Wall teardown

Procede Software Expands Our Office Space

Just 18 short months ago, the Procede team moved into our new corporate headquarters office suite in Sorrento Valley, San Diego. At the time, there was no shortage of desks or places to sit around our conference table during all-employee meetings. However, as time and demand for our products progressed, so did our need for office space. Fast forward a year and a half later—our team began arriving 10 minutes early to meetings to grab a coveted seat, and desks were in higher demand than fidget spinners.

We quickly realized we were outgrowing our office space and needed to take action. To meet this demand, we selected a handful of Procede employees we were confident could carry out the task at hand: expand our office space. And so, they did just this, one swing at a time, until we tore down the green wall that separated our office suite from the one adjacent. The demolition resulted in more office space than ever to help accommodate employee and company growth.

“We continue to reinvest every dollar back into Procede Software” said Larry Kettler, CEO Procede Software. “This additional office space will provide the room, resources and cultural environment needed to support our accelerated growth.”

As we celebrate over 16 years in the business, Procede Software looks forward to continuing to grow and fill out our new office suite with even more talented individuals. This new space will allow our team to grow in a comfortable, accommodating space as we continue to expand.

“Procede has followed an organic growth path so we can ensure a sustainable growth rate while meeting the increasing demands of a growing customer base,” says Deanna Cocco, Director of Operations and Support Services and a Procede employee of over a decade. “We’re growing and promoting great people from within, and expanding our office to make space for the next generation of managers and leaders to come.”

We invite you to come stop by for a personal tour of our new office space the next time you’re in town. We’d love the opportunity to show you and your colleagues how much Procede has truly grown.