truck dealer management system

The Excede DMS Accounting Solution

Excede provides real-time accounting for your transactions. When a transaction is posted, a journal entry is automatically created based on the unique accounting rules that your dealership has defined. This ensures that data conforms to your standards and that you can report on the information you need right away.

Excede Feature Highlights

Post large journal entries and close period end and end of year easily

Reconcile bank statements and sales tax

View customer account history across departments and locations

Confirm an account reconciliation is accurate before posting

Archive all documents for future reference

Automatically send email copies of invoices and statements on a scheduled basis to your customers or email customer invoices on-demand with our Document Delivery solution

What Our Customers Are Saying

Additional DMS Accounting Solutions


Excede Asset Management enables dealership finance and accounting staff to manage vehicle depreciation, loan payments and expense amortization within the DMS, saving time by eliminating manual processes that support these activities. Enjoy greater accuracy and insight into monthly performance by automating these transactions.


With Excede Document Delivery, a dealership’s customers automatically receive real-time email copies of invoices and statements on a monthly basis. This integrated solution allows dealerships the option of going paperless, which ultimately reduces postage and mailing costs.

OEM Integrations


These integrations allow your OEM to invoice you for vehicle and/or parts orders. With Electronic Invoices integration within Excede, the invoice is automatically compared to the original purchase order and receiving reference number, ensuring you only pay for parts that were actually delivered.


Selected OEMs provide a settlement file that is used by Excede to help you reconcile all POS transactions.


Dynamic Excel spreadsheets that extract, calculate and format financial information required by your OEM.

Partner Integrations


Our integration with Vertex simplifies the management of all your taxes. Vertex supplies ongoing tax rate and rule updates to help ensure compliant tax calculation and collection for the US and Canada.