Procede Software Appoints Industry Analytics Specialist, Bennett Whitnell, to Lead Business Intelligence Solution Development

Creation of new role reinforces the company’s strategy of extending Excede Analytics and commitment to providing KPIs and metrics to make objective, data-based decisions about their businesses.

Procede Software, a leading heavy-duty truck and commercial vehicle dealer management system (DMS) and solutions provider, today announced Bennett Whitnell has been named Director of Business Intelligence. The appointment of Whitnell to this new role reflects Procede Software’s ongoing commitment to bringing value to customers through product innovation. Whitnell will be responsible for the company’s overarching business intelligence product strategy and will lead a team in the further development of the entire Excede Analytics suite of tools.

“One of Procede Software’s founding principles was to make data easily accessible to our customers,” said CEO Larry Kettler. “As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, building on Excede DMS’ strong data and analytics foundation continues to be at the forefront of our mission. With an industry expert like Bennett leading the development of our business intelligence solutions, we are strongly positioned to accelerate the product development cycle so our customers can have even greater access to critical data and gather even deeper insights to efficiently and effectively run their day-to-day businesses.”

Whitnell is a long-time industry insider who has held roles with leading commercial vehicle business advisory firms as well as cofounded his own boutique consultancy. “I am honored to be a part of the Procede Software team and excited to drive the further development of Excede Analytics,” said Whitnell. “Our operating ethos as a business intelligence team is to enable dealerships in getting the right information, at the right time, in a simple, straightforward, and digestible format. If dealerships understand what is happening, they can make better decisions, and that leads to more successful outcomes for their businesses.”

To ensure their solutions meet the unique needs of commercial vehicle dealerships, Procede Software prioritizes customer input in their product development process. Through the company’s Excede Insider Program, customers test and provide critical feedback on new products and features as they are being developed. “There is so much that happens at a dealership in a day—it’s an incredibly complex ecosystem,” said Whitnell. “I am excited to work hand-in-hand with our customers through the Excede Insider Program to find new ways to access, interpret and visualize their data to simplify that complexity.”

“We continue to take a wholistic approach to developing the Excede DMS platform,” Kettler said. Kettler continued, “Business intelligence is a significant, integral part of that approach. We look forward to further enhancing this critical part of the system, so dealerships of all sizes can have real-time access to comprehensive, accurate, trustworthy data and make informed decisions about their businesses.”