Mootz Moody

For Procede Software’s Support Services Manager, Mootz Moody, Relationships are Top Priority

Mootz Moody joined Procede Software as Support Services Manager a little over a year ago, but his passion for the heavy-duty vehicle industry goes further back. Moody’s father worked in the industry, so he already had an understanding of how dealerships operate. Moody also has a genuine appreciation for the important role trucks play in the supply chain and the invaluable work dealerships do to keep them on the road.

“Commercial vehicles are essential to our nation’s economy. Heavy trucks move about 72.5% of the nation’s freight by weight, so it’s incredibly important to keep them running optimally. That’s been exceptionally challenging for our customers over the past couple of years,” said Moody. “Procede’s products help dealerships be more efficient on a day-to-day basis, so they can focus on other aspects of running their business. That’s why it’s so important for the Support Services team to be responsive.”

Prior to joining Procede, Moody served in customer service and technical support roles in both the consumer electronics and automotive industries. Throughout his career, and despite the technical nature of some of the roles, Moody has always prioritized relationships. “Everything I do revolves around building good relationships,” said Moody. “Procede is obviously a technical company, and our product is comprehensive, but our focus in Support Services, and my personal focus is on people. I hope that focus shines through in everything we say and do.”

What’s Important to the Customer, Is Important to Us!
Mootz and the Support Services team are guided by a single principle: “What is important to the customer is important to us.” Mootz explains, “This simple phrase is a reminder to handle every issue, both large and small, with urgency. Our customers rely on our products to run their businesses, so the sooner we resolve issues, the sooner they can get back to work.”

Getting customers back to work may include walking them through a solution over the phone, sharing screenshots, or providing resources from Excede documentation or our knowledge base. The team will also schedule one-on-one support sessions, so they can watch customers walk through a process and get a firsthand understanding of any issues they’re experiencing.

The Support Services team is also committed to being flexible and responding in a way that best meets their customers’ needs, whether by phone or email. The standard response time is two hours, but for urgent requests, the team typically responds within 15 minutes. Of course, minimizing business disruption is always a top priority, so they’re happy to schedule a call at the customer’s convenience, too.

“It’s Support Services’ job to help the customer use Excede as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether customers hit a bump in the road or simply need recommendations, we’re here to help,” said Moody.

Growing the Team to Better Support Customers
Since Moody joined Procede, the company’s customer base has grown considerably, and the Support Services team has grown along with it. That’s not the only change the team has seen. Moody has introduced new initiatives to ensure the team is delivering on Procede’s overall commitment to customer value, including new internal processes to drive efficiencies, train new employees, and measure success.

“We understand that even minor delays in response time and issue resolution can impact our customers’ businesses,” explains Moody. “Yet, as our customer base has grown, so has our overall ticket traffic. To manage it, the team is growing both in numbers and in expertise. We’re very focused on ensuring the team is well-trained.”

Moody is pleased to partner with Procede’s award-winning Talent Development team to pilot a new training program. Moody explains, “Our team is working with the Talent Development team to pilot a new role-specific onboarding program. They are introduced to the same tools our customers use, but in addition to learning how the product works, they are also learning how to troubleshoot common issues, how to identify urgency, and how to interact over the phone and via email.”

“New team members also benefit from mentoring by our more experienced team leads,” Moody added. “This helps them gain a real-world understanding of the types of tickets that come in and how to respond to them.”

The team’s efforts are paying off: both average ticket response time and total ticket resolution time are dropping, while the number of “one touch” tickets that are resolved through a single interaction is increasing.

An Intentional Approach to Customer Service
When asked what the most important thing he wanted Procede’s customers to know about Support Services was, Moody was quick to respond: “We value the relationships! We want to know our clients well and understand their needs, and we want our clients to be on a first-name basis with our team. Everything comes down to relationships—so often, a conversation with another human on the phone is what it takes to get our customers back to work as quickly as possible.”

As we closed out our conversation, Moody shared some final thoughts about his approach to customer service, saying, “It’s rare in this day and age that companies place the right emphasis on customer service. So many of them go through the motions, but it’s not done intentionally. At Procede, we take a true partnership approach that informs every interaction. We want our customers to know just how much we value them. In Support Services, that means being there for them whenever and however they need us.”