Drive Performance with Procede Training Resources

On-Site/Remote Training

Expand your dealership’s knowledge of Procede’s products with our instructor-led training opportunities, where a Procede trainer comes directly to your dealership or provides personalized training remotely to help you get the most out of Excede and Data Insight. Whether you are a new user or looking to gain a deeper understanding, there are training offerings that will benefit every employee at your dealership. Instructor-led training is the perfect chance to:

  • Increase user efficiency
  • Drill home the basics learned during initial training
  • Review key workflows and tips and tricks
  • Review advanced concepts
  • Enhance your reporting skills with Data Insight Training

eLearning Site

Our training opportunities extend even further with the self-service offerings available on our eLearning site. With our eLearning site, both new and experienced users have 24/7 access to learn more about Excede Lease-Rental Web App, Excede Data Insight, and Excede Service Web App at their own pace and convenience.

From our latest video, which walks more experienced viewers through new product enhancements, to our web-based introduction course, which provides an all-around introduction for new Excede DMS users, there are a vast amount of eLearning opportunities for all levels of experience.

Customer & Resources Portal

Your dealership also has access to our Customer & Resources Portal, where users will find key announcements and resources related to all-things Procede Software. One resource your dealership may benefit from is our recorded webinars located in Customer & Resources Portal > Webinars & Workshops. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of Best Practices videos sorted by dealership department. Content is designed for users of all levels, and provides specific instruction ranging from complex processes to daily filtering tips.

For new users to Excede, be sure to check out our Training Resources & Tools, which include Training Guides, Checklist/Confirmation sheets and Shortcut cheat sheets all designed to help dealerships bring new employees up to speed.

Our training department has your training needs covered. If you have any questions or comments about Procede eLearning or any of our other training programs, please contact:

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