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Since 2001, Procede® Software has been providing advanced dealer management solutions to dealerships across the United States and Canada. Our enterprise software solution, Excede®, is uniquely designed to simplify processes, increase productivity and provide our customers with direct, real-time access to their data.

With Excede, you’ll experience:

Dealer Management System Platform Features

dealer management systemACCOUNTING

Excede provides real-time accounting for your transactions, so you won't have to experience delays getting information to your accounting department or worry about batch processing. And Excede makes it easy to navigate your day-to-day accounting needs, too. Our advanced accounting tools allow you to you create and track electronic purchase orders, reconcile bank statements and post large journal entries quickly–and accurately.

dealer managementFUEL

With Excede, your fuel department is tightly integrated with your Lease/Rental and Vehicle departments, allowing you to manage your on-site fuel inventory and efficiently supply fuel to your vehicles. Excede can also automate fuel billing when lease and rental bills are invoiced, as well as billing for inventory and non-inventory (outside) fuel sales.

dealer management solution truckLEASE-RENTAL

There's a long list of administrative tasks associated with vehicle leasing and rentals. Excede provides the functionality you need to easily—and efficiently—manage your fleet. Quickly manage new reservations. View and update billing, lease rentals and vehicle histories. Add automatic and recurring billing and miscellaneous charges including telematics support. Even share information across all locations through a single master record.

heavy truck softwarePARTS

Excede helps your team manage both front and back counters with ease. From applying discounts and viewing order details, to managing core inventory and analyzing gross profits in real time, Excede helps make your parts inventory much easier to manage. And Excede also maintains a complete parts sales history for the life of your database, so you can search or recall all of your past transaction details.

dealership service department kpiSERVICE

Creating and managing repair orders can be both complex and time-consuming. Excede streamlines the process, so your service writers and technicians can focus on providing great service for your customers. And Excede also makes it easy to manage discounts, deductible and warranties, schedule repairs and even track technician time on specific jobs via our Time Clock solution.

heavy truck dealer management systemVEHICLES

Being able to view data on all of your vehicle inventory is essential to your business. Excede allows you to see all of your vehicles and their history, from initial orders to the final sale. You can create, manage and update inventory quickly and confidently, using records complete with vehicle specs, attach important documents like pictures and invoices to your vehicles, and view open transactions, like repair orders, that might affect the final price of the vehicle.

Additional DMS Solutions

truck dealer management system


Excede Asset Management enables dealership finance and accounting staff to manage vehicle depreciation, loan payments and expense amortization within the DMS, saving time by eliminating manual processes that support these activities. Enjoy greater accuracy and insight into monthly performance by automating these transactions.


truck dealer management system


From purchasing to inventory control, the Excede Barcode Scanning add-on inventory management system can help you realize tangible efficiency gains during annual and cycle count process. Using two barcode scanning applications, this solution is available for both parts inventory and vehicle management.

truck dealership software


With Excede Document Delivery, a dealership’s customers automatically receive real-time email copies of invoices and statements on a monthly basis. This integrated solution allows dealerships the option of going paperless, which ultimately reduces postage and mailing costs.

dealership business intelligence


An enhanced suite of reporting tools designed to empower data-driven decision-making within each department of a dealership’s business. Key performance indicators (KPIs), such as effective labor rate, technician efficiency, and true turn ratio deliver trusted, standardized metrics to drive performance at your dealership.

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Lease Rental Plus offers faster lease and rental meter entry, new and improved Lease-Rental reporting, and easier rental reservations. The web interface also includes access to key DMS information related to Lease-Rental operations, including searchable Bill, Contract, Customer, and Vehicle pages.

heavy truck software


A safe and secure payment processing experience, our Payment Processing application is an integrated payment solution that streamlines how your payments are processed. The Payment Processing application is designed to help prevent errors associated with manually entering credit card information into a standalone processing machine, while also helping facilitate account reconciliation.

dealer management solution


A browser-based application, Rapid RO allows your team to check-in vehicles as soon as they arrive at a dealership’s service drive. Designed to run on any laptop, iOS, Android or Windows mobile device, Rapid RO also gives your service staff the ability to create repair orders, add common jobs and (optionally) assign jobs to a service technician.

truck management software


Our Service Web App features a combination of useful service-based tools including: Work Room for work status display in service shops, Wait Room, which focuses on waiting customers, and a Dashboard to highlight key issues and concerns.

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Signature Capture provides dealerships with a defensible electronic signature capture solution for in-person transactions, including confirmation of charges and approval for large backorders. Combined with Excede’s built-in document archiving ability, Signature Capture can be used with wireless networks, allowing signatures to be obtained anywhere a dealership’s wireless network can reach.

dealer management system software


Our Time Clock application automates your employee time tracking process, eliminating the additional costs and work associated with manually collecting time cards. With Time Clock, employees conveniently punch in and out directly from work stations, allowing you to effortlessly track overall employee attendance. Additionally, Time Clock enables your team to become more productive at flagging time, allowing them to conveniently add repair order comments, close operations and create additional service requests.


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