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Meet the team.

Comprised of a diverse group of tech enthusiasts, our team leaders champion every aspect of Procede's business. From product innovation to customer support, they possess the expertise and the professionalism to carry a project from conception to reality. In other words, they put the “pro” in Procede. 


LarryLarry Kettler

Larry Kettler has served as Procede Software’s CEO and visionary force since 2011. With experience covering all disciplines from corporate enterprise to consumer markets, Larry has a proven track record of delivering top-tier business solutions designed to meet the needs of any sized business.

Larry brings a blended skill set and unique perspective from a career spanning more than 25 years in the tech industry. With a contagious passion and an unwavering commitment to excellence, he consistently encourages staff and customers alike to grow and adapt with technology to realize their full potential.

Under Larry’s leadership, Procede has experienced significant growth, delivering faster and more efficiently than ever before. His strategic intuition, ability to forge sustainable partnerships and responsiveness to market trends have all been instrumental in Procede’s success as a leading DMS provider.


Rob Headshot Web

Robert Stockfleth

After joining Procede in 2003 as the Senior Database Administrator, Rob has since transitioned into various leadership roles including the Director of Product Development and Technical Services. Rob’s extensive background in software development and information system design spans more than 16 years and has provided a strong base for his ability to lead technical teams with knowledge and direction.

Rob currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer and oversees the technical architecture of current products, modernizes legacy applications and works closely with the Product Management team to devise strategies for implementing new features into Procede’s Excede DMS.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University studying Computer Information Systems and Technological Entrepreneurship and Management.


AlinaAlina Caceres 
Vice President of Sales and Marketing 

Alina joined Procede in 2005 as an Application Systems Consultant. Today, she serves as Procede’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and is responsible for producing the solutions that link company vision with consistent ROI.

Equipped with a track record of success spanning multiple industries, Alina enthusiastically embraces change, maintaining a continued focus on driving business results. Among her many talents, she is a dynamic, intuitive and pragmatic leader with exceptional communication skills, qualities appreciated greatly by customers and co-workers alike.

Alina holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arizona State University, and a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego.


DeannaDeanna Cocco 
Vice President of Support and Professional Services

Deanna joined Procede in 2003 as an Applications System Consultant and then moved into Implementation and Customer Relations Manager roles. She is passionate about innovation, leading the charge in finding new and better ways to solve problems, and is usually the first to experiment with the latest technology and software tools.

Between her long-term experience here at Procede and her deep understanding of how a dealership runs, there's no one better to serve as our Vice President of Support and Professional Services.

Prior to joining Procede, Deanna worked as a programmer at Intuit, and she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University.


SharonSharon Covitt 
Vice President of Implementation and Training Services

Sharon joined Procede in 2004 as an Applications System Consultant before moving into an Implementation Manager role, a position she held for more than six years.

 Sharon's personally managed countless implementations and data conversions, and currently serves as the company's Vice President of Implementation and Training, where she oversees Procede's staff of experienced Implementation and Training Consultants. Her beyond impressive work ethic and engaging personal style enable her to interact effectively with both customers and staff.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science with a specialization in computing from UCLA.


EricEric Fortin
Director of Product Strategy

A Procede Software employee since 2004, Eric started as an Applications System Consultant and quickly transitioned to a Process Consultant position. He was subsequently promoted to Manager of Professional Services and then to Senior Manager on our Product Marketing team. Most recently, Eric’s tenure at Procede and in-depth product knowledge led to a well-deserved promotion as the Director of Product Strategy. 

Eric’s unique blend of interpersonal skills, problem solving ability, and industry experience make him an asset when it comes to designing and developing Procede’s executive level business intelligence strategy and products. He is also heavily involved in Procede’s API initiative, as well as OEM and third-party integrations and partnerships. In his current role, he works closely with the Product and Engineering teams and oversees the Project Management team.

Eric’s prior work experience includes construction, website design and a role as a Quality Assurance Specialist at Intuit.


EricEric Liddell 
Director of Product Management and Integrations

Eric has been with Procede for an unprecedented fourteen years. A “jack of all trades,” Eric has served in a variety of roles, from Crystal Reports Developer to SQL Server Programmer and beyond.

Eric currently serves as the Director of Product Management and Integrations, overseeing our product roadmap staff and working closely with our Engineering and Consulting teams to guide the future development of Excede DMS. Not only does Eric understand the complexity of the processes required to run a heavy truck dealership, he remains committed to going beyond the expectations set on paper and developing real solutions designed to maximize ROI for our customers.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Missouri State University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of San Diego.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide dealership management software built on feature-rich, innovative technology, to be the first and best in compliance with industry standards, and to offer services that deliver our customers incredible value and a competitive advantage.

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