Excede Asset Management: Automated Amortization, Note Payments, GL Monthly Journal Entries and More

Procede Software is pleased to announce its newest solution, Excede Asset Management! This solution is fully integrated with Excede Accounting, giving users the ability to set up and manage monthly depreciation, note payments, and amortized expenses for vehicle assets all from within Excede DMS.

Now, dealership finance and accounting staff can enjoy automated, fast entry of the following types of transactions:

  • Manage vehicle depreciation as a single entry or by module and automatically track book value and accumulated depreciation
  • Support note payments by simply entering information from your loan document – Excede will handle monthly debit/credit accounts automatically
  • Amortization is made simple – just set up originating journal entries and link to these journal entries in the application. Once entered, Asset Management will apply the setup to all vehicles in the originating journal entry
  • Users can review General Ledger monthly journal entries before they are created and easily set them up as an automatic monthly entry
  • Bulk export/import for depreciation and note payments to support large numbers of vehicles
  • Individual unit setup for depreciation and note payments
  • Set up default General Ledger accounts for depreciation and note payments by branch, further simplifying asset setup

This solution can be run either as a standalone browser application or embedded within Excede v10.0 and above. And if you’re running Excede v10.1 or greater, it’s even easier to start using Asset Management with our single sign-on solution. You’ll be automatically logged in based on your Excede credentials.

Get Started Today

To have Excede Asset Management installed, please submit a work order request through our Customer & Resources Portal (login required). Excede Asset Management is compatible with Excede v9.22.4 and above. Please note, a one-time setup fee will apply.

Learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required):

  • Visit our eLearning portal to enroll in the Excede Asset Management online course. This four-part lesson covers an overview along with sessions for depreciation, note payments, and amortization
  • Read the Product Guide for a complete list of features and enhancements
  • Visit our Customer & Resources Portal for info on Resources, Downloads, Knowledge Base, and more
  • Download the Excede Asset Management Data Sheet
  • Watch the Excede Asset Management Overview Webinar