Announcing the General Release of Excede v10.1

Procede Software is excited to announce the general release of Excede v10.1, the latest version of our industry-leading dealer management system. Building on our company’s ongoing strategy to deliver continuous process improvements with a focus on the user experience and customer workflows, Excede v10.1 provides efficiency gains across all departments of a heavy-duty commercial vehicle dealership.

Highlights of Excede v10.1 Include:

New Workflows and Time-Saving Features for Parts, Service, and More

Excede v10.1 adds many new features and streamlined workflows to address some of the top challenges we’ve heard from our customers. Parts and Service departments will especially appreciate these new features. Some of the highlights include:

  • An updated workflow for Repair Orders that simplifies and integrates the task into the workflow. So users can easily add new vehicles, customer records and more.
  • A new Parts Quote feature that adds real-time cross reference and availability lookup for substitute parts for select OEM aftermarket brands, as well as MOTOR Information Systems. Users can look up a part and it will cross-reference to a part to quickly find out if it’s in stock, or only on the price tape.
  • Corporate Parts Purchasing feature that allows users to create one PO across multiple branches. This will save time with data entry and will make it simple for dealerships to take advantage of parts volume discount ordering.
  • New lightning-fast Price Tape Import Wizard reduces the time to complete this task from hours to only minutes.
  • A new workflow for Simplified Parts Adjustments. This feature enables a faster, auditable, real-time parts adjustments process that will reduce the complexity and time needed for annual parts physical inventory. With this new workflow, you can keep the inventory process moving, prevent delays and ensure that you have an audit trail if needed.
  • New All-Access Service Order Folder provides access to perform both parts and service functions from a single window. Mobile techs and lease-rental operations can enjoy increased efficiencies by eliminating the need to toggle between the two department folders.
  • A formalized Prepay/Deposit feature and workflow to reduce user error and time at the counter.

More Functionality and Flexibility – For Everyone in the Dealership

Excede v10.1 offers efficiencies across the dealership, with many new features and workflow improvements that are easy to learn and will improve your productivity, such as:

  • Improvements to workspace backgrounds and color themes. Users will have more choices for their workspace themes, colors and backgrounds. This flexibility will address the needs of users working in Excede in different environments. Switch to a darker color background if it’s easier on your eyes, or in a bright setting – it’s your choice.
  • An improved search feature called Dynamic Search. With Dynamic Search, users can quickly find records, such as Customers, Parts, and Vehicles, in a fraction of the time with just a few keystrokes.
  • Updates to our Change Log function, greatly expanding the areas that track changes and customizations for when to purge the logs.
  • Item Suppression feature that simplifies and limits the available codes that users see to only those that are relevant to the task they’re performing. This will significantly reduce the number of suspended transactions.
  • One-click Simple Export feature from the Home toolbar allows users to export a record set selection to Excel. Advanced options enable CSV or tab delimited exporting for other applications or systems.
  • Bulk Updates feature that allows users to make bulk updates to select multiple Vehicle, Customer, Employee and Account records at once and update them in a fraction of the time. Workspace permission is required.
  • Updates to the Vehicle Transfer Wizard which features a simpler, more intuitive user experience that makes the vehicle transfer transaction process easier, faster and with fewer errors.

New Accounting and GL Capabilities

Excede v10.1 introduces new features that will appeal to Accounting departments and multi-branch dealerships. A few of these improvements include:

  • A new enhancement for year-end journal entries that solves the manual post year-end (“13th Month”) journal entry problem common in year-end closing tasks. This feature will reduce the time and frustration for accounting teams.
  • Greater functionality and efficiency with the new Corporate GL features. This is particularly useful for dealerships that have multiple corporations or different fiscal year-ends as GL Accounting and reporting can now be run either in one corporation or even branch-specific situations.
  • We’ve also added new capabilities for Corporate GL Structures, so users can set up rules to balance transactions between corporations and multi-dealership organizations easily and without the need for manual adjustments.
  • A flexible and refreshable Set References function allows users to interact with any accounting schedule in one screen. Users can refresh from one schedule to another, and filter by control, cross reference or by account number.

There are many more new features and enhancements in Excede v10.1. Visit  the Customer & Resources Portal (see below) to learn how v10.1 can help your dealership can get up to speed with the latest release.

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