Visit the Customer & Resources Portal for Important Updates

If your dealership isn’t following topics on Procede Software’s Customer & Resources Portal, you’re missing out on important updates! The Customer & Resources Portal is the go-to place to access notifications about available Excede upgrades, OEM and partner integrations, and critical known issues.

Additionally, the Customer & Resources Portal provides downloadable self-help resources, such as release notes, product guides, and other helpful documentation on Excede and our other Additional Solutions. Plus, our extensive knowledge base includes practical tips and best practices for every department of your dealership – from Accounting to IT, Parts, Service, Lease/Rental, and beyond.

To ensure you stay up to date on all the latest updates and resources available, we recommend that you ‘follow’ the sections or articles that apply to your role. To follow a section or article:

Now, every time new updates are posted to the section or article that you followed, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know. You can also leave a comment on any of our articles if you have a question related to these updates.

Help – I don’t have an account!

If you don’t already have an account to access our Customer & Resources Portal, please visit our ‘Create Account or Add Users’ page to request an account for yourself or other members of your team. Our Support team will be happy to assist you.