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Introducing the New Physical Inventory Process Video Series

Procede Software is pleased to announce the release of our Physical Inventory Process video series. Whether you are a new dealer conducting your first inventory using Excede, or a long-time customer wanting a refresher on the process from beginning to end, these videos can provide a framework for a streamlined and organized count process.

This video series includes step-by-step guidance and supporting reference materials on the following areas of the Physical Inventory process in Excede:

  1. Count Preparation
  2. Preparing Count Sheets
  3. The Count Process
  4. Recounting
  5. Reconciliation

The Procede best practices featured in this series will assist your Parts Department with your Excede setup to keep your inventory data clean and accurate, year-round. Customers will also enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Individual videos for each step of the inventory process in Excede, so that your personnel can easily follow along at their convenience, depending on where they are at in the inventory process.
  • End-to-end process resources to help your team prepare for inventory, conduct the inventory count and reconcile after completing the physical count.
  • Utilize these resource videos annually to help refresh your staff when it comes time to start planning for inventory.

Please note, this video series was created in Excede v10. Also, please be mindful of any workflow changes that should be considered if using barcode scanning equipment when conducting your physical inventory.

You can get started with the Physical Inventory Process videos by following the links below (login required):

  • Visit our eLearning site to enroll in the Physical Inventory Process course. We recommend beginning with the Count Preparation video at least a few weeks prior to your planned count date.
  • If you need assistance with enrolling in this course, please contact your dealership’s eLearning Admin. If you’re an eLearning Admin and you’re unsure how to enroll users in a course, please consult this FAQ resource on our eLearning Portal for a step-by-step guide. Please note, for new account requests, an eLearning signup fee may apply.