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Revamped & Ready to View: New WBI eLearning Videos Now Available

In an ongoing effort to enhance both our product and service offerings, our Web Based Introduction (WBI) courses were recently updated to improve the user experience, resulting in easily digestible lessons that are more engaging, improve retention and provide more value to you.

Our WBI courses provide a broad overview of Excede functionality and it is recommended that all new employees or those looking for a refresher complete the “Getting to Know Excede” course, plus any department-specific videos relevant to their roles. Each course contains multiple interactive lessons on key introductory topics that will provide a better understanding of Excede’s capabilities and improve employee performance in a live environment.

Check Out What’s New!

  • Interactive Learning – Instructional segments have been shortened, allowing more interaction with Excede. A new keyboard style interface gives you the opportunity to practice shortcuts that were previously unavailable due to browser limitations.
  • Updated Interface – New and consistent visuals will help eliminate distraction and assist with focus, allowing you to concentrate on the subject matter. Additional voice-overs have also been added for improved diction.
  • Real-world Relevance – When possible, real-life characters will introduce lessons and walk you through stories with relevant examples that help connect the content to their own experience, improving long-term retention.
  • Assessment for Learning – Knowledge checks are incorporated throughout the lessons to reinforce key points. Hints and feedback are provided as a guide when incorrect responses are selected. The quizzes were also improved to include a wider range of questions to broaden the scope of learning for the users.
  • New Updates for Excede v10 – Based on the upgrades made in Excede v10.0, content and best practices have been updated for every single lesson in the WBI!

How to Access This Content

  • If you forgot your password, click [Forgot Password] on the login page and you will get an email with a new password.
  • Note: New logins require a $40, one-time setup fee. To receive a new login and access our WBI eLearning videos, please have your dealership’s eLearning administrator setup the new login.