Spotlight on Support Part 1: Top Tier Support

This year, the Procede Support Team has been focusing on improving processes and proactively reaching out to customers to ensure both awareness of the tools available to them, and their ability to access any support they need. As a continuation of this outreach and education, this month’s top story features part one of a two-part Spotlight on support, where we will touch on the many free and valuable support channels available to you as part of your monthly maintenance and support agreement. Beginning with Procede guided support offerings that give you access to our professional and knowledgeable Support Team who are happy to help you through any issue large or small.

Support Services

Our in-house team of experienced Application Systems Consultants’ primary role is to help ensure you’re getting the full benefit of Excede DMS. Support is available from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm PST, and we guarantee a response within 2 hours or less. A clearly defined escalation process is in place to ensure you get the expert response you need quickly.

Customer Portal

Online help is available through our password-protected Support Services page. The site is also used to facilitate enhancement requests, manage bug notifications, and handle inquiries about Professional Services. All self-service support tools can be accessed through the Customer Portal as well.

Price Tapes

You can download Price Tape updates for each contracted manufacturer interface as they become available. For each contracted vendor who supplies price files, Procede will strive to obtain updates directly and distribute the formatted file for import into Excede DMS to each authorized dealer.

Software Updates

Procede works to continually provide you with the latest feature set as part of your continued maintenance. You have immediate access to software updates as they become available. This includes the core Excede DMS software, contracted add-ons, and contracted manufacturer integration solutions. Self-led upgrades to the current version of Excede are free, and Professional Services consultants are available if you need extra guidance.

After Hours Support

Sometimes your issue just can’t wait until tomorrow. For these situations, after hours support is available at the current billable rate. To access after hours support, call 858-450-4820.

Professional Services

If your issue falls outside the realm of standard support, the Professional Services team is available to help. With Professional Services, you have access to expertise that goes far beyond “how to” product support. Our team of highly skilled engineers, IT professionals, and process consultants is available to develop custom applications, convert and import data, configure your SQL Server, analyze and improve your workflow, manage upgrades, and create custom reports—whatever it takes to help you take your business further. To learn more about consultant availability contact us via Support Services.

The Procede Support staff is dedicated to providing you with professional and friendly help and guidance, and we hope you will make use of the beneficial services included in your monthly support agreement.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Spotlight on Support, where we will cover the many easy-to-use self-service support options available to all Excede users, and highlight some of the new tools available to help you find the answers you need quickly.