From the Desk of Larry Kettler: Continuing our Commitment: Listening, Delivering, and Driving Value

2022 has been another wonderful year here at Procede Software, one in which we are grateful to have been able to spend time with you—and with each other—in person. We moved into a new office that was purpose-built to accommodate our growing team and support our collaborative, creative way of working; our Customer Success and other teams were busy partnering with you onsite at your dealerships; and of course, we were able to be together here in San Diego at the 2022 Procede Software Conference (PSC). Check out our video recap of the 2022 Procede Software Conference here!

Lately, I have been reflecting on where Procede started, just how far we’ve come and where we’re headed next. After joining the company as CEO, my first move was to travel the country to meet you, learn about your dealerships, listen to your feedback, and hear what you needed from us. Then, I put a leadership team in place—all who are still with the company today, 11 years later. From the outset, the team and I were determined to do things differently by focusing on bringing you real, demonstrable value. We also made a commitment to reinvest every penny back into the business, something we continue to do to this very day. We believed that dealerships deserved a better partner, better technology, and better access to their data.

With an understanding that relationships are at the core of our industry, we recognized early on that they needed to be at the core of our business strategy, as well. To build them, we made several key commitments: we weren’t going to nickel and dime you, we weren’t going to promise you things we couldn’t deliver, if we fell short in any way, we were going to take responsibility, and we were going to build long-lasting, productive relationships with you, the OEMs and other partners.

In terms of better technology, Excede’s architecture was built on Microsoft® SQL Server and introduced to the truck industry in 2001. SQL is a relational database designed to provide unprecedented reliability, scalability, and access to data. It continues to stand as one of the most powerful and reliable database platforms available, providing a rock-solid foundation for the ongoing advancement of Excede. Our collective decisions to build on SQL and our open API strategy, mean we have been able to focus our resources on the continued advancement of features and functionality in ways that drive real value to each of our customers.

For these reasons, and many others, we have maintained a 98.7 percent customer retention rate over the 20+ years we have been in business.

So as 2022 comes to an end, and we look ahead to 2023, Procede Software intends to stay the course—we will continue to hire the best people, listen closely to your needs, and deliver strong solutions that drive value for your dealerships. And we won’t stop there—as always, we will continue to refine and enhance our solutions to make them even more effective and efficient. We will also continue to take a holistic approach as we collaborate closely with you, the OEMs, and our Certified Partners, and do everything within our power to advance your business and this industry.

We remain committed to listening, delivering, and driving value in 2023!

Warm regards,

Larry Kettler