Excede Analytics

An enhanced suite of reporting tools designed to empower data-driven decision-making within each department of a dealership’s business.

Complete with dealer-tested key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the effective labor rate, technician efficiency, true turn ratio, and many more, Excede Analytics delivers trusted, standardized metrics to drive performance at your dealership.

  • Excede KPIs & Metrics

    A suite of powerful and responsive reporting dashboards designed to help dealerships easily measure performance against industry-standard key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics.

  • Excede Data Insight

    An ad-hoc reporting tool that allows advanced users to build reports and dashboards that can be run, delivered and archived based on a custom schedule.

  • Standard Reports

    Over 125 comprehensive reports related to each department in a dealership, from Accounting to Parts, Service, Vehicle Sales, Lease-Rental, and more.

  • ATD Academy Reports

    A custom-designed reporting suite which allows dealers attending the ATD Academy to access and analyze their own real-time data, providing a deeper educational experience.


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