions for optimizing delivery routes, tracking drivers, and capturing signatures at the point of delivery. When integrated with Excede, Elite EXTRA will extract order information from the system, help you optimize delivery routes, track drivers who are out on deliveries, and capture electronic signatures for proof of delivery reference.

To learn more about Elite EXTRA and the upcoming Excede DMS integration, contact Matt Porter -

Lincoln Lube (Available now.)
Lincoln’s fluid inventory management system controls the dispensing of oil and other fluids, and when integrated with Excede, adds validation function to the process. Validation ensures that no fluid is dispensed without referencing an open repair order job within Excede, and it ensures that the technician requesting the fluid is the same technician punched onto the referenced job. The systems complete this validation in real-time, so service and inventory records are always up-to-date and billed accurately.

To learn more about the Lincoln Fluid Management Systems and the Excede DMS integration, contact Aric Durr -

PayPros (Coming soon.)
PayPros provides a secure point-of-sale and mobile credit card payment processing solution. When integrated with Excede, credit card processing through PayPros will be part of the document cash posting routine, and once cash is deposited in your bank, the integration will send credit card reconciliation data back to the system in order to clear appropriate GL's automatically. PayPros takes care of all PCI compliance and security issues so that dealerships don’t have to invest in compliance technologies.

To learn more about PayPros and the upcoming Excede DMS integration, contact Jennifer Nguyen -

SOARR—Truck Sales & Management System (Coming soon.)
SOARR is a full-service web development company, operating primarily in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle space. They provide custom dealership website development and integrated inventory display software. When integrated with Excede, the SOARR system will be able to pull real-time inventory information directly from Excede DMS to your website, including truck specifications and photos. 

To learn more about SOARR and the upcoming Excede DMS integration, contact Ethan Nadolson -

An online community for Excede users—the Procede User Forum.

As part of our commitment to bringing you more ways to contribute to and influence the direction of our product and service offerings, we’re pleased to introduce the Procede User Forum, an online community where Procede staff and Excede users can exchange ideas, information and tips to help each other work more efficiently and effectively. We’ll also be using the forum to validate issues, workflows and solutions before putting them into development, and we’ll look to participants for feedback via open discussion and polls.

How it works.
We’ve already started several different conversations, or threads, in the User Forum on topics that relate to Excede. Some are department and manufacturer-focused, while others address known issues. If these topics are of interest to you, you can follow along, comment, or ask and reply to questions. Once you’ve been active in the forum for awhile, you'll achieve a higher user ranking status with added benefits. Procede staff will moderate the conversations, checking in regularly to make sure they stay on-topic, answer questions where appropriate, and identify things to follow up on.

Getting started.
All Excede users are encouraged to participate in the User Forum, but depending on whether or not you have a Support login, you may need to register first. Here’s how to get started:

  • If you already have a Support login, we’ve automatically transferred those credentials to the User Forum. Just go directly to the User Forum landing page and log in using your Support credentials, to join the conversation.

  • If you do not have a Support login, you’ll need to go to the User Forum landing page to create a Forum login.* Once you’ve entered your name and a valid email address from your dealership, we’ll send a link to that address for you to verify. After you’ve verified your email address, we’ll approve your request. It may take a day or two, but once your request is approved, you’ll be up-and-running.

Create a login for the Procede Software User Forum.

*Note—while your Support login provides access to the User Forum, a User Forum login does not provide access to Support. Support access is limited to your dealership’s Excede administrators.

Excede DMS v9.18: more than 30 new features and enhancements.

Procede Software is pleased to announce the general release of Excede DMS v9.18. In addition to more than 30 new features and enhancements, v9.18 also incorporates numerous manufacturer-based initiatives. Key new features and enhancements include:

  • Snotes on managed parts: Snotes have been added to managed parts, and important snote notifications have been added to front counter, back counter, adjustments, purchases, transfers, and within the parts quote.

  • Freight charges on branch transfers: The ability to capture freight charges has been added to transfer line items, and the field is named [AmtFreight].

  • Automatic shipping of customer transfers: Complete automatic shipping functionality has been added to transfers.

  • Additional parts request from Shop Clock: The ability to request additional parts from the back counter has been added to the Shop Clock.

  • Unlimited number of tech remarks: Technician remarks have been converted to snotes and now allow for an unlimited number of remarks per operation.

Beta testing ensures readiness.
Excede v9.18 went through a comprehensive beta testing phase, in which key customers worked closely with Procede to test each new feature. Beta testers followed strict testing protocols to ensure every feature functioned as intended, and were also encouraged to test the software informally. Feedback was provided in twice-weekly interactive sessions, over the course of two months, and adjustments were made as needed, to ensure the product’s readiness for general release.

Upgrading: a smooth transition from v9.17.
With the majority of Procede’s dealer body running v9.17, a primary consideration in preparing for the release of v9.18 was ensuring a smooth transition to the latest release, and this has been a key component of the beta testing. In fact, the transition from v9.17 to v9.18, is so streamlined that our Professional Services team is able to offer a special Upgrade Package—you can learn about it here.

For customers running earlier versions of Excede, we are committed to helping you upgrade as well, so you can take full advantage of the significant functionality enhancements in v9.18 as soon as possible.

For a complete list of the changes made in v9.18, including manufacturer-based initiatives and bug fixes, review the Release Notes from Customer Resources. (Login required.)

To upgrade to Excede DMS v9.18, contact Support Services. (Login required.)

Procede Hosted Services. Real-time data. Real value.

Hosted ServicesWith Procede Hosted Services, we’ll host the Excede DMS remote application, database and related hardware in the cloud. You’ll get all the benefits of Excede’s relational database, unparalleled data access, and real-time reporting capabilities—including owning your own data—without having to deploy the Excede application or maintain a SQL Server yourself.

Procede Hosted Services are secure, reliable and redundant. You’ll get enterprise-level security; 99.99 percent guaranteed SQL Server uptime; proactive software, database and hardware monitoring and maintenance; multi-site failover, and disaster recovery, so you can be confident that your data is safe, and that you’ll always have access to it.

This highly flexible and scalable solution is a great option for smaller dealerships with limited IT resources. It’s also an efficient way for dealerships of all sizes to add branches. No matter what size your dealership is, with Procede Hosted Services, you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing your data is secure and accessible, and you and your entire dealership staff will be free to focus on what you do best—building your business.

How it works.
Your dealership is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are Procede Hosted Services. We take dozens of variables into consideration—everything from the number of users at each of your dealership’s branches to the available bandwidth at each location—and recommend the customized solution that best suits your needs. We have a simple, three-phase process designed to get you up and running that includes a suitability assessment, an efficient transition to the cloud, and ongoing proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Getting started.
If you are a current Excede DMS customer interested in transitioning to Procede Hosted Services, please submit a request through Support Services (login required) and we’ll get you the information you need to get the suitability assessment under way.

Excede eLearning. Real experience for new and advanced users.

Procede Software’s new Excede eLearning site is not only a great way to introduce new employees to the system, Jen Frankman, IT Project Coordinator and Corporate Trainer for Interstate Companies, has found it’s also a great way to make sure experienced Excede DMS users are taking advantage of all the functionality the system has to offer. “Over the years, there have been a number of functional enhancements to Excede DMS. After watching the new Web-based Introduction course, including the Getting to Know Excede and Parts modules, I knew this would be the best way to get some of our experienced staff up to speed with the changes to the software.”

Excede eLearning’s Web-based Introduction (WBI) course features new, comprehensive Getting to Know Excede, Parts and Service modules. We’re adding new content all the time, with Accounting, Vehicles and Lease/Rental modules coming soon. Accessing and using Excede eLearning is easier than ever, too. Simply purchase licenses for the WBI, and your dealership’s system administrator can create users and assign courses—you no longer have to request logins from Procede.

Excede eLearning also automatically tracks which WBI modules have been completed and how users did—your dealership’s admin can review what quizzes have been taken and how users scored, so they can identify opportunities for growth.

Other eLearning courses include Data Insight and Service Board. These two courses are free to all dealerships that have purchased these products and do not require licenses.

To purchase licenses for the eLearning WBI course, enter a request through Support Services. (Login required.)

Data Insight. Real-time data. Real insight.

ProDATA INSIGHT 005 Webcede Software is pleased to announce the general release of Excede Data Insight, our new real-time business intelligence and analytics tool that simplifies reporting and makes it easy for every person in your dealership with the proper permissions to create, modify and view reports and dashboards. With Data Insight, you can access information necessary to guide business-critical decisions, whenever you need it. And since reports are accessible via tablets and smart phones, it’s also available where ever you are.

Beta tester Linwood Wright, IT Director at Sun State International says, “Data Insight is the tool we’ve been searching for. We’ve been using Crystal Reports and Excel to produce our reports, but they require technical knowledge to manipulate. Data Insight brings business intelligence to all employees in our dealership. With Data Insight, if an employee is curious about any part of the business that they are involved with, they can create a live report showing them the status. It will, without a doubt, push our dealership forward in efficiency and in understanding our customers’ behavior.”

To make sure that you and your team will be up-and-running quickly, Data Insight includes:

  • A comprehensive set of standard, pre-built reports for every department in Excede
  • Numerous pre-built dashboards for monitoring critical department-specific activities
  • More than 30 pre-built alerts for business rule exceptions
  • A detailed, instructional user’s guide
  • Free, online instructional videos via Procede eLearning

Excede Data Insight is compatible with Excede DMS version 9.17. If you are not yet current, upgrade now to take advantage of improved functionality, including Data Insight.

Learn more about Data Insight.
Contact sales to schedule a demo.

Procede Software and Hänel integrate on parts inventory data.

Procede Software is pleased to announce the release of a new, standard software integration that allows Excede DMS to electronically send and receive parts inventory data to and from the Hänel Lift System’s central control system.

“Hänel and Procede have one of the most robust data exchange mechanisms,” says Craig Sinclair, Hänel Systems Integration Manager. “It incorporates Pick Tickets, Credits, Email Notifications, Exception Lists and Parts Inventory Reconciliation.”

Primary integration points include:

  • Pick Ticket Job Generator – sends a list of parts that need to be picked to the Hänel Lift System.
  • Inventory Update – updates managed parts records in Excede with their respective Bin locations.

At Cumberland Trucks, where the integration is already in use, Parts Pick Tickets from the Excede application are electronically passed to the Hänel Control System for full integration with Hänel vertical storage units. In addition, the Managed Parts Inventory is automatically synchronized between both systems. Director of IT, Michael Yeargin observes, “When integrated with the Excede software, the Hänel system is both a parts storage and management system. It has proven to be efficient and save time.”

For more information about the Excede/Hänel integration, contact Procede Sales.

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  • "Because Excede DMS is Windows-based, new employees get up to speed much faster. Since they’re already familiar with the Windows environment, we’ve been able to cut our training time significantly."

    Ken Ables
    Director, Parts Operation
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