Excede v10.2

Introducing Excede DMS v10.2!

Procede Software is excited to announce the general release of Excede v10.2, the latest version of our industry-leading dealer management system. Building on our company’s ongoing strategy to deliver continuous process improvements with a focus on the user experience and customer workflows, Excede v10.2 delivers significant advancements to parts workflows and automates repetitive tasks across all departments to increase productivity and drive efficiencies.

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Highlights of the new release include:

Parts Department Updates

  • NEW – Programmed Cycle Counting allows for efficient and on time cycle counts. Once enabled, Excede will keep track of which parts have been counted and when, making suggestions for how many and which parts should be counted each day to stay on track to complete the cycle.
  • NEW – Formalized Rebates enable rebate programs allowing Excede to calculate and store rebate dollars on orders for real time GP calculations.
  • NEW – Integrated Print Ticket Printouts streamlines printing pick tickets. Select the appropriate line items from the order screen, and a new pick ticket will print with only those selected parts.
  • UPDATE – Enhanced Vendor Parts Quote now opens on <Insert>, and supports all item types including misc. charges, non-stock misc. parts, and comments. Once the parts quote is created, Excede will display the new order and automatically drill into the item level.
  • NEW – Consignment & Mobile Truck Inventory feature allows a dealership to formally separate and track parts inventory that exists on the balance sheet, but not physically on-site.

Accounting and Vehicle Sales Updates

  • NEW –Fixed Assets, a new Company folder for recording, tracking, managing, and depreciating fixed asset records.
  • UPDATE – Vehicle Management Automation now allows for bulk insertion of new vehicles, exporting vehicles onto a single Purchase Order, and bulk expense recording – dramatically reducing keystrokes.
  • NEW – Internal Purchase Agreements (IPA) manages agreements between the Vehicle Sales department and the Service Department for getting services done on dealership-owned vehicles. Controls are in place for preventing overcharging of the service for work that has pre-defined cost limitations. IPAs also provide linking of the Vehicle PO to the Service Order for visibility to the process, audit trail, and seamless reconciliation.

UX/UI Updates

  • UPDATE – Ribbons are now customizable, and a new quick access ribbon can be added to save screen space.
  • UPDATE – Favorites are improved and are now part of the Navigation view, keeping all navigation controls in the same place.
  • UPDATE – The Field Chooser has been redesigned. Rather than a pop-up dialog box, the new Field Chooser now appears within the list view and can remain visible while using Excede. Checkboxes allow for selecting / de-selecting of fields, as well as a drag-and-drop feature.
  • UPDATE – Workspaces show permissions in the list view, are easier to configure and include a smart filter to allow a view of all workspace permissions for anyone on one screen.

For a full overview of New Features, view the Excede v10.2: The Next Big Thing for Your Dealership (login required) on-demand webinar on our eLearning site.

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