Graco Integration v1.1 Brings New Functionality

We are pleased to announce the release of Graco v1.1, an updated integration between Excede and the Graco Matrix lubrication system.

This release adds one major new feature, Verification Strength (VS), which offers additional control over fluid dispense authorization. In v1.0, there is no ability to pre-authorize pump amounts. In v1.1, you can set three different Verification Strength levels corresponding to varying pumping requirements. If Verification Strength level three (VS3) is set, for instance, Matrix will not pump any amount more than is pre-authorized in the DMS. Excede will then report back to Matrix any amount under-pumped or over-pumped for auditing purposes.

The Verification Strength will also work seamlessly with Matrix’ Top Off Percent functionality. For example, if four units are authorized under VS3, and the Top Off is set at 10%, Matrix will allow dispensing of up to 4.4 units.

To upgrade to Graco v1.1, contact Support Services. (Login required.)