Partner Spotlight: Arcadium Technologies

When you think about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you may see it simply as a resource for your Sales team. In reality, a well implemented CRM strategy can be useful and beneficial to every department in your dealership and directly affect your bottom line. We all know it costs far more to gain a new customer than to keep a current one, and the more efficiently you can manage your customer relationships, the more successful you will become.

Procede Certified Partner Arcadium Technologies can help you manage your customer relationships efficiently and effectively with their industry leading CRM product and expert consulting services. Arcadium provides complete two-way communication with Excede DMS, empowering you with robust, integrated quoting tools that help you drive sales.

Department/Functional Specific Features:

Vehicle Sales

  • Arcadium’s DealManager features advanced quoting and trade-in appraisal systems to track all truck sales elements.
  • Generate quotes for vehicles that will be ordered if the customer accepts the quotation.
  • Learn the true closing ratio of truck sales proposals by standardizing the quoting process.
  • Evaluate sales and service files to determine when customers are likely to enter their next buying cycle.

Customers and Contacts

  • Arcadium keeps track of Excede customers and prospects and allows an unlimited number of contacts per customer.
  • Automated call cycles make certain the dealership stays in touch with all customers and prospects.


  • Arcadium’s DealManager accounting interface brings relevant deal data to the posting point in Excede without a need to re-key information.
  • Share accounting data, A/R data and notes with authorized individuals in the enterprise.

Vehicle Inventory Management

  • True two-way integration of vehicle inventory exists between Excede and Arcadium.
  • Print on demand vehicle flyers with pictures to distribute to prospects.


  • Track the term of finance and lease contracts for sales follow-up as the contract term expires.
  • Use Arcadium to review Preventive Maintenance status of lease units to get units into the shop and to remind customers of past due PM’s.


  • Customers can be automatically contacted by email, electronic fax, or mail to communicate special events or promotions.
  • Generate automated follow-up reminders for sales personnel to maximize your market campaign investments.
  • Develop mini campaigns on the fly to get targeted messages to the correct customer types.

Parts and Service

  • View real-time details on open and closed parts and service invoices from Arcadium without logging into Excede or needing to be within the dealership’s firewall (depending on dealership setup).
  • Set regular contact frequencies for the dealership sales personnel and their customers based on dealer defined matrixes.

With over two decades of experience developing and implementing technology solutions in dealerships, Arcadium understands how dealers operate and how to apply their unique program to boost profitability, productivity, and management control in every area of your dealership.

If you are interested in learning more about the Arcadium Technologies and the Excede DMS integration, contact Tim Cline at