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Excede Data Insight

Real-time business intelligence.


Excede Data Insight takes real-time business intelligence to the next level. This powerful yet easy-to-use reporting and analytics tool leverages the data already in Excede DMS and helps you produce a limitless set of graphical reports and dashboards. This solution allows you to make the fact-based and insightful decisions that will ultimately improve company performance.

Why Data Insight Matters to You

Business intelligence is an increasingly important part of every company’s decision-making process. It combines analytics and reporting in one integrated platform, keeping users informed about the state of their business. In fact, more than 90% of business leaders state that business intelligence is critical to making better decisions.

As we like to say, you can’t run your business if you don’t know how it’s running. Data Insight gives you the real-time, actionable data you need to run your business better…today.

So whether you want to improve operational efficiency or enhance customer service, business intelligence is integral to your business’ success—and Data Insight is the tool that provides the best real-time data and reporting on the market today.

Key Features

Data Insight includes a variety of powerful reporting tools and key features. Functionality highlights include:

  • Real-Time Updates. Integration with Excede DMS means that your business intelligence is as real-time and as up-to-date as the rest of your operation.
  • User-Friendly Interface. With a simple graphical interface and ad hoc report builders and viewers, accessing files and features has never been easier.
  • Rapid Reporting. This Rapid Report wizard provides users of all levels a fast method that simplifies the process of building new reports from scratch.
  • Powerful Scheduler. You can run, deliver and archive reports based on a custom schedule that you can update at any time.
  • Permission-Based Security. Every Data Insight user will have a unique Report List view based on their role and credentials.
  • Reporting when and where you need it. Because it is a web application, Data Insight allows you to view reports in a variety of formats from your PC, tablet or phone.

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The Data Insight Dashboard Viewer has a new and improved interface designed to make it easier to view and update dashboards. Each dashboard item displays key features about a report and users are able to drill down into the report to get more details.

KPIs & Metrics

Excede Data Insight KPIs and Metrics are powerful dashboards that enable real-time decision making at your dealership and provide executive-level reports that combine financial and operational data. These reports are available for each major department within a dealership.

Powerful Scheduler


Using the Scheduler embedded in Data Insight, you can schedule tasks on any report or dashboard, including sending emails, saving copies to the local or network drives and much more. Schedules can be created or updated at any time. This means admins can set up any number of report actions, and simply wait for information to be delivered to you and your team when you need it most.

Rapid Reports


Data Insight allows you to create reports and dashboards in various ways, and one of the easiest is the Rapid Report interface. From a single convenient page, report writers can quickly select data sources and fields, and customize how the data should be filtered to generate the desired output. This simplified interface can save you and your team valuable time when creating standard reports.

User Friendly Graphical Interface


One of the hardest things about Business Intelligence is finding a system that is easy enough to use while still maintaining the power of those that require more technical expertise. Data Insight walks this line between simplicity and power by providing simple, graphical report editing interfaces and wizards. This means you can create impactful, complex reports without having to code anything, ever (unless you want to). And you can do it all with minimal training.

Report List

The Data Insight Report List functions as your home screen—you can view a list of all reports in the system by category, or name, search for and run reports or dashboards, and preview thumbnails. Each time you open a report in the Report List, Data Insight pulls the current data from Excede and refreshes it, so you’re always viewing real-time information.

Report Designer

With the Data Insight Report Designer feature, you can quickly and easily create real-time, ad hoc reports by selecting data sources and fields from dropdown menus. Additional menus let you configure trend, pie, plot, bar, and funnel charts and add radial or linear gauges to a report. You can also add titles, description, headers and footers to reports, and customize them with styles and colors.

Dashboard Designer

With the Data Insight Dashboard Designer feature, you can pull critical information from multiple reports and multiple data sources into one screen and create custom views of the data using charts and gauges, so you can monitor changes in activity in real time.

  • "In the five years since we began with Procede, we have grown our parts and service business beyond our goals, and the Excede Software has been a core part of how we made it happen."

    Brad Wilson
    Peterbilt of Sioux City

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