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Implementation Services

A clear plan to move your business forward.

Upgrading your business to Excede DMS is a significant investment, and as our customers will attest, you can expect a return on that investment for years to come. We’re committed to ensuring the transition follows a clear, predictable course. We’ll be there every step of the way, to work hand-in-hand with your internal project manager or project team.

This well-defined process includes:

Analysis and Planning

If we’ve learned one thing from our customers, it's that every dealership is unique. So our first step is to get to know your business—your size, your staff, your business needs, your processes and workflow, your IT infrastructure and physical layout—to determine the smartest path forward. We’ll help you transition things that are currently done outside the DMS, so they’re better-integrated—or fully integrated—with Excede. The end result is a plan for implementing Excede DMS that lays out exactly how we will meet your technical and business goals.

Data Conversion and System Configuration

Converting your data and ensuring your system is properly configured are key to a successful implementation, so we start the process early and work closely with you throughout it. No matter what business system you’re converting from, our experienced technical staff is there to pull your historical data into Excede DMS, where you can continue to access key financial and inventory history. We’ll customize the workflow, forms and reports to ensure they work the way you need them to, help you determine what type of access to grant each user, and set up user permissions.

At the end of this phase, you’ll have a fully-populated test database so your entire team can learn to use Excede DMS with your own data.


Our software utilizes a Microsoft Windows®–based platform, which helps ensure your users are working with familiar tools from the get-go. As part of the implementation process, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program that helps to ensure that every user in your dealership will be able to get the full value of Excede DMS.

Training that takes place during the Implementation consists of three phases:

Phase 1-Web-based Introduction (WBI): This online training course is designed to guide everyone on your staff through the fundamentals of using Excede DMS—how to find, open, and use files, how to drill down for more information, and how to use the integrated Help Files. Participants will become familiar with basic Excede concepts, like navigation and common keystrokes.

Phase 2-In-depth Classes for Key Users: As part of the implementation process, we typically provide several days of customizable, in-person, classroom-style training for key users. Using workbooks and classroom activities, we do a deep dive into key aspects of Excede DMS and how they relate to your business needs and processes. This training is generally department-specific, and participants will emerge from it with a high level of expertise—and will be positioned to serve as in-house subject matter experts and to train other members of your staff.

Phase 3-On-going User Training: Since no one understands your business processes better than your own in-house subject matter experts, we’ve found that they are the best people to move your staff beyond the basics. We’ll work closely with you to devise a customized, on-going training strategy, that reflects the business practices and workflow requirements that are unique to your dealership. We’ll even provide training tools and create a training calendar.

Test Conversion

Before going live, we do a final, proof-of-concept, test conversion of all your existing data files, so you can review it, request changes, and begin doing test transactions. You’ll have a chance to make sure all forms and reports are set up correctly, and to identify any potential problems with pulling and reformatting data. We’ll work out any glitches before going live, and ensure your team is ready to make use of your converted data from the first day it’s available.

Conversion / Go-live

To minimize any disruptions, we typically conduct the conversion over a weekend, so everything is in place and ready to go when Monday morning rolls around. For the first week, at least one or more members of the Procede implementation team will remain on site to help get everyone acclimated to your new Excede DMS software.

Post-live Support

We’ll provide phone support for 90 days after the system goes live, usually by the same team that managed your implementation. You’ll know them, they’ll know your business, and together you’ll be able to quickly resolve any unexpected questions that come up while you’re new to the software. After the first 90-days, we continue to provide support through our online Support Services site. It’s just one more way we make sure you can step up to Excede DMS with confidence.

  • “The Procede transition team makes the process virtually seamless. Since we made the switch, our processes are significantly more efficient, streamlined and versatile thanks to Excede DMS and the SQL Server architecture.”

    Greg Jack, Operations
    Flag City Truck & Equipment
    Customer since 2012

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