Streamline electronic invoicing with Excede Document Delivery

Excede Document Delivery provides a way for your dealership to reduce the time spent on individual email invoice requests and increase customer satisfaction through increased communication. This feature allows you to manage invoice copy distribution in real-time, assign invoice or statement recipients, and even set an automatic delivery of the statement on a monthly basis!

How it Works

Excede Document Delivery is a web-based application, and like Time Clock, runs completely within any modern web browser, eliminating the need for installation on multiple computers. Once installed, when a document such as a service order or parts invoice is posted, a scheduled task will run and send an HTML email to the customer with the invoice attached as a PDF. If you are also using Excede Signature Capture, the signed copy of the invoice will be sent!

Since every dealership has different communication needs, the scheduled task can be set to run on a frequency you set—every 5 minutes, at the close of the business day—whatever works for you. The HTML emails are also customizable, allowing you to set the subject line, body content, and add your company logo. Further customization is available per document type. For example, Parts, Service, or Lease/Rental invoices can each be populated with contact information for disputing invoice charges, or even mention of monthly specials.


Utilizing Excede Document Delivery will save you time and money by automating the email distribution of your monthly statements and eliminating the need for manual emailing of PDF invoice copies. Other benefits include savings on postage and the opportunity to receive payments faster because statements are delivered quickly via email instead of through standard mail.

As the first adopter of Excede Document Delivery, Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is already reporting benefits. Their IT manager, Paul Adams, implemented the tool in his dealership as part of their recent DMS conversion. “We send invoices to a large number of our customers on a daily basis. Document Delivery has saved us a substantial amount of time and money. Individually printing invoices, processing them for mailing, or attaching them to an email to send to a customer is time consuming. This tool also allows us to create an HTML file before the email is sent, so we can include images and our logo. The emails look professional and are easily recognized by our customers.”

Getting Started

Excede Document Delivery is compatible with Excede DMS version 9.18 or higher. A nominal implementation fee covers installation, workflow training, and customization of HTML emails. For pricing details and additional system requirements submit a work order request through Support Services.