Excede API unlocks value in Third-Party Solutions

Streamline Your Operations with the Excede API

Have you considered streamlining your dealership’s operations by extending your Excede ecosystem to your third-party tools? The Excede application programming interface (API) can help you seamlessly integrate Excede with many of your vendors or third parties, maximizing your Excede experience as well as your business solutions. Common integrations with Excede include eCommerce, customer relationship management (CRM), accounts payable (AP), and online vehicle inventory.

“Procede’s Excede API solution provides our dealership with the ability to automate certain tasks to create efficiencies and increase accuracy, leading to increased bottom-line profits. One of the processes we automated with the API involved taking a task that required 8.4 full-time employee (FTE) hours per business day to complete and reduced it to just under 1.1 hours. The reduction in hours was only on the direct task itself, it doesn’t account for the increased accuracy which has further reduced the time our accounting staff spends on items that pertained to this project.” – Nick Graves, Financial Planning & Accounting Manager at RWC Group

Integrating with the Excede API adds significant value to your business. Information can be instantly shared among your work tools, giving your dealership access to real-time data such as pricing, parts availability, and inventory. Manual tasks like data entry can be automated, saving employees time and allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks. APIs also reduce human errors and minimize the need to diagnose and troubleshoot the source of those errors. Most importantly, customer satisfaction is improved with your employees using more effective productivity tools.

Procede also provides system and database administration support to establish a safe and secure sandbox environment during the initial development and testing phases. Throughout the development process, your project team will have direct access to Procede Developers and Product Owners via a messaging channel. This team of experts can provide both technical and workflow consulting as you build out your integration.

Procede uses an industry standard, Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. The RESTful API is considered best practice and allows for scalability and flexibility in design to optimize client-server communication. Procede also provides a Swagger site to document our vast API endpoint collection.

Getting Started
If you are interested in leveraging the Excede API, please submit a work order via our Customer & Resource Portal (login required). Our Customer Success team will review pricing details and provide a quote and/or contract terms.