Barcode Scanning

Save Time & Increase Accuracy in Your Parts Department with Excede Barcode Scanning

Heavy-duty vehicle dealerships are increasingly turning to technology to work more efficiently, deliver better customer service, and gain competitive advantages. Yet, many are still using manual processes to manage a critical aspect of their business—parts inventory. For dealerships using Excede, Procede Software makes an efficient, easy-to-use, and accurate solution—Excede Barcode Scanning—that reduces manual data entry and streamlines parts inventory processes.

Excede Barcode Scanning – An Extension of Your DMS
Excede Barcode Scanning uses a mobile, hand-held scanner, that is built on Windows Mobile, and runs over your dealership’s Wi-Fi network, so you can scan and update inventory in real-time, from almost anywhere in your facility—without returning the scanner to the docking station. It features three different applications that streamline the most labor-intensive inventory management activities: parts receiving, cycle counts, and bin management. These applications automate manual processes, making them faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

Procede introduced Excede Barcode Scanning v2.1.1 last August, and it’s even faster and easier to use than previous versions. The latest functionality includes:

  • Parts Receiving: Using the Parts Receiving application, dealerships can quickly scan parts when they are received, and the data will automatically sync with the correct purchase order in Excede. If a part appears on multiple purchase orders, you can choose which one is relevant, update quantity, edit costs, and save the updated data.
  • Parts Inventory: Using the Parts Inventory application, dealerships can streamline both annual and cycle counts. The latest version has a new, more user-friendly workflow that includes fuzzy search logic, so if the printed barcode isn’t accurate, you can find the most likely match in your system.

The Parts Inventory app and the Parts Receiving app both include a mapping feature where a barcode that doesn’t match an existing part number in Excede can be mapped in real-time to the correct part number and saved. If saved, this barcode will be recognized going forward as the mapped part number.

  • Bin Management: Bin Management is the newest Barcode Scanning application, and dealerships can use it for real-time syncing of bin assignments between their physical warehouse and Excede, as well as for mass bin updates. It’s also handy for looking up parts locations as you’re putting parts away.

Like all Procede Software’s solutions, Excede Barcode Scanning was developed with input from customers who participate in our Procede Insider Program. We’re always looking for ways to bring additional value to our customers, and the Insider Program ensures we focus development on the areas that will have the greatest impact on your business. Excede Barcode Scanning is no exception—we’re currently developing even more great functionality for this Excede Additional Solution.

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Getting Started
To get started with Excede Barcode Scanning or to upgrade to the latest version, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal. Our Sales team will review pricing details and provide a quote and/or contract terms.