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Announcing Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0

Procede Software is pleased to announce our new generation of barcode scanning software, Excede Barcode Scanning  v2.0. This solution makes managing, counting and receiving parts inventory easy, efficient and accurate. The release pulls the various components of our past barcode scanning solution into a suite of apps that provide dealerships with faster performance, ease of use and added functionality.

Highlights of Barcode Scanning v2.0 include:

Save Time Managing Your Parts Inventory

The new release bundles Parts Inventory, Parts Receiving and Bin Management functions into a suite of apps. The Barcode Scanning suite runs on a mobile handheld barcode scanner for performing easy parts inventory, data collection and barcode scanning tasks. It reduces the time dealerships require for receiving new parts, managing parts inventory and performing annual and cycle counts. Parts can be scanned upon receipt and data will automatically sync to the appropriate Purchase Order (PO). These features enable greater data and inventory accuracy and reduce time compared to manual data entry and inventory management.

Real-Time Scanning Anywhere in a Dealership

Barcode Scanning runs on Windows Mobile over the dealership’s Wi-Fi network and supports real-time scanning most anywhere in the dealership. Dealerships will enjoy added flexibility and convenience – no matter where their parts inventory is located onsite. Parts can be scanned upon receipt and inventory status is automatically updated. This removes the need to return the scanner to its docking location and wait for inventory status to be updated, saving time and reducing inventory confusion. The new Bin Management app allows dealers to effortlessly keep part bin assignments in sync between the physical warehouse and Excede, including mass bin updates.

New Reporting Functionality

The new Barcode Scanning release package adds bin reporting capabilities. Users can now print every bin barcode for the warehouse using the new bin label report included in this package. The process is made even simpler by using a printer that has been tested and recommended by Procede. Simply configure the bin label report to this printer and warehouse managers can easily print parts for a warehouse area, a bin and more.

Improved User Experience from Start to Finish

Barcode Scanning v2.0 provides a better user experience throughout the barcode scanning process. The Parts Inventory app offers a new, user-friendly workflow that provides greater efficiency and faster performance. The new Bin Management app makes it easy to check parts in bin locations. Even installation is simplified with one full installation rather than separate installations for each individual app.

The new release also features new eLearning videos for Parts Receiving, Parts Inventory and Bin Management. The videos provide an easy way for users to quickly get started using the Barcode suite, saving additional time.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Sales team to learn more about Barcode Scanning. Or to schedule an install or upgrade, please submit a work order through our Customer & Resources Portal (login required).

You can also learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required for all links below):

Barcode Scanning v2.0 is compatible with versions of Excede 10.0 and above. If you are interested in having Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0 installed, please create a ticket with Support Services (appropriate access required). If you don’t already have the barcode scanning solution installed, our sales team will review pricing and provide a quote and/or contract terms.