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Hosted Services

Excede DMS now available in the cloud.

With Procede Hosted Services, we'll host the Excede DMS remote application, database, and related hardware in the cloud. You'll get all the benefits of Excede's relational database, unparalleled data access, and real-time reporting capabilities--including owning your own data—without having to deploy the Excede application or maintain a SQL Server yourself.

Hosted ServicesProcede Hosted Services are more secure, reliable, and redundant than many on-premise solutions. You'll get enterprise-level security; 99.99% guaranteed infrastructure uptime; proactive software, database and hardware monitoring and maintenance; and disaster recovery, so you can be confident that you're data is safe and that you'll always have access to it.

Procede Hosted Services are flexible and scalable—access to on-demand resources allows for business growth without complex and expensive up-front IT investments, so it's a great solution for small to mid-size dealerships. It's also a convenient way for large dealerships to expand. Plus, you'll always be running the latest version of Excede, without ever having to manage another upgrade. 

With Procede Hosted Services, you'll have the confidence that comes from knowing your data is secure and accessible, you'll be able to grow your business without worrying about IT limitations, and you and your entire dealership will be free to focus on what you do best—building your business.

If you are an existing Procede Software customer and are interested in transitioning Excede DMS to the cloud, contact us via Support Services.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

With Procede Hosted Services, our network operations centers are open 24-hours a day, 7 days per week, so while you go about the business at hand, we're proactively monitoring and maintaining your Excede DMS software, database and hardware. That means fewer problems, faster resolutions, and greater peace of mind.

How It Works

Your dealership is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are Procede Hosted Services. We take dozens of variables into consideration--everything from the number of users at each of your dealership's branches to the available badwidth at each location--and recommend the customized solution that best suits your needs. Our three-pahse process is designed to ensure a fast, efficient and successful transition. It includes an initial suitability assessment to determine your dealership's cloud readiness; the actual transition and transferring of your data; and ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support.

Getting Started

If you are an existing Procede Software customer and are interested in transitioning Excede DMS to the cloud, contact us via Support Services. A Professional Services consultant will then contact you to provide further information, including details about the Suitability Assessment and pricing.

If you are new to Procede and are interested in learning more about Excede DMS and Procede Hosted Services, email

  • "In the five years since we began with Procede, we have grown our parts and service business beyond our goals, and the Excede Software has been a core part of how we made it happen."

    Brad Wilson
    Peterbilt of Sioux City

  • "Our number one criterion for a new dealer management system was stability in the database. Excede DMS relies on a SQL Server database, and it is extremely well-structured and reliable."

    Ken Ables
    Director, Parts Operation
    Performance Truck

  • "Excede DMS opens up a whole new world of data availability. It provides the flexibility to better manage both inventory and employee performance, and empowers managers to make good business decisions."

    Ken Ables
    Director, Parts Operation
    Performance Truck

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