Dealership Business Intelligence

Excede Analytics

An enhanced suite of business intelligence tools for dealerships of all sizes. With pre-set dashboards, data insights and advanced ad hoc reporting functionality, the Excede Analytics suite empowers data-driven decision-making within each department of your business.

  • Excede KPIs & Metrics

    Powerful, executive-level dashboards and metrics at your fingertips
    Excede KPIs & Metrics offer powerful and responsive reporting dashboards, providing dealerships of all sizes easy access to dealer-tested key performance indicators for unparalleled, data-driven decision-making capabilities from the Excede DMS.

  • Excede Data Insight

    Customized reports and dashboards for advanced users
    An ad-hoc reporting tool that allows advanced users to build reports and dashboards that can be run, delivered and archived based on a custom schedule.

  • Standard Reports

    Comprehensive reports for each department
    A collection of over 80 comprehensive, pre-defined reports related to each department in a dealership, from Accounting to Parts, Service, Vehicle Sales, Lease-Rental, and more.

  • ATD Academy Reports

    Custom-designed reports for dealers attending ATD Academy
    A custom-designed reporting suite which allows dealers attending the ATD Academy to access and analyze their own real-time data, providing a deeper educational experience.


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