Excede Academy: Revamped Introductory Training on Excede

In an ongoing effort to enhance both our product and service offerings, the Excede Web-Based Introduction (WBI) course has a new look and a new name to match. Now called Excede Academy, this introductory course on Excede has been updated with new learning features designed to improve the learner experience and increase retention, helping dealership personnel to get quickly up-to-speed on our industry-leading dealer management system.

New and Improved Three-Step Lessons
Excede Academy offers a greater focus on end-user performance. First, users watch instructor-led demo videos from an experienced Procede Training Specialist, who walks them through different workflows in the system in a friendly, coaching style.

Then, the user practices what they’ve learned, with guidance through each step of the workflow. Users can choose to ‘skip’ this practice session if they feel confident in their knowledge.

After instruction, users are given an opportunity to immediately apply what they’ve learned, trying the steps on their own in a brief assessment. Each assessment provides immediate feedback on their performance. In order to pass, the user must receive a score of 80% or higher on each one. Badges reward users each time they pass all of the assessments in each course module, giving them a sense of accomplishment for successfully completing the course.

Excede Academy Benefits
The new Excede Academy offers numerous benefits to Excede users:

Increased Transparency
Supervisors have increased visibility into the performance of their dealership personnel, since they can view their assessment scores and the badges that they have earned. In addition, since each lesson covers a specific workflow in Excede, this provides better insight into the concepts or areas that they are learning, so supervisors can offer assistance if needed.

Greater Focus on Performance
Users are encouraged to complete key workflows and make use of keyboard shortcuts that they’ll use in their everyday roles, delivering a more practical educational experience. In addition, the demo videos are shorter and with a tighter focus, making it easier for users to retain content and stay engaged during each lesson.

More Personalized Experience
Our friendly, Procede Training Specialists are introduced by their name and photo at the beginning of each video lesson, providing users with a more personalized, human experience. Industry photos have also been incorporated into the lessons, alongside real-world scenarios, which helps to improve content retention and deliver a more visually appealing experience.

Next Steps
If you have new dealership personnel that you’re onboarding, now is a great time to take advantage of the Excede Academy, so that new users can become familiar with the system.

Even if you’re not bringing new staff aboard, the Excede Academy serves as a great ‘refresher’ course and resource for existing staff to get an all-around walkthrough of Excede and each department. It’s also an excellent way to give your management team visibility into their proficiency with the system and identify areas for improvement.

To get started with Excede Academy, please contact your dealership’s eLearning Admin to have them enroll you in this new course that is now available. If you’re an eLearning Admin and you’re unsure how to enroll users in a course, please consult this FAQ resource on our eLearning Portal (login required) for a step-by-step guide.

If you have questions or need assistance, please submit a request via our Customer & Resources Portal (login required). Our Education & Training team will reach out to provide you with more information. Please note, an eLearning signup fee may apply.