Streamline and Optimize Your AP Payments with Nvoicepay

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with leading supplier payments provider, Nvoicepay. Nvoicepay offers intelligent payment automation, transforming the way dealerships make payments. Additionally, Nvoicepay utilizes intuitive cloud-based software and comprehensive services to simplify the vendor payment process, even in complex environments.

“We are happy to bring Nvoicepay’s business-to-business payment solution to Procede Software customers and help them pay 100% of their supplier invoices electronically, while increasing back office efficiency. By automating all payments, finance teams win through dynamic vendor enablement, superior vendor services, and remarkable results, unlocking the value in the payments process.” – Karla Friede, CEO, Nvoicepay.

Dealerships need a simple, secure way to collect and maintain vendor payment data. Nvoicepay handles both without the need for dealerships to get involved. Their intelligence-driven payment automation solution is purpose-built for the most challenging dealership needs, alleviating the burden on accounting and finance departments and allowing them to focus on the tasks that matter most. By improving payment processes, dealerships are able to strengthen their vendor relationships by providing the options and speed suppliers expect from electronic payments.

Other benefits of the Nvoicepay Integration with Excede® include the ability to:

  • Streamline all payments in the same process with minimal human touchpoints
  • Mitigate payment fraud by shifting liability to Nvoicepay
  • Transmit posted disbursements documents from the dealership database to Nvoicepay via a scheduled task
  • Deliver a superior supplier experience by allowing suppliers to choose the payment option that works best for them
  • Enhance cash management with increased speed, visibility, and control
  • Handle complex environments with multiple hierarchies, workflow approvals, locations and bank accounts, as well as on-demand reporting

The Nvoicepay Payment Automation Integration with Excede is now available to all Procede Software customers on Excede v10.0+.

If you are interested in learning more about Nvoicepay, please contact Nvoicepay at If you then wish to have the Nvoicepay Integration installed, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal (login required) or click the link below to obtain pricing from our Sales team.