Spotlight on Support Part 2: Self Service Support

Last month, we highlighted the Procede guided support services led by our professional and knowledgeable Support staff. In this issue, we will share the many self-service tools that give users direct access to information and enable them to self-diagnose and resolve issues quickly. All of these valuable tools are included in your monthly maintenance costs.


From recorded demonstrations of the New Features available in the latest version of Excede, to the in-depth instructional videos for Data Insight and Service Board, eLearning is an educational tool designed for interactive tutorials of Procede’s products. It’s also where you access the Excede Web Based Introduction* (WBI) which guides new users through the fundamentals of Excede DMS – including over four hours of content and quizzes for each subject. Each dealership has a designated eLearning administrator who can add new users and assign relevant courses to users based on job role.

*Additional WBI licenses can be purchased as needed through Support Services.

Help Files

Answers at your fingertips. Excede includes comprehensive Help Files that provide everything from high-level overviews by topic, to step-by-step instructions for accomplishing tasks. By familiarizing yourself with the Help Files, you’ll have a better understanding of Excede’s capabilities and be able to access the information you need more efficiently. Any time you are in Excede, you can launch the Help Files by pressing F1. When you click any Help button from within Excede, you are taken directly to the most relevant topic.

Knowledge Base

Have a question? There’s a good chance someone else has previously reached out to support for an answer—search the Knowledge Base to find out!  Entries are 100% based off of actual customer support requests, and information is specifically focused on real-world scenarios and troubleshooting.  To search the Knowledge Base, log in to Support Services as usual and use the search field on the landing page. If you don’t find the answer you need, you are already logged in and can quickly enter a support ticket.

Training Workshops & Webinars

Procede hosts a series of monthly Best Practices webinars and interactive Data Insight workshops. Open to all Excede users*, these online training sessions are intended to help you polish your skills and provide valuable tips and tricks you can use right away. For details and registration information on upcoming events, visit the Events page on our website. Downloads of past presentations are available in the User Forum. (Login required.)

*Data Insight workshops are open to current Data Insight users. If you are not currently contracted for Data Insight, contact sales to learn more.

User Forum

An online community where Procede staff, Excede users, and OEM representatives can exchange ideas, information, and tips to help each other work more efficiently and effectively. You can also access downloads, resources, and tools made available by Procede, and share your own helpful solutions and processes with others. Registration is open to all Excede DMS users. To get started, go to the Customer & Resources Portal landing page and register.

So what’s next?

Enhancements to the customer portal that will improve automation and accessibility are in the works, as well as Excede Key Concepts videos that can be referenced regularly for guided instruction on some of Excede’s more advanced features and fundamental concepts. We will also continue to reach out to customers for input on the tools, processes and staff we have in place.

Please help us by completing the support survey you receive upon resolution of a support request. With your feedback, we can continue to grow and provide you with the best support possible.