Thank You to Our Excede v10.2 Insiders

Procede Software would like to extend a thank you to the customers who participated in our Excede DMS v10.2 Insider Program.

Affinity Truck  Campbell Supply Company Midwest Peterbilt Group    Packer City International

The Excede Insider Program is a cornerstone of Procede Software’s user-centered design strategy and played an important role in the development of the new release. Dealerships that participate in the program have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Excede DMS roadmap and provide input and feedback on the new products, features, and enhancements.

“The Excede DMS v10.2 development process entailed working with as many Excede Insiders as possible across a wide variety of dealerships and brands, to capture their input and prioritize enhancements. Then, we modified iteratively before ever typing a single line of code into the product,” said Eric Liddell, Director of Product Architecture, Procede Software. “Because of this unprecedented level of customer involvement, the entire ecosystem can now benefit from their combined expertise.”