eLearning Courses Available on Excede Additional Solutions

Did you know that Procede Software’s eLearning site offers a variety of video courses on Excede Additional Solutions? Our Additional Solutions integrate seamlessly with Excede and provide web-based and mobile solutions for common dealership workflows. These training courses can help your personnel quickly get up-to-speed on our Additional Solutions, no matter what dealership department they’re in.

Additional Solutions Courses: Parts

Our eLearning site offers video courses on Excede Barcode Scanning for Parts department professionals. If you’re preparing for an upcoming inventory count, or simply wanting a refresher on barcode scanning best practices, you’ll want to check out these videos.

In these video courses, users will familiarize themselves with the three barcode scanning apps: Parts Receiving, Parts Inventory, and Bin Management. In each lesson, users are given step-by-step instructions on key workflows within each barcode scanning app, such as how to use the barcode scanners to receive parts from a shipment, inventory parts, and move bins and parts.

Additional Solutions Courses: Service

Our eLearning site offers video courses on Excede Time Clock, Excede Service Web App, and Excede Rapid RO for Service department professionals. If you run a busy Service shop, you’ll want to watch these videos to learn how you can increase efficiencies and improve visibility into your Service department operations.

In the Time Clock course, users start by taking a tour of the application. They then learn how Time Clock can be used by Service Technicians to punch into labor guides, track attendance, work hours, and breaks, and optimize their time. The videos also review new features available in our latest versions of the application.

In the Service Web App course, users receive an overview of how this web-based application can help their Service department run more efficiently. They then review Work Room and Wait Room, which enable users to view Service Technician progress and the status of each repair order (RO).

In the Rapid RO course, users learn how to take advantage of this mobile app on their phone or tablet to quickly and easily check vehicles into the Service shop and create an associated RO or estimate in Excede. The video also demonstrates how to assign a labor guide to a Service Tech.

Additional Solutions Courses: Lease/Rental

Our eLearning site offers video courses on Excede Lease Rental Plus for Lease-Rental professionals looking to decrease time spent on manual data entry, billing, and other administrative tasks.

In this course, dealership personnel learn how Lease Rental Plus enables easier lease/rental reservations and streamlined billing. In addition, they’ll walk through how to create a new lease/rental reservation, as well as how to check out a vehicle, check it back in, enter meter readings, and create contract and interim bills.

Next Steps

Whether you’re onboarding new staff or simply wanting to give current staff a ‘refresher’, our eLearning videos provide an excellent way for users to learn how to take advantage of Excede Additional Solutions.

To get started with these courses, please contact your dealership’s eLearning Admin to get enrolled. If you’re an eLearning Admin and you’re unsure how to enroll users in a course, please consult this FAQ resource on our eLearning Portal (login required) for a step-by-step guide. Please note, an eLearning signup fee may apply.

If you are interested in having an Excede Additional Solution installed, please submit a request via our Customer & Resources Portal (login required). Our Sales team will reach out to discuss pricing and provide a quote and/or contract terms if applicable.