Document Delivery v2.0

Document Delivery v2.0 Now Available!

Procede Software is pleased to announce the general release of Document Delivery v2.0.

Document Delivery enables dealerships to send automated emails to their customers to distribute Service, Parts, Lease Rental, Fuel invoices, and monthly accounts receivable (AR) statements. By converting to electronic delivery of their invoices, dealerships can:

  • Save time and cost by having your invoices and statements sent via email. The elimination of steps involved with paper documents reduces your time to receive payment while you save the cost of printing, postage, and storing those documents.
  • Streamline processes by eliminating steps such as printing, mailing, tracking, and filing involved with paper invoicing/statements.
  • Increase end-customer satisfaction with an easy set-up of your customer at the dealership. Additionally, delivery status of invoices and statements can be verified, and lost emails can be re-sent within Excede, making customer support simple.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • NEW – The application is now embedded in Excede enabling a single authentication step and eliminating the need to switch between applications.
  • NEW – Custom invoice delivery schedules can be created to accommodate different needs. Each customer contact can have their own invoice delivery schedule.
  • NEW – New tab with the ability to view sent emails, resend emails, open attachments, and see if any errors occurred. Staff can verify that a missing email was sent and optionally resend it.
  • NEW – SendGrid is now available as an alternative to Microsoft Office 365 and Google email. For dealers with Microsoft Exchange on-premises, a pickup directory can be specified to handle email delivery, thereby overcoming Exchange sending limits.
  • UPGRADE – Dealership staff can now set-up Document Delivery for customers rather than relying on the customer to login to set-up preferences.
  • UPGRADE – Customer contact information is linked to other functions in Excede, eliminating the need to enter information twice.
  • UPGRADE – Email recipient line options allow “To” and “CC” options when sending emails to cut down on emails being caught in spam filters.
  • UPGRADE – Multiple sets of email templates are now available allowing different templates for each branch. Branches can now show their own name, address, phone numbers, contacts, website, send “from”, and more.
  • UPGRADE – Email history can now be configured to match each dealership’s needs.
  • UPGRADE – Option to combine multiple invoice types into one email at the contact level

Pricing for Document Delivery v2.0
Procede is implementing a monthly subscription for Document Delivery v2.0, which will allow us to continue to invest in development and support costs associated with maintaining and advancing the product.

Document Delivery v1.x will still be available to current Document Delivery customers at no cost, and you will not be required to upgrade at this time. However, the new version is packed with many features that will save costs, save time, streamline your processes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Getting Started
If you are interested in leveraging Document Delivery v2.0, please submit a work order via our Customer & Resource Portal (login required). Our Customer Success team will review pricing details and provide a quote and/or contract terms.