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Excede Add-ons

Welcome to the next level.

Excede DMS provides all of the core functionality you need to better manage accounting, parts, service, vehicles, leasing and rentals—and we didn’t stop there. Excede Add-ons empower you to do even more, while still leveraging familiar and trusted Microsoft platforms.

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Excede Barcode Scanning

Excede Barcode Scanning applications are available for parts inventory and parts receiving. This real-time interface makes managing parts inventory easy, efficient, and accurate when receiving, and during both annual and cycle counts. Parts can be scanned in upon receipt, and information will automatically sync to the appropriate purchase order.

Document Delivery

Excede Document Delivery allows a dealership’s customers to automatically receive email copies of invoices and/or an email copy of their statement on a monthly basis. This integrated solution allows dealerships the option of going paperless, which ultimately reduces postage and mailing costs.

Lease-Rental Web App

Excede Lease-Rental Web App offers smoother lease and rental reservations and faster meter entry for contract billing. The web interface provides access to all lease/rental information including the ability to search bills, contracts, customers, and vehicles–making management of your lease and rental operations easier and more efficient.

Service Web App

Our Service Web App features a combination of useful service-based tools including: Work Room for work status display in service shops, Wait Room, which focuses on waiting customers, and a Dashboard to highlight key issues and concerns.

Rapid RO

Excede Rapid RO is a browser-based application that makes it possible to check in vehicles as soon as they arrive at a dealership’s service drive. Designed to run on any laptop, iOS, Android or Windows mobile device, Rapid RO allows users to create repair orders, add common jobs and (optionally) assign those jobs to a service technician.

Signature Capture

Excede Signature Capture provides dealerships a defensible electronic signature capture solution for in-person transactions, including confirmation of charges and approval for large backorders. Combined with Excede DMS’s built-in document archiving ability, Signature Capture can be used with wireless networks, allowing signatures to be obtained anywhere a dealership’s wireless network can reach.

Time Clock Web App

Excede Time Clock (Web App) provides a web-based Shop Clock and Attendance Clock for use from any compatible desktop or laptop at your dealership. It offers a simplified look and feel designed to reduce errors, improve speed, and allow technicians to obtain all repair-related information in a central location and punch into the correct Labor Guides at optimal times.

  • "A couple of years ago, we brought all our dealerships under one corporate structure in Excede. I was the last one to believe that we could use the software to manage the accounting more efficiently, but I am a believer now."

    Gail Shea
    Regional Controller
    Lonestar Truck Group

  • "With Procede, our information flows seamlessly from one area to the next, and whether we’re drilling down or looking for a wide view, the search function makes it so easy to get whatever data we need."

    Greg Jack
    Operations Coordinator
    Flag City Truck & Equipment

  • "With parts, there is so much opportunity for data analysis—parts inventory turns, sales and GP analysis, customer sales opportunities, vendor and stock class performance, commissions. We’ve literally built hundreds of different types of custom reports."

    Ken Ables
    Director Parts Operation
    Performance Truck

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