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REMINDER: End of Support ‘Sunsetting’ Notice for Multiple Products

At Procede Software, we constantly evaluate our product suite to determine the feasibility and relevance of our current and future product portfolio. By going through this evaluation process, we can optimize our product portfolio based on customer usage and improve system performance, ultimately creating the best possible experience for our customers. As a result, we will occasionally identify some products that are no longer relevant, used by a declining base of customers (or not used at all), or that are transitioning to some of our newer, updated solutions.

With that background, we have identified several legacy products that will be retired with the release of Excede v10.4 during mid-year, 2023. See below for a list of products, along with the ‘migration’ path forward for customers who might be using these solutions:

  • Bank Integrations: We are retiring bank integrations from Banknorth, Chase Bank, Compass Bank, First American Credco and Frost Bank. The reason for this decision is because these integrations are no longer used by our customers. We will also retire the current integration for Regions Financial Corp., replacing it with an updated integration through our payment processing vendors. We will communicate this updated integration path well in advance and alert affected customers directly.
  • Service Board: We are retiring Service Board for several reasons. First, we have minimal known customer usage of Service Board and the resources required to maintain the product can no longer be justified. The product also uses an outdated technology stack that will be replaced by an upcoming release of Excede.

For customers who do use Service Board, please know that most of the features and functionality found in this application will be replaced by (and enhanced) with the release of Excede v10.4. Users will enjoy greater, more powerful functionality, including but not limited to: a new shop scheduling feature, a new shop loading/dispatching feature, and numerous dynamic data fields, statuses, and icons throughout the Repair Order module. The upcoming v10.4 release will offer an abundance of Service-focused enhancements that will provide an improved customer experience and help our customers reduce shop downtime and increase their shop profitability.