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Training Services

Knowledge is power.

We provide comprehensive training for dealership staff as part of the initial implementation of Excede DMS. As you add employees or rooftops, we offer additional web-based introduction training services to bring new users up to speed. We can also provide more advanced, customized training to key users as your business grows and evolves.

We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of Excede DMS, and can customize a training program to suit your needs. The Procede Software Conference also provides an excellent resource for key members of your team, allowing them to catch up on the latest features and applications, and share ideas with peers at other Excede-powered dealerships.

Web-based Introduction (WBI)

This online training course is designed to guide everyone on your staff through the fundamentals of using Excede DMS—how to find, open, and use files, how to drill down for more information, and how to use the integrated Help Files. Whether you’re adding a branch or adding employees to an existing branch, participants will become familiar with basic Excede concepts, like navigation and common keystrokes.

In-depth Classes

At any time, we can customize a training program with in-person or web-based classes to teach intermediate-level users advanced skills and to make advanced users experts. We can do a deep dive into key aspects of Excede DMS and how they relate to your business needs and processes. Participants will emerge from the training with a high level of expertise in the Excede departments they use the most.

  • After watching the new Web-based Introduction (WBI) course, including the Getting to Know Excede and Parts modules, I knew this would be the best way to get some of our experienced staff up to speed with the changes to the software.

    Jen Frankman
    IT Project Coordinator
    Interstate Companies

  • "Since Excede DMS is Windows-based and so many people have experience with this type of software platform, it allows for faster, more efficient training of new employees."

    Nick Trinder
    Parts Manager
    Freightliner of Arizona

  • "The support continues to be fantastic. The response time is quick and all my issues are resolved almost immediately. And, as someone who is not a ‘techie,’ I always appreciate that Procede’s support team is patient when they’re walking me through troubleshooting."

    Greg Jack
    Operations Coordinator
    Flag City Truck & Equipment