Procede Software Releases ATD Academy Reporting Suite

Custom-designed reports better equip students and provide a deeper educational experience

San Diego, California, June 4, 2019 – Leading heavy-duty truck dealer management system (DMS) solutions provider Procede Software announced the immediate release of an ATD Academy reporting suite custom-designed for dealership employees running the Excede dealer management system and attending the ATD Academy.  Tailored specifically to the ATD Academy curriculum, the report suite enhances and adds value to academy attendees by allowing them to analyze their own data to pinpoint opportunities for growth in every dealership department.

“The ATD Academy is a proven and trusted dealership learning institution that more and more of our customers are leveraging,” said Larry Kettler, CEO. “We are excited to augment the learning experience for our customers who attend the ATD Academy by delivering them a set of tools to maximize their benefit from each session they attend.”

During the ATD Academy, participants are asked to extract data from their DMS to increase their involvement and engagement in the classroom sessions. Participants import that data into the reports and then use them to analyze their dealership’s performance. Monitoring key performance metrics, such as total service revenue and gross profit rank by location, allows the participant to identify areas of strength and where to prioritize their focus.

Using extensive industry knowledge and thoughtful collaboration, the company developed the ATD Academy Reporting Suite from the ground up to the academy’s specifications to compliment the training. 

Prior to attending the ATD Academy, Procede customers will be equipped with custom-tailored reports to use throughout the training. The report suite follows industry standards and meets the requirements of the ATD Academy.

The ATD Academy follows an intensive six-week sequence of specialized courses, customized to serve the needs of commercial truck dealerships. The program features the latest in industry trends and developments, while also being deeply rooted in the fundamentals needed to operate a successful and profitable business. Advancing their suite of over 20 customized reports better sets Procede’s customers up for success for the ATD Academy and gives them tangible tools to take back to their dealership to boost efficiency through their performance metrics.

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