Announcing the General Release of the Graco Integration v2.0

Procede Software is proud to announce the release of the Graco Integration v2.0. Graco, a Procede Certified Partner, offers a comprehensive Pulse® Pro Fluid Management System that gives dealership Service teams the insight, control and analytics they need to effectively manage bulk fluid inventories, dispenses history and tank levels.

Key features and benefits of the Graco Integration v2.0 include:

  • This release utilizes the Excede API to provide a seamless integration between Excede and the dispensing meters. This ensures that the data transfer between Excede and the Pulse® Pro system is secure. It also ensures that fluid amounts are automatically dispensed and billed to the proper Repair Order (RO) in Excede.
  • The integration eliminates duplicate data entry of billing and dispensation data, ensuring full and accurate billing in your heavy-duty Service department.

The Graco Integration v2.0 is now available to all Procede Software customers on Excede v9.22+.

Ready to Get Started?

For a complete list of the Graco Integration v2.0 features and enhancements, please review the release notes on our Customer & Resources Portal.

If you wish to have the Graco Integration v2.0 installed, please submit a request via our Customer & Resources Portal. If you don’t already have a prior version of the Graco integration installed, our Sales team will review pricing and provide a quote and/or contract terms.

Register for our Webinar

Graco and Procede Software are co-hosting a joint webinar on the Graco Integration with Excede on Tuesday, November 17th from 10:00am-11:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you are a current customer, please fill out the form at the following link to join us for this informative presentation: Register for the Graco Webinar.