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What Heavy-Duty Vehicle Dealerships Need to Know about Cloud-based DMS Solutions

Enterprises everywhere are undertaking digital transformations and heavy-duty vehicle dealerships are no exception. Increasingly, they are running cloud-based versions of their most critical business systems, including their dealer management systems (DMSs).

The Challenges and Demands of On-Premise Servers and Self-Hosted Software

With so many systems to support, dealership IT teams are busier than ever. Adding to the complexity are the demands and risks of deploying on-premise servers and self-hosting software and data, which includes maintaining and upgrading hardware, keeping mission-critical software up-and-running, managing system security, and more. They must make smart, strategic decisions about where to put their time and energy.

Dealership IT teams can overcome many of these risks and gain back valuable time by shifting to cloud-based applications.

Cloud Basics for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Dealerships

Cloud computing is simply defined as ‘the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than using local servers or a personal computer.’  It is typically managed by a third-party (the host server), and a primary benefit is that it reduces the likelihood that servers (and your data) will suffer from any downtime due to systems crashing or cybersecurity attacks, among other possibilities.

Cloud-based solutions, including cloud-based DMSs, can provide heavy-duty vehicle dealerships of all sizes benefits like costs savings, improved uptime, built-in redundancy, and better security.

Procede Software’s Cloud Solution—Excede Hosted Services

Many dealerships benefit from choosing a cloud-based deployment method for their DMS, and at Procede Software, we’re seeing more new and existing customers than ever opt for our cloud solution, Excede Hosted Services. With Excede Hosted Services, Procede hosts your Excede web application and data in the cloud. You get all the power of Excede’s relational database, unparalleled data access, and real-time reporting capabilities, without having to deploy Excede servers on-premise.

Key benefits of Excede Hosted Services include more predictable costs and better visibility into the total cost of ownership; enterprise-level security supported by regular upgrades and security patches; improved business continuity with 99.9% uptime; and streamlined scalability without having to manually add servers.

In addition, Excede Hosted Services relies on Microsoft Azure’s secure, cloud-based server solution. Microsoft Azure includes advanced compliance features, world-class cybersecurity, and on-demand scalability, while minimizing downtime. Plus, there is no on-site hardware required.

At Procede Software, we have a proven, straightforward implementation process to streamline the transition, and would be happy to connect you with our customers who have made the switch, so you can learn about the benefits firsthand.

To learn more about Excede Hosted Services, download our eBook, Is a Hosted Solution Right for Your Dealership? or contact