GearUp Program

The Excede Gear Up Program—A Better Way to Train New Dealership Employees!

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — January 12, 2023 — The Procede Education & Training team is excited to introduce the Excede Gear Up Program. Gear Up is a fast, convenient, and effective way for new dealership employees to get up to speed with Excede fundamentals and role-specific skills they need to work effectively in the system.

Excede Gear Up is a seven-part program that incorporates interactive lessons, videos, instructor-led workshops, practice guides, and self-evaluations. This blended approach to learning provides new employees with a wide variety of experiences so when they complete the program, they are set up for success in their day-to-day work. Plus, it’s a proven method for improving long-term retention of new skills!

The seven sections of the Excede Gear Up Program consist of:

  1. Excede eLearning Introduction – A series of interactive courses to introduce new users to basic workflows, navigation, and terminology in Excede.
  2. Excede Basics Workshop – A live, instructor-led overview of Excede with interactive activities to help new users get an understanding of Excede’s global structure and other fundamentals.
  3. First Self Evaluation – A short series of questions to help new employees assess their early competency and identify areas where they may need additional focus/practice.
  4. Department-Specific Basics Videos – A series of department-specific videos that provides overviews of foundational concepts necessary to perform key workflows
  5. Role-Specific Workshop – Hands-on, instructor-led workshops featuring real-world, scenario-based activities
  6. Department-Specific Sandbox Practice Guides – Downloadable, printable practice guides so new employees can practice key skills independently and gain proficiency.
  7. Final Self Evaluation – A short series of questions to help new employees assess their competency and identify areas where they may need additional training or reinforcement.

Once your new employees are enrolled in Excede Gear Up, they will automatically be guided through the program’s content in the right order—learners must complete each section before they can begin the next one. Dealership management can check in at any time to see how their new employees are progressing along their journey. And when they have completed the program, they can view and download—or even print and frame—their Certificate of Completion!

Getting Started
If you are interested in learning more about the Excede Gear Up Program, please submit a work order request through our Customer & Resource Portal (login required). Our Customer Success team will reach out and provide more information and pricing.