Streamline Your Dealership’s Leasing & Rental Department with Excede Lease Rental Plus

Procede Software’s Excede Lease Rental Plus web application is designed to make your Leasing and Rental department’s life easier! Lease Rental Plus allows you to streamline your processes and minimize administrative tasks associated with vehicle leasing and rentals. And integrations with telematics providers offer simplified contract bill preparation designed to reduce time and errors associated with monthly billing and check-out/check-in.

Lease Rental Plus Features and Benefits
With Lease Rental Plus, an add-on module to Excede, you can quickly manage new reservations, view and update billing, and create recurring billing. Additionally, dealerships can share information across branches using a single master record.

Highlights of Lease Rental Plus include:

  • Starting new reservations with a simplified workflow with the ability to track vehicle availability.
  • Creating recurring invoices through a simplified bill preparation worksheet.
  • Supporting different billing cycles according to your company standards including by date, by beginning of period, by end of period, or by a specific number of days.
  • Setting up time charge rules to automatically calculate rental time upon vehicle check-in.
  • Tracking vehicle license expiration and customer insurance expiration.
  • Easily setting up substitute vehicles as required.

Telematics Integrations with Excede Lease Rental Plus
Telematics integrations simplify bill preparation and the check-out/check-in process in Excede Lease Rental Plus by automatically collecting odometer, engine hours, and when available, standby/idle hours and power take-off (PTO) hours. Excede Lease Rental Plus gathers this data in real-time, resulting in a substantial decrease in manual entry time, cost and errors.

With a telematics integration, Lease & Rental personnel would no longer need to manually call or email customers for the data. Additionally, users would only need to click a button to download the relevant information from the telematics portal into Excede Lease Rental Plus – no more logging into a separate application and manually copying the information. An integrated solution solves these issues and saves manual entry time as well as reducing costly billing errors.

Telematics Providers
Excede Lease Rental Plus offers integrations with the following telematics providers:

Download the Data Sheets for more information:

Getting Started
If you are interested in learning more about Lease Rental Plus or a Telematics Integration, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal (login required). Our sales team will review pricing and provide you with a quote and/or contract terms.