Procede Announces Enhanced Integration with Record360

Procede Software is proud to announce the release of the Record360 Integration v3.1. Record360, a Procede Certified Partner, offers digital asset condition management, claims management, and analytics to dealerships that rent or lease vehicles. With the Record360 mobile app, users can record high-resolution media, such as vehicle photos and videos, and save these media files in the Record360 dashboard, which can be accessed via the Vehicle Details page within Excede Lease Rental Plus.

By using the Record360 Integration with Excede Lease Rental Plus, dealership personnel can save ample time and steps in the lease-rental process, since they are able to quickly assess the vehicle’s current condition. In addition, dealers can expedite and resolve vehicle condition disputes and collect for damages, enabling them to decrease their damage disputes and costs. Record360 users can also view archived, historical condition reports, allowing them to better track and gain vital insights into the condition of their heavy-duty trucks over time.

This latest version of the integration provides the following enhanced features and functionality to end users:

  • This version offers a faster, seamless experience for Excede Lease Rental Plus users. When the user clicks the ‘View Record360 Details’ link on the Vehicle Details page, they are taken directly to the vehicle’s complete transaction list, without having to log into Record360.
  • Excede Lease Rental Plus users can easily pull in vehicle data such as mileage, engine hours, and odometer readings into the check out and check in dialogs, once this information has been entered into the Record360 mobile application. This, in turn, saves lease-rental personnel time by reducing mouse clicks and manual data entry.
  • Each vehicle is either VIN or Fleet ID verified, for easy vehicle tracking.
  • This latest release also accesses the new Record360 dashboard, which offers an improved user interface and experience.

Get Started Today
If you are interested in leveraging Record360, please contact If you then wish to have the Record360 integration v3.1 installed, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal. If your dealership isn’t already contracted for the Record360 integration, our Sales team will review your contracting options.

You can learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required for all links):

To take advantage of the Record360 integration, users must have Excede Lease Rental Plus installed at their dealership. The new Record360 integration is compatible with versions of Excede Lease Rental Plus v2.2.1 and above. It also requires the Excede API v2.1.0.68 for Excede v10.1+ users, or the Excede API v2.0.0.408 for Excede v9.22.4 to v10.0.1 users.