Procede Software Announces New Partnership, Integration with MOTOR Information Systems

MOTOR Information Systems is one of the world’s premier suppliers of vehicle data, and its FleetCross product is the leading tool for heavy-duty part numbers and truck part cross-references. Procede Software is pleased to announce the release of our Excede integration with FleetCross. The new FleetCross by MOTOR Integration with Excede v10.1 enables MOTOR’s powerful real-time parts search solution from within the Excede DMS workflow.

With this integration, Parts staff can save time and reduce steps searching for parts information, all within Excede. Users will be able to take advantage of FleetCross by MOTOR’s parts research solution to instantly pull truck data from millions of industry parts.

Highlights of this new release include:

Seamless integration into FleetCross by MOTOR for real-time search of cross-referenced, alternate manufacturer truck parts

  • Save time and reduce steps to find parts information at the counter. Users can obtain a list of equivalent parts and add them directly to Excede.
  • No searching through other systems – it is all done within the Excede DMS workflow
  • Continuous updates from MOTOR, so users can have confidence in obtaining the latest information

This new release further demonstrates Procede Software’s commitment to helping heavy-duty commercial vehicle distributors drive performance across all areas of their business. By partnering with service providers that offer value across multiple dealership functions such as MOTOR, Procede Software continues to build a growing, thriving ecosystem of manufacturer and partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with Excede.

Get Started Today
If you are interested in leveraging FleetCross by MOTOR, please contact Mike Levine at If you then wish to have the FleetCross integration with Excede installed, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal. Our Sales team will review pricing and provide a quote and/or contract terms.

You can learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required for all links below):

The new integration is compatible with versions of Excede 10.1 and above and requires Excede API v2.1.0.49+. The dealership must also obtain all third-party software directly from MOTOR and set it up in advance. For technical support, please contact MOTOR Information Systems at or 1 (800) 426-6867, or submit a ticket to their Support Portal.