Procede Announces Enhanced Integration with Vertex

Vertex offers reliable, comprehensive indirect tax solutions that provide more consistent and accurate tax management for its customers. The newly enhanced Vertex Integration with Excede provides an improved user experience to dealerships while accessing powerful Vertex tax capabilities from within the Excede DMS workflow.

The integration is now compatible with both the Vertex Cloud and O Series platforms. Customers using these Vertex solutions will be able to seamlessly access them within Excede.

This integration enables state and local tax calculations in real-time without having to leave Excede. Additionally, the integration prevents the posting of orders without taxes by alerting the user via the interface of possible errors such as line items without the correct tax ID and incorrect address information.

These improvements result in more accurate taxation for dealerships and an improved experience for Excede users by reducing the chance for user errors and avoiding possible confusion while working in two different systems.

Highlights of this new release include:

  • Seamless integration into Vertex for more accurate tax management for dealerships
  • Now compatible with Vertex versions 7, 8 and 9, including:
    • Vertex Cloud
    • Vertex O Series / On-demand
    • Vertex O Series / On-premises
  • This version features improvements to prevent posting orders without taxes, including:
    • Error messages displayed on the Excede Interface
    • Line item tax validation
  • Avoids sending duplicate invoice requests to the Vertex application
  • For Excede v10+ users, the integration now calculates and displays the tax amount per operation, enabling them to view tax amounts with ease by merely drilling into the order
  • New secure connection options for on-premises customers
  • New capability that allows Service Order quote requests from Excede when the Labor field is marked ‘Incomplete’
  • Includes country-specific information in the request sent to Vertex, which prevents requests from being rejected by Vertex due to an incorrect address

Ready to Get Started?
If you are interested in leveraging Vertex, please contact Vertex at If you then wish to have the Excede Vertex Integration installed, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal.  If your dealership isn’t already contracted for the Vertex Integration, our Sales team will review your contracting options.

You can learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required for all links):

  • Read the Release Notes for a complete list of features and enhancements (found in the Customer & Resources Portal)
  • Visit our Customer & Resources Portal for info on Resources, Downloads, Knowledge Base and more
  • Download the Vertex Integration with Excede Data Sheet

The new integration is compatible with versions of Excede 9.22 and above. Vertex O Series Tax Calculation is also required.