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Since 2001, Procede Software has been building on the powerful and stable Microsoft® SQL Server Architecture of Excede® DMS. Excede provides customers with the real-time data access and reliability needed to manage their day-to-day operations effectively.

Excede DMS gives you unrestricted, straightforward access to your business data via the global standard of Microsoft technology. With real-time transaction updates, Excede DMS frees you from the limitations of batch processing, and lets you view data onscreen, export it into a wide variety of formats, and run reports at any time—all with the most current information. And that means you can make quicker, better business decisions today, without having to worry if the software will continue to meet your needs tomorrow.

EXCEDE 031 WebAnother advantage: you can easily leverage Excede DMS data in the Microsoft Office applications you use every day. And because Excede DMS uses a relational database, you only have to create a customer record once. Updates can be made from any part of the system, and will be reflected in related documents opened by any other user, across all departments. Everything about Excede DMS, from real-time transaction updates to point-and-click navigation and consistent shortcut keys, is designed to drive uptime in your dealership.

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No more batch processing, no more delays getting the information you need. Excede DMS provides real-time accounting for your transactions, all posted using a unique rules-based system that ensures the data conforms to your dealership’s accounting practices. Your team can create electronic purchase orders and track them as items are received and invoices are paid. Bank and sales tax reconciliation, customer statements and notes, vendor histories—Excede DMS maintains all this information in the database, so you can access it whenever you want, without referencing hard copy files. Even large journal entries can be done quickly and easily with the Excede DMS Dextor tool.


With the Excede DMS relational database, master records are created in a general administrative area of the software called Company and shared across all departments, by all authorized employees, even across multiple branches. No more duplicate records, no more time wasted entering the same data multiple times. Meanwhile, you gain greater control over workstation permissions—you can customize which users can view certain information and how they can use it.

Every Excede DMS transaction is tied to a record in Company. Since the system never purges data, every historical transaction, including customer’s service and parts history, can be viewed at any time, without scrolling back and forth between documents in different departments. Data can even be viewed across branches or by individual branch, so you always have accurate, real-time transaction history and can serve your customers better.


The Excede DMS Fuel Department simplifies the management of your on-site fuel tanks, creating a clear history of the fuel that comes in and out of your dealership. It not only lets you manage fuel usage for company vehicles, but is also tightly integrated with the Excede DMS Lease/Rental Department, so you can manage customer fuel sales as well.


A single master record for your Lease/Rental customers can be shared across all branches, providing an up-to-date, accurate view of comprehensive billing, sales, and repair histories. Comments and emails can be added and designated as important or private with a single click. Excede DMS makes it easy to add automatic recurring charges for each billing cycle or miscellaneous charges and fees on a case-by-case basis, and will even automatically adjust billing cycles and rates based on the length of time a vehicle is in use.

The Excede DMS Lease/Rental Department is tightly integrated with the Excede DMS Fuel Department, allowing you to manage your on-site fuel inventory and efficiently supply fuel to your lease and rental customers.


Even the largest parts inventory is easy to manage with Excede DMS. Since all transactions are updated in real-time, you always have an accurate view into parts availability and can maintain optimal inventory levels. Your staff can create pick tickets, apply discounts/coupons, view the details of an order, manage core inventory, and handle special orders quickly and effortlessly. Excede DMS maintains a complete parts sales history for the life of the database, providing direct access to the customer’s entire sales history.

Like everything in Excede DMS, customer pricing tools are extremely flexible. You can create customized pricing categories, determine which customers have access to those prices, and set up rules to determine parameters for how and when those prices are available. Excede DMS provides the flexibility you need to price your parts competitively—so you can meet the needs of your business and your customers.

Excede DMS also lets you access parts inventory information at other branches, so you can check availability and even transfer items you need. You can easily view lists of special orders by either customer or part, so it’s easy to check the status of back orders and keep your customers well-informed. Back orders can even be automatically shipped, further streamlining fulfillment of customer requests.

With Excede DMS, gross profit analysis is done in real-time, too, so you always have an accurate view of the value of your inventory, based on the price you paid to acquire the parts.


Excede DMS simplifies the creation and management of service orders, so you can focus on providing great service. Menu pricing options and jobs built with predefined parts, labor, comments, and miscellaneous charges ensure service department staff can easily create new repair orders. With Excede DMS, you can define labor rates by customer, job, or both. Discounts, coupons, deductibles, deposits, warranty codes—Excede DMS helps you manage all of these efficiently and effectively.

The Excede DMS Service Department works seamlessly with the Time Clock application. Service technicians can track overall attendance and time spent on specific jobs. It enables your team to become much more productive at flagging time, adding service order comments, closing operations, and creating additional service requests.

Time Clock

Time Clock is an integrated employee attendance and labor time collection application that simplifies the preparation of payroll records, creating a summarized list of employee hours based on user-defined time periods. The touch screen interface is fast, simple and accurate. Time Clock lets you track attendance for all dealership employees, including service technicians. Service technicians can track overall attendance and time spent on specific jobs so management can compare overall time spent at the dealership vs. time spent working on a job.


Excede DMS gives you a view of all your vehicles, from initial orders to the final sale. And with real-time data capture, you never have to worry if the information is outdated. You can create, update, and manage your inventory quickly and confidently, using records that are complete with specs, including the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price (MSRP). You can see if the vehicle has any open transactions like repair orders that will affect the final price of the vehicle. You can even include pictures and a copy of the invoice. And Excede DMS is integrated with Polk VIN data; simply enter a valid VIN and Excede DMS will decode the vehicle’s specification.

  • "I've been in this business for almost forty years, and Procede has the best business system I've worked with. If I were purchasing a new DMS today, I would purchase Excede."

    Dan Stevens, Partner
    Lonestar Truck Group
    Customer since 2001

  • "In the five years since we began with Procede, we have grown our parts and service business beyond our goals, and the Excede Software has been a core part of how we made it happen."

    Brad Wilson
    Peterbilt of Sioux City

  • "The easy accessibility of the raw data for the generation of custom reports and forms is a key benefit with the Excede DMS product. That we have the option of generating these reports and forms ourselves is a bonus."

    Frank Fox
    First Truck

  • "A couple of years ago, we brought all our dealerships under one corporate structure in Excede. I was the last one to believe that we could use the software to manage the accounting more efficiently, but I am a believer now."

    Gail Shea
    Regional Controller
    Lonestar Truck Group

  • “From comprehensive integrations to an innovative API strategy, the features and functionality powered by Excede DMS have helped us drastically improve our daily processes. Plus, being able to access our own data gives us a real competitive advantage!”

    Spencer Campbell
    IT Administrator
    Campbell Supply Company

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