From the Desk of Larry Kettler: Get Ready to Rock at the 2019 PSC!

The 2019 Procede Software Conference (PSC) is just around the corner, and we’re not slowing down as we gear up for this incredible event! With a great new location, the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, this year’s PSC will be as high energy as a rock concert…chock-full of valuable information and exciting product announcements. The 2019 PSC will also bring together many of our industry’s best and brightest, including a whole host of Certified and Alliance Partners exhibiting in our Pit Stop Expo (expect to see some new Partners too!) and representatives from all four major OEMs assisting with their breakout sessions.

As many of you know, when we launched Excede v10 earlier this year, it was the foundation for delivering even more enhancements and features…and delivering them faster. Since the launch, the response has been electrifying, with many of you upgrading, planning to upgrade, or scheduling to upgrade with our Professional Services team.  In fact, we expect over 70% of our customers to have upgraded to Excede v10 by the end of 2019. This movement sets the stage for better things to come. If you’re joining us at the PSC, you will see a number of features and enhancements that focus on user experience (UX), optimized workflow improvements, and even more powerful search tools.

We've also been focused on deepening our relationships with the most important people, YOU, our customers. Customer experience will also be a theme at this year’s PSC, and we’ve spent the last year out on the road with many of you to gain valuable insights about your business operations. While we’re proud of our 99% customer retention rate since our company’s inception in 2001, we won’t rest easy, and we’re more committed to your success than ever!

With an even stronger focus on customer success, we want to hear from you! As said by AC/DC, ‘Stand up and be counted…we’ll give you everything you need.’ And, in addition to listening to our customers, we’re focused on growing and scaling our company to meet the ever-increasing demands for our product offering and from our industry.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. See you at the 2019 PSC!

Larry Kettler, CEO