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Announcing the General Release of Excede KPIs & Metrics

Powerful, executive-level dashboards and metrics at your fingertips

Procede Software is excited to announce the general release of Excede KPIs & Metrics, the latest addition to the Excede Analytics suite of business intelligence tools. KPIs & Metrics provide powerful and responsive reporting dashboards designed to help dealerships of all sizes easily measure performance against key industry performance indicators. These industry-standard metrics empower dealerships with instant insights to increase efficiencies, analyze current trends, and identify areas for improvement.

“Providing dealerships of all different sizes the tools they need to succeed has always been our utmost priority. With KPIs & Metrics, we are rounding out a powerful set of Excede Analytics tools that provide unprecedented visibility into operational performance and deliver our customers even more power and confidence when making decisions.”
Larry Kettler, CEO

Highlights of KPIs & Metrics include:

Dashboards for Every Aspect of Your Dealership

KPIs & Metrics provide dealerships with pre-defined dashboards for every area of the business. Whether it’s a Service Manager looking to maximize their Effective Labor Rate and reduce Dwell Time, a Parts Manager reviewing Fill Rates and inventory supply, or an Executive wanting to evaluate Net Margin and Daily Operating Control, KPIs & Metrics help optimize dealership operations and drive performance with performance indicators specific to each department.

Powerful, Real-Time Reporting Dashboards

With KPIs & Metrics, users gain real-time access to key financial and operational metrics for immediate, fact-based decision making. The dynamic features and functionality are viewable from your laptop or PC, so dealership personnel can stay informed wherever their work takes them.

Embedded Solution Provides Easy Access and Data Integrity 

As a solution that can be easily embedded within Excede, KPIs & Metrics provide fast and easy data access that comes directly from the source—your database. There are no add-on or third-party solutions required to get the insights you need. Our solution is completely integrated and seamless, designed with the help of industry experts and Procede customers, offering a familiar user interface and workflow for intuitive navigation. Users can drill down with pinpoint accuracy to view supporting detail about each aggregate metric and quickly find the information needed without having to run multiple reports. Your team will be able to analyze and make decisions with ease, confidence, and added peace of mind.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re a current Data Insight customer or a dealership that would like to learn more about KPIs & Metrics and the full suite of Excede Analytics tools, our team can help. Please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal. Our sales team will review your request and reach out with more information.

You can also learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required):

Excede KPIs & Metrics are compatible with Excede v10 (or higher), upgrade fees may apply. KPI installation, implementation and training fees may apply.